Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


13. Taking a toll on Harry

Brock signaled for me to sit in the chair beside him, but instead I walked right up to him, and sat on his lap. He looked surprised, but I could tell he didn't mind it at all. He smiled, "Hey love", I turned around, and gave him a little peck on the lips, but then ended up leaning in for a ten minute make out sesh.

" I will Be right back" I said giving him one last kiss, but biting his lip as I pulled away, and he honestly looked turned on as fuck. I stood up, and he smacked my ass hard, it hurt, but I didn't let it show.

I walked over to the seat behind Harry, "So where is your little slut?" I asked Harry in a superior voice.

"Uhm, judging by the looks you got today, you are being the slut Jam. I would have never liked you, if I knew that this is actually how you were."

I stopped, "Yeah well you seem to love your girlfriend loads Harry, I thought that this is what you liked?"

"Yah, my ex girlfriend, you mean the girlfriends that I just broke up with to be with you!?" He asked, he yelled and the whole room, and I am pretty sure people in the hall way could hear him.

"Harry calm down" I said.

"Hey Brock she is all yours!" Harry said smiling. I could tell Brock was confused, he didn't know about me, and Harry so it was understandable.

I walked over to Brock, "Jeeeze what a spaz!" I said looking at Brock, but I could tell he had something else in mind.

I sat back down on his lap, and he put his hand right inbetween my legs.

"What do you say.. well we ditch detention, and go somewhere else" He asked as he rubbed closer, and closer up my thighs.

I stood up, and kissed his cheek, "Guess you are going to have to wait until tonight" I said smirking, and leaning down so he could see right down my shirt, and most of the guys behind him did to.

I smiled, and walked out by myself. I left to go home, and took these fucking heals off first chance that I got, school was over, and it was time to get an entire new look.

I picked out a pair of daisy dukes that were short enough to show the bottom of my ass. I didn't really have that much of one, but they helped make it seem bigger. I hopped in the shower, and when I got out I was face to face with Niall.

"Hey you little slut!" Niall said acting all serious, but I knew that he was kidding.

"Hey, I said hugging him, but then remembering that I was in a towel. I quickly let go, and felt embarrassed. Just because I dressed like a slut once didn't mean I was one.

"Ugh Niall" I said as I walked by him, and layed on my big comfy bed. He sat down at the end of it.

"So I was thinking, you need to have a big passionate kiss with Brock tonight, that would drive Harry even more up the wall"

"Niall, I haven't even had my first kiss yet, I don't think that I am going to count Brock shoving his tongue down my throat in the middle of the hall as my first kiss either" I said laughing.

I was sitting up now brushing threw my long blonde hair. "I wouldn't even know how to do that"

He smiled, well its really simple" I was leaned into him really close, but I didn't seem to notice it at the time. "You do it" He said, but before he could finish his lips were pressed up against mine, and I dropped the brush. I honestly could not comprehend that Niall Horon was kissing me, my bestfriend.

I let the fact sink into my brain, and I started to like it, I leaned in a little more pressing our lips even tighter together, and then the seal was broken. He leaned back, and smiled, and his cute cheeks went completely red.

"I think I might need a little more practice" I said smiling, and leaning back into the kiss. I could tell he liked it, I could feel his heart beating, and I couldn't lie so was mine. I would have never thought that he would be my first real kiss, but I was happy that he was.

I snapped back to reality, and it was almost 11, I told Brock that I would be there at 10:30 to help him.

I jumped off the bed, "Niall, that was.. I paused biting my lip thinking about the kiss, that was amazing" I said, and he smiled.

"But I really need to finish getting ready, will you drive me there?" While I was pulling on my daisy dukes, I thought, "Did that kiss actually mean anything; or was it just practice?"

I heard him yell from my bed, "Yeah, I would love to drive you Jamie, but just so you know Zayn filled me in on the whole Harry situation, and what today was about"

"Thank god, I didn't want you of all people thinking I was actually like that"

He laughed, "you haven't even had your first kiss before today silly, I knew you weren't like that. But by the way you had your tongue down Brock's throat you could of surprised me"

"Niall..." I said bring the conversation to a dead serious tone.

"Yeah" He asked eagerly.

"Did that kiss mean anything?" I asked almost regretting it right after.

He paused, and the longer that he paused the more, and more my heart dropped. I actually got butterflies when he kissed me, and I didn't want to admit that. When I was making out with Brock, I never felt like that, not even close.

"How about we talk about this after the party tonight? We are in a hurry remember"

"Ok" I said as I walked out of the bathroom fully ready to go. "Damn Jam, who could of thought Lou's little sister was so damn fine" He said laughing, I just picked up a pillow, and threw it at him.

"I hate when you call me that Niall, I am not Lou's little sister, I am my own person" I said on an angry note.

I took the lead down the stairs, and out the front door, and when I took a glance back, I caught Niall looking at my ass. It made me feel good, but I was starting to feel like a slut.

"Jam, you really are beautiful" He said smiling as he sat down in the driver seat in the car. I just smiled, Niall was always a sweetheart, and every single girlfriend he had, he had treated like a queen. I wished Harry could be more like him. Niall wasn't bad looking either, he was probably one of the cutest out of all the boys.

We pulled up to the party, and for the first time I took a look at Niall, he had his hair up at the front like he always does, his big blue eyes were staring at the house pulsating with music, and drunk people. He was wearing a wife beater, and shorts, he looked pretty damn fine himself.

We walked into the house, and there was murmurs of me ditching Brock for Niall. Brock came around the corner, and stared at me, not saying anything. "So the word around the party is you came here with this little fuck" Brock said angry. He was literally the definition of a big hunky, but dumb jock.

"No babe, he just gave me a ride here, nothing else, but when I said that my mind escaped back to the moment of the kiss. Niall stood behind me kind of scared, and I didn't blame him. Niall, and the boys were honestly not the most popular boys in the school. Especially Niall, he always got picked on for being smaller then the rest of the boys, and I knew he didn't like it even when he would joke along.

Brock smiled, and the room was dead silent, "Good" He said as he picked me up, and carried me to the kitchen of the house. I looked back at Niall, and he was starting to mingle in with the boys, and I saw Harry.

"Why the hell would he come after the outburst like that in detention?" I demanded to Brock needing an answer.

"He is probably trying to get back together with Sam" He murmured focused on clearing off the counter still carrying me in one arm. He was huge, not fat, but his muscles were the biggest in the school. He looked like he woke up, and had roids every morning for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner.

He had black Hair, and big brown eyes, he wasn't bad to date if I ever did date him, but there wasn't really anyone upstairs. I was smarter then him, and I was 2 years younger.

"Body shots Boys" He said laying me down on the counter. I hadn't really been much of a partier, and I didn't really know what body shots were, but judging by all the guys crowding around me, it involved my body. He slid a line of salt across my stomach, and put a lime in my mouth, and then last poured a shot of what could only be vodka on my belly button. He licked the salt up, and it made me shiver, then sucked the shot on my stomach up, and took the lime in his mouth, but kissing me while he did it. He stood up, and turned, "Who's next?" He asked, and a crowd of boys behind him all urged forward. Brock picked one of the other football players. He was cute, but kind of a twig If anything, and it was a turn off.

I think about six or seven guys took body shots on me, and each time the whole crowd cheered even louder then the last, and then Harry walked up to the front to see what was happening, he took one look at me, and turned around back to Sam. I sat up, and whispered in Brocks ear, "Where is your washroom"

"It's a little early for us to go off by ourselves don't you think" He winked as he said it, and the thought of fucking this kid made me sick.

" I think I can handle this by myself" I laughed, and he pointed me up the stairs. I started to walk up there, but really I just needed to get away from everyone. I was trying to prove appoint to Harry, but nothing was going threw his thick skull.

When I came back down, I didn't even focus on Brock, who was in the kitchen drinking with the football team. The rest of the school pretty much where in every single other room in the house. I saw Niall sitting down on the couch, and he didn't look like he was having any fun.

I walked over to him, and he smiled as soon as he seen me. " I am sorry I almost got your ass kicked back there" I said smiling, he knew it was a joke.

"Come dance with me" I said to Niall, and he didn't hesitate to get up.

I went into the center of the room with Niall, and we danced, granted neither of us could dance. We both looked like we were having a seizure on the floor. It was funny, and I would give anything to spend every weekend like this.

But it all ended, Brock came up behind me, and Niall disappeared into the crowd almost instantly.

I was still looking around for him, "Ahaha no babe this is how we dance, but your cute" He said as he grabbed my hips from behind, and started to grind my ass up against him. I just wet with it, and I could see out of the corner of my eye that Harry was paying full attention to everything.

I smiled, and started to go with it even, more, and more. Then one of his football buddies came and whispered something in his ear. He smiled down at me, "Ill be right back, we have to handle something" He said as he left me out there dancing by myself, even though I could name fifty guys in this house that would grind with me.

I heard a loud shout over the music, and ran to the kitchen to see what was happening.

They had Niall hanging off of something in the kitchen, and they were all laughing at him.

"Jam" He yelled over to me as soon as he saw me, and I went to go help him down, but it didn't work I could barely reach what he was on. I ran over to Brock, "Let him down now!" I demanded, "Babe" He said trying to change my mind, but I wasn't going to.

"No" I said

"I am not letting him down, everybody loves this" I pushed him as hard as I could, but he didn't even budge.

"Let him down" I screamed at the top of my lungs. He took me more seriously this time, and went and let him Down. I ran over to him, and grabbed his face with both of my hands, "Are you okay" I said almost ready to punch someone.

"Yeah Jam" He said like it was nothing, but I could tell he wanted to cry. "Niall don't lie to me" I said looking right into those deep blue eyes that were holding back so much.

He just gave me his cute smile, and went back to the living room. "You are such an ass' I said to Brock, as I started to walk away, but he grabbed my arm. It felt like when you tied something to tight around your finger, and it went all cold, and that is what he did to my arm.

"Ow!" I screamed out, but he didn't let me go. "Listen this is my party, and you aren't going to embarrass me at it, okay baby" He said with a smile on his face, but his eyes looked like he wanted to smoke me across it so badly.

I just nodded, and he let go of my hand, but as soon as his hand released my arm, he got a solid blow to the face, which knocked his drunk ass to the ground almost in seconds. I turned my head to see Harry standing over him.

"Don't you ever touch her like that again" Harry said as he spit on Brock, and walked me out of the house. We got out of the front door, and then Brock was standing right behind us.

"Uhm Hey dude, you said she was all mine remember" He said smiling reaching for my arm, but pulled away.

"Yeah, that was before I realized what the fuck I left her with" Harry said, as a whole bunch of people from the house started to walk out.

"Harry can we go please"

"Fine, just take her anyways, she is a slut anyways"

I don't know why, and I never will but something snapped in me when he said that.

"Oh yeah? I must be, that's why you wanted me to leave up stairs with you, and I said no" I said walking towards him.

"That is why when we were grinding, I couldn't feel anything while you were up against me" I said pushing him.

"I am worth way more then those whores that sleep with you" I said as I was  pushing him harder again, and he just stayed silent looking embarrassed.

"That is what I thought" I said walking away, and leaving him there with everybody laughing at him. I was lucky enough to see this when it happened, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Niall knock Brock out cold.

He looked so tough, well until he grabbed his fist in pain, and was rolling on the ground beside Brock. I ran up to Niall helping him up before Brock had the chance to clue in to what he had done.

He was still holding his fist, but I would help him with that, when we got far enough from this fucking party. I started to laugh, and they both looked at me like I was crazy. "I am so stupid" I said putting my face in both of my hands.

We were all in Niall's car. but Harry was driving, and me , and Niall were in the back seat. Niall was still holding his fist, and I don't blame him, it would of had to be a really solid hit, to knock out Brock.

I lifted my head up, and grabbed Niall's hand, and started to look at it. It was starting to swell.

"I am taking you home" Harry said looking back at me, he was so angry, and I can't blame him. I have been so stupid these past few days.

"Harry, please don't send me home, please" I begged him, and he clenched his jaw in frustration.

"You can stay with me tonight" Niall said smiling, but I could still tell he wanted to cry.

"No, you can both come stay at my house, my parents are out of town" Harry said.

"Pull over" I said.


"Just pull the fucking car over!" I yelled at Harry, and he did, but we were on the highway.

He pulled over to the side, "Niall stay here, Harry get your ass outside" I said getting out fo the car, and standing in the ditch.

"I am sick of this Harry" I yelled

"Sick of what"

"I am sick, and tired of playing your stupid game! You hurt me so badly, and I needed you when you hurt me. When you said that to me I just let go of everything, and I wanted to die! I did this to prove a a point to you, but you just1 UGH!" I said taking a deep breath, and then he walked closer to me.

"I liked you for who you were Jam, I liked the innocent, sweet Jam, that was always there to talk with me, and be there for me. Not the girl who walks the halls in heels, and shows off her tits whenever she gets the chance."

"HARRY YOU ARE DATING ONE OF THOSE RIGHT NOW!" I screamed at him completely and utterly frustrated. Then U remembered he dumped her.. for me, and I felt stupid all over again.

"Why did you even step in when Brock grabbed me"

He paused, and his face went from angry to really caring, "I couldn't stand there one more minute, and watch him treat you like.... like how I treat girls" Harry said, looking directly at my eyes, and I couldn't help but look back at his.

"You deserve better then him, and truth is Jam... you can do so much better then me to...." He said, and then I realized.. I did fall for Harry Styles, and there was no way to get back up from this big fall.

"I don't want better Harry, I just want you, I don't want you to treat me different. I am Jam" I said pausing, and I honestly didn't know what else there was to say.



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