Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


23. Spill it


The next day came and me, and Harry were getting ready to go out to the hockey game. It was really cold outside now, and I was wearing a toque, and mits with Niall's jacket.

Harry begged me to wear his jacket, but I just couldn't do that to Niall, I felt bad for saying no to Harry though. "Niall left this so I could wear it" I said.

I put my mits on, and walked out of the front door, and to his car. I couldn't get the door open, my mits were way to thick.

"Baaaaaaaabe" I said waiting for him to figure it out himself. He snapped into it, and started to walk to my side of the car.

"My lady" He said as he bowed while he opened my car door, and let me sit down. "You are so werid Harry" I said closing the door behind me.

We really didn't talk at all on the car ride in.. which was different for us, because we always had something we wanted to talk about, or something we wanted to discuss with one an other.

He came, and opened the car door for me, Harry wanted to be early so we could wish the team luck. Good old Harry just happened to be friends with pretty much everyone. He was tough, but friendly in a way, everyone seemed to take to him.

We walked in the rink as the bus for our school team the bears pulled up. They all walked in with their girlfriends on their arm. Most of them giving me a funny look because I was holding onto Harry's arm.

Jake especially gave me a weird look, but I tried to shake it off. Niall saw me, and then Harry.

"Hey mate, we need to hang out soon, we don't even talk anymore" Harry said happily to Niall. I could tell that Niall was trying to put on a nice face for me, it may have tricked everyone else, but I could tell what he was really thinking.

"Yah we need to" Niall said glancing over at me, he was surprised I was wearing his jacket.

"You look really good in that jacket Jam" Niall said smiling looking me up and down, but Harry didn't seem to notice, he was to busy looking Brock up, and down.

I didn't even notice him walk in tot he rink, but he is a sport freak. "Harry leave it" I said nagging on his arm trying to snap him back into this conversation.

All of the girls were giving me a funny look, and I hated it, only Terrin, and Jade knew that I was in between picking Niall, and Harry.

"I thought you came with Niall last time?" One girl asked in a snobby voice, that made me want to smack her across the face.

"Yah I came to a game with him a couple days ago" I said looking at Harry while I answered the question, he was looking concerned now.

"You came with Niall?" harry asked me looking like a lost puppy.

"Yeah, he had nobody to come for him, so I came and cheered on the team" I said trying to act like ti was nothing, but Harry wasn't taking it as nothing.

I knew that I was in for a talk about this with Harry sometime tonight, I was just hoping that I could push it off until last minute.

The game is going to be starting soon, we better go get some drinks, and find some good seats out ther" I said nagging Harry's arm away from the team, and all of the girls that were giving me dirty looks.

Some of the dirty looks i got from the girls was because they thought I was playing the two boys, but I really wasn't, if anything I was playing myself. The other looks I was getting were jealousy, like I have said so many times before, girls would jump over eachotehr just to talk to Harry, and now that I had him it made me their number one enemy.

I gave them a snarl look back, it ws almost to rub it in their faces, which I knew I would regret later. I wasn't much of a fighter, and I wasn't that popular either, even if I was dating Harry I still considered my self to be a loser.

Harry went, and got me some drinks, and food while I went out, and found us a seat in the middle so we could see everything.

"Babe they didn't have any coke, so I just got you pepsi, I hope that is okay?"

"Yah Harry that's fine thank you" We watched all of the players come out from the little halways under the stands.

Then Niall came out on the ice, and  I stood up cheering, almost forgetting that I was with Harry, but when I looked over he was cheering for him to.

We sat down after cheering for about ten seconds, and the crowd went quiet waiting to hear that puck hit the ice.

When it finally did you could hear skates gliding across the ice, and sliding to a stop, people cheering for their team. Niall was such a good player, and he really looked happy at doing it.

"I thought you were dating Niall?" A girl asked poking her head between me, and Harry.

Harry looked at me with anger, but then waited to hear a good explonation for this.

"No, I am dating Harry, Niall had nobody to come with last week" I said trying to make it seem chill, and no big deal.

"Yeah he did, one of Terrin's cousins were going to come with him, but he said he already had someone" She said, but that I didn't know, and it caught me off guard a bit.

"I never knew that" I said trying to convince Harry that I actually didn't know that Niall had shut some girl down to come with me.

"Niall has never really been one to go out, and meet new people though, he just likes the plain old, and simple" I said convincing myself, that Harry was not going to be mad that everyone thought I was dating Niall.

"Well the way he picked you up after the game, it made it seem like you two were dating or liked eachother or something" She said. She just wouldn't give up, I don't kow why, but it seemed like she was driven to get Harry mad at me.

"It was just a hug" I said to her, not taking my eyes off of Harry,which I knew was a mistake, he would know for sure that I was nervous.

Harry looked to mad, but he held it in really well.

"Harry it was justa hug" I said grabbing his hand, but he pulled it away.

"Don't be like that, you of all people should know that" I said, but he wouldn't turn his head to me.

"Harry talk to me or I will get up, and leave" I said not waiting for his answer this time.

"Whatever" He said not looking at me.

"Fine" I started to walk to the stairs of the isle I was sitting on when I felt someone grab my arm. It was Jake, "Why aren't you on the ice?!" I asked almost panicked.

"I sprained my ankle" He said frowning.

"Where are you going, Niall is going to be so sad if you leave"

"Harry won't talk to me anymore" I said leaning down trying to amek sure that nobody else could hear me.

"Well that's his loss then" He said smiling, and patting the seat beside him, come watch with me" He said smiling, and then turning his attention back towards the game that was moving way to fast.

I smiled, and sat down next to him, but what I didn't realize that Harry was watching me, and  didn't know that Harry, and Jake didn't get along that well.

I sat there with Jake, and we made quiet the little cheer squad, we would scream, and yell all the time. The game was over, and even though we cheered our little hearts out, the boys lost the game.

"I guess they aren't any good when their star player isn't play" I said nudging Jake, and giggling.

"I guess so!" He said trying to act all cocky about it pumping out his chest. I punched him playfully in the chest while he did it.

"Ow, I am sensitive" He said rubbing where I had just hit him. I just laughed, and kept an eye out for Harry who hopefully remembered that he still had to drive me home that night. We waited at the front door, and searched threw the huge cord of people leaving the rink. I didn't see him anywhere, and I was starting to grow really angry with him.

"I can't believe he left me here! What if I don't have a ride home!!" I said yelling at Jake, but then realizing it wasn't him I was mad at, it was Harry.

"Calm down, I can take you home, or I am sure that Niall would take you home no problem" I smiled at the offer, but I was still furious on the inside.

"You know Niall really likes you" He said looking down at me, I never noticed this, but he was a giant even off of his skates. He was maybe 6'5 I think, but it was obvious that he wasn't short.

"I know he does" I said sighing thinking about the whole situation that I was in.

"Shit what day is it?" I asked remembering my little deal with Jason.

"It's Sunday night?" He said almost asking me.

"I need you to take me to this address, and Niall can't know about it, we need ot leave now" I said walking out the doors, and hoping that he was following behind me, and he was.

"Why can't Niall know?" He asked me trying to figure out the whole truth that nobody knew except me, and Jason.

"Listen you can't tell anyone Jake, I am trusting you right now" I said looking serious, but it was so hard to be serious when you have to lilt your head straight up to talk to him.

He nodded eagerly wanting to know what I was hiding, "You know what happened with me, and Jason right?" I asked sighing in defeat.

"Yeah everybody knows about that" He said acting like it was nothing, but I was surprised, I thought that me, and the bos were the only people that knew.

"Well.... Harry, and Louis went over to the house, and threatened to kick his ass, but he can do things to them, he can make things happen to them both. So to settle the deal I said I would go over to his house every Friday, and Sunday, but he had to leave them alone."  I huffed a breath out of me after saying all that, I am pretty sure I said all that in one breath.

He blinked a couple times not sure what to say, "I am not driving you over there" He said putting his car keys back in his pocket.

"If I miss this day he is going to go out looking for the boys you can't let that happen, I will walk if I have to" I said begging, and even pleading.

"You have no idea what he is going to do to you there"

"I think I can handle anything after what he did to me the first time" I cut him off saying.

"You don't know what he is capable of"

"All I know is that if I am not there in half an hour Niall, and Harry are dead."

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