Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


10. raging

The fact that Harry said that I could die just... Well it made everything sink in a lot more then it had. I tried to make everything seem normal, and it was pointless, this wasn't normal, and I couldn't fool myself into thinking that it was. I hated that I had a crush on Harry, I knew I shouldn't I knew what hr was, but something made me keep returning to the thought of him. Harry Styles, the guy that every girl in my school would die to be with, the guy with the perfect smile, and amazing voice. One look from him could make a girl melt in a matter of seconds. The fact that he was perfect made me start to get all red, and angry on the inside. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew it had to be anywhere but here, and I mean anywhere. This school was just a reminder of everything I was going to miss out on.. It was a reminder of all the memories I had with Chelsea, Harry. I went to the one place that I knew I would be alone, and I could actually relax. I started to walk out of town towards the woods behind my house. I tried to avoid my house as best I could, I knew I would break down if I was my mom in there. It was maybe a ten minute walk after you entered the little forest, or as me and Lou called it the jungle. We came out here when we were young, and made a fort, we would come out here all the time to play, and just hang out. He was almost my only friend growing up. I liked to keep to myself, and I honestly didn't really have any friends, and I still didn't. I seemed to like it that way.. I hated letting people in, it just made you weak, and that's why I can't let Harry in right now.. He would make me weak, and that is the last thing that I need right now. I need to be strong, and honestly it wasn't for me, it was for my parents, and Lou. If I died he would honestly never forgive himself, he would blame himself for everything, and I just couldn't let that happen. I saw it, I was just a few steps away when I did. I smiled at it, thinking about all the times I made Lou dress up and have tea parties with me. I normally wasn't girly like that, I was kind of a boy. Most of my friends were guys, well besides Chelsea. I hung out with the boys, and played ball with the boys.. I loved the farm, we always went out there in the summer, and spend a month out there. And honestly it was one of the happiest memories that I had. I thought back to the bug mural that sat in the main hall, and sure enough I remembered the basketball, and jersey that my entire basketball team signed. It made me feel special, I wasn't friends with any of the girls, I showed up practiced, played, and left. I didn't go to team parties. I hated the fact of parties, Chelsea begged me for a week to get me to go to the party that was on the weekend. I wish I would have said know, but I knew as much as I wanted to change things the past was written in stone, and there was no star to wish on, or anything. I wish this was a movie, I wish there was a happy ending, but I was starting to think that wasn't the case. I honestly had so much going threw my head, and I could barely contain it all. I walked into the little fort that mr, and Lou made. But I could have never been prepared for what I walked in to see. Lou laying face down on the floor with a pool of blood laying next to his arm. LOU! I screamed at the top of my lungs, and ran to him. I looked over to see a little white peice of paper next to his hand. It had probably fallen out when he fell. I knew I couldn't help him, I had one option, and that was Harry. Lou was still breathing, but I knew if he didn't get help soon he wouldn't stay that way. I sprinted out the door not wanting to leave him there. I sprinted, and I honestly felt like I was moving as fast as a bullet. I seen the school, and then Harry standing outside with his girlfriend. "Harry help me please" I pleaded out, I knew he recognized my voice. I didn't let him reply. "call the ambulance now" i screamed as i still ran closer and closer to him. He.knew i wasn't kidding around, he pulled ou his phone and dialed 911. Tell them he is out back in a fort in the woods behind this house. I gave him the street address of my house, but he already knew it. The beat part about being like this was, i wasn't even out of breath from all the running. He hung up the phone, just as i got.up to him. "you need to come with me Harry please" i begged him, he didn't even hesitate.

I ran turned around sprinting back in the exact same direction as I came, leaving Harry in my footsteps. He was screaming for me, but I didn't answer, honestly I don't think that I could if I tried.

I got to the front of my house, and stopped dead in my steps, while Harry walked right by me. I saw the paramedic carrying Lou on the stretcher, and I knew that Harry had.

I knew it would be hard for him to see, he was standing there in complete silence. He stopped, and bit his lip running both hands threw his hair, and dropped to the ground.

I ran up behind him, and he was in tears. I honestly couldn't blame him, they were honestly so close, I sometime thought that they were closer then me, and Lou.

"Harry?" I asked trying to hide the hate for him in my voice. I may have not wanted anything to do with him, but I could see the hurt that was pounding through his body.

I wanted try cry, but nothing felt real anymore, I was completely numb, and I liked it. I didn't want to care, I hated caring, it was something horrible to say right now, but it was the truth. What had happened to me, made me feel weak. Every day since the accident felt like a fight, and I fight that I was going to lose.

I fought everyday, and Harry might not of noticed, and I didn't want to tell him, but something was pulling on me. It was pulling me away from this, and to something else, but I didn't know what that something else was. I fought that battle for three days, and it made me tired, and I just wanted to let go. So I did, I stopped fighting it, and let it take me.

I started to float away from Harry, but I wasn't trying to, it was almost like I was in a river, and just let the current control my body taking it wherever it wanted.

"Harry" I screamed out, his face was red, but there was no tears when he turned around to look at me. He was angry, and was ready to yell at me, until he saw me start to leave.

"Jam? Jam, what the fuck are you doing, where are you going???" He demanded answers, but I could no longer talk, it felt like I had swallowed something before chewing it.

He was up and running after me, but it didn't matter, every second that went by was another second that I gained distance in front of him. I took one last glance at Harry running after me as fast as he could, but I knew that it was no use.

He could barely just see me, and then I did it, "Don't forget me Harry..." I said leaving a small pause, and then he started to slow down, and just stared at me. "I won't" He said wiping the tears from his eyes. I felt a single tear fall down my face, and then nothing.

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