Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


24. Prepare myself

I walked up the steps of Jason's house, and tried to calm myself down. My heart wasn't racing like it did when I was with Harry. When I was with Harry my heart beat would beat because of how nervous I was, but when I was thinking about Jason my heart fluttered with fear. Fear of what he wanted, and fear of what he was going to do.

He could hurt me, and the boys if he wanted to, and there was no doubt about that.

I knocked only twice at the door, praying that he wasn't going to be home. I thought he wasn't until I could hear footsteps coming from inside. It sounded like more then one set of foot steps, but I couldn't really tell.

"You showed up?" He asked me almost surprised.

"Why do you sound surprised?" I asked snarley

"You didn't seem brave enough to come"

"Well, when you threaten to kill my boyfriend, my brother, and my friends, you leave a girl with no choice" I said walking past him, and into the house.

I took a quick look around, and to my surprise the house was clean. There was probably a meth lab up stairs, but down here it was clean, and tidy.

"Well come in" He said closing the door behind me.

"You like my place?" He asked

"Okay, we are cutting the bull shit right now. What the hell do you want from me?" I asked in an aggravated  voice.

"I just simply want someone to keep me company, and do what I say" He said walking up closer to me, I could feel the warmth of his body up behind me.

It gave me chills, but I hid it, "That's all you want?" I asked Thinking that this was to good to be true.

He nodded his head, and then grabbed my hips from behind. "What do you want from me tonight?" I asked getting scared.

"I don't know, we could watch a movie, or hang out, go out" I stopped him right there.

"We are not going out anywhere together.. got it!!" I said, not asking, but telling.

"You sexy when you get all serious with me" He said smacking my ass. He was disgusting, not the way he looked, but how he acted, it would revolt any girl with good sense.

"We can stay here" I said ignoring his comment.

He just laughed a little, but it wasn't cute, and it wasn't quiet evil, it was like he got what he wanted. It was some what of a satisfied laugh. "You know you pretty much threatened to kill people I loved so that we could just hang out?" I said making my self comfy on the couch.

"Well I don't think that you would of just agreed to come" He said, it was hard to hear him, I think he was in his kitchen.

"The funny part is, if you weren't such a creep, and didn't force me to have sex with you, I might of agreed to coming to hang out with you" I said, I know that was a lie, I just wanted to make him feel bad, if that was even possible.

He laughed, "I am not like that" He said walking back into the living room with two drinks in his hands.

"Hell no, I am not drinking anything that you give me here" I said getting up.

"Where are you going?" He asked confused as I zoomed by him.

"I am going to get my own drink" I shouted not knowing if he could hear me still.

I grabbed a sealed coke from the fridge, and washed the outside of it was a wash cloth just to make sure. I popped it open, and the air escaped from the can, and I could hear it fizzing inside.

I sat next to him on the couch, and tried to stay as far from him as I could.

I looked at the T.V., and then I heard a knock at the door. It was one of the club guys, Chase.

I knew he would tell the boys if he saw me here.

"No, don't answer the door, he will tell Niall, and Harry!" I said grabbing Jason's shoulder before he could get up.

"I have to" He said.

"No!" I said in a panicked voice. He was getting up, so I jumped on his lap facing him.

"No stay" I whispered. Our faces were so close, they were practically touching. It was taking every ounce of my strength not to punchy him in the face or puke. He was hot, but disgusting, his personality was what killed it. His mind.. well I don't even want to know what goes through his mind.. the thought that he thought about were something I would never wish on anyone.

If he sees me here he will tell Harry about our little deal, and then

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