Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


12. Playing Dirty

Zayn wanted to walk me home that day after school, "Zayn can we please go somewhere else?" I asked him making puppy dog eyes that always worked on him.

"Why, you don't want to go home?"

"No, please can we do anything else?" I grabbed his arm dragging him away from my house. He smiled down at me, and nodded his head. He was 18 now I think, and was suppose to be the tough guy in the school, but honestly, he had a soft spot for me. He had never raised his voice at me, or anything.

We always seem to have the best times, and I loved him for that. We started to walk to his house which wasn't that far from mine surprisingly. As close as me, and him were I had never been to his house, he had always come up with some excuse.

His house was probably one of the smallest of all the boys. It had three bedrooms, and a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. That was it, and trust me they weren't big rooms. The rooms were small. I walked into his house, and his mom was in the kitchen getting a head start on supper I guessed.

"Hey, Ms. Malik" I said smiling up at her. She dropped what she was doing as soon as she heard my voice. She hugged me, and smiled patting my back gently. "I am so glad you are okay, you were all that Zayn talked about for the last week!" She said, and Zayn's tough guy exterior deteriorated within second. His cheeks went red, and he just started to walk to his room. His mom released me from her death grip hug, and nudged me towards him. I walked into his room, and he was laying on his bed, stuffing his face into his rather fluffy pillow.

I looked around his room, and it was so amazing, there was drawings, and sketches all over his walls, and they were honestly the best I had ever seen.

"This is amazing" I said to Zayn still examining everything in the room. He had a small single bed just like Harry, but if he had a bigger one the bed wouldn't of fit in his room.

He didn't look up, I started to get mad, and jumped o his back. He was startled, and bucked me off of his back, and flat onto the floor. I heard a thud when my body hit the floor, but it really didn't hurt at all.

Zayn was up, and grabbing my are pulling me up in seconds.

"So you know what I was thinking?"

"What were you thinking, oh mighty Jam Jam" Zayn said acting like a douchebag.

"I want to get back at Harry for what he did, I wanna make him feel how I felt, I wanna make him feel insanely jealous" He smiled at the idea,

"Well, I might have an Idea for that" He smiled at me, and picked up his phone.


**** The next Day****

I walked into school with Zayn hanging on my arm, I was wearing high heels like you wouldn't believe. I was wearing the tightest pants you could imagine, and It felt like my ass was going to pop right out of the back. My shirt was tight, and I was wearing a push up bra. I really didn't need to, honestly I had big boobs, I just didn't like to flawnt them.

My hair was done straight down, and I was wearing make up. I looked up, and I can honestly say that every single guy that saw mw was starring at me, including Harry. I smirked as I walked by him, and stopped right infront of his locker to flirt with the captain of the football team, Brock Cameron. I acted just like Harry's little slut did, twirling my hair, and pumping out my chest, and I swear that was all the guys looked at.


Zayn never stopped starring at me, and I liked having all of the attention now, every bodies eyes were on me.

"So, Uh I was having a party tonight, if you wanted to swing by?" He asked biting his lip, and looking down my body. I giggled like a dumb blonde would, and then put my hand on his chest taking a step closer into him.

"I would love to" I whispered, but loud enough that Harry could hear the whole conversation. I could see his eyes glowing with anger.

"Are you going to come to Harry?" I asked still holing on to Brock.

He gave me a dirty look, and then looked up at Brock, "Yeah man, I'll see you there"

Brock turned back around so that he was facing me, and put his hand around my waist, and started walking me away from Harry. I took one glance back, and Harry was still starring at us.

He finally knew how I felt, he knew what it was like. I went to first class, and left  walking out with Zayn. I ran up to Harry as fast as I could in these heals.

"What the hell are you trying to prove!?" he yelled at me in a whisper, trying to make sure nobody else oculd hear, but im sure they all could.

"What are you talking about Harry, I mean I have liked you for four years. I wanna be with you, but I mean I am such a flirt" I said in an innocent voice. He was getting angry.

"Jamie! You know what I meant" I didn't get to reply when Brock came up behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist. He put his head right in the space between my neck, and my shoulder. "Hey sexy" He said squeezing me tightly as he did so.

I giggled, acting dumb like Harry's little stupid girlfriend.

"Whats wrong Harry? I thought you liked this kind of girl?" I said in a bitch voice, and then Brock picked me up, and carried me away. I smiled, and he sat me down just 10 feet away from Harry, and then he stuck his tongue down my throat. It was weird to be the person doing this, usually I am the person standing back judging. I just went along with it, and stuck my tongue right back down his. Until a teacher came, and got us, he gave us both detention. Great.

Brock left me there, and I knew he was always in detention anyways, he was in there when I was with Harry that day. I walked up to Zayn, "Holy fuck Jam He is so mad!" Zayn said as he smirked.

"I know, and I am loving every second of it. Does that make me a bad person?"

"No, he hurt you like this, it is only fair"

I smiled, and started to make my way to detention. When I got in there Harry was sitting by himself, no girlfriend. Brock had saved a seat for me, and I thought it would be safer to sit with him. Harry looked like he wanted to put me back in a coma.


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