Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


9. New feelings

I was following them back to class, and I didn't even want to look up at them, then it caught my eye. The mural that hung in the main hallway of the school. There was a huge picture of Chelsea, and me. There were cards talking about what people liked about us, and things that people hadn't said to us. People I didn't know were writing, and signing card for us.

The picture of Chelsea made me drop to my knee, I couldn't even cry anymore, the feeling that was going threw me was, when you let your mind go blank. There was no fear, anger, hatred, sadness, there was nothing. I felt like I just wanted to let go, I wanted to leave all of this behind. Why do I deserve to live anymore then she does, what makes me so special, that I was actually given a chance to live, and she didn't. She didn't even have a chance, and that feeling of nothing faded, and everything came rushing into my body. I just stared at the picture of me, and her, and thought of all the amazing times that I had with my bestfriend. She was like Louis, we weren't related by blood, but something way more stronger than that. We were honestly like sister, and she knew everysingle thing there was to know about me, and I knew everything about her, well atleast that is what I liked to think.

I was still on my knees, and I was glad that people couldn't see me, there was red crying faces of people that I knew, and people that I didn't. But there was one face that looked, like it was happier then ever, and that was Cassidy. She honestly hated me with ever ounce of her being, and never failed to prove that to me every time she got the chance.

She looked like she was at the top of the world, and it bugged the fuck out of me. I stood up, and got in her face, "How can you be happy, you may have hated my guts, but how can you be happy that I could die? How can you be happy that some girl is dead, and can never experience life? How can you be such a heartless bitch!?" I screamed in her face backing up while she moved forwards infront of me.

I tried so hard to hit her, but my hand just kept on going threw her head, and she remained clueless to what I was doing.

I followed her into the front office, and watched her sit in the seat. "I wonder what you did this time you little slut" I murmered under my breath" I could have screamed that out, and nobody would have noticed.

I watched her get up, and walk into the councilor's office, and sit down while the councilor welcomed her happily. She always looked happy, and then I heard the soft sobs start to come out, and then full on crying. I turned my head in shock, and looked over at Cassidy, she was crying her eyes out, and choking back on every tear that ran down her perfect cheeks.

I stopped, and waited for her to talk, but the room was just filling up with her sadness, and guilt.

"I picked on her, I made her look stupid, I made her life hell, and now I will never get a chance to make that up to her, I will never get a chance to even tell her I am sorry" I was surprised that she was even talking, she was crying pretty hard.

"It isn't your fault Cass" The lady said starring concerned at her, but she didn't even look up, or hold back a sob.

"Yes, it is, I bullied her, I made her life hell ever since the day I met her"

My mind flashed back to the first time we ever met, she was a really materialistic girl. I wore the same thing she did that day, and she hated me enough for that, and it didn't help that I ripped the dress she was wearing. I can honestly say I didn't mean to rip it, Chelsea pushed me, and I reached out for the first thing that I could to help me get my balance back, and that thing just happened to be her dress.

Of coarse she thought I did that because I was jealous, or mad that she was wearing the same thing at her, but no. Ever since that stupid day, she has made my life hell, she spread rumors about me, and even poured drinks on me from time to time.

She wasn't the most forgiving girl in the first place, and I don't think that ripping her brand new dress helped. What can you do about it though, that is just how some girls are, and I slowly, and I mean really slowly learned how to except it.

She pulled herself back in an instant, and stopped the tears like she had complete control. I didn't get it when I cry, I look like the joker, and my face stays red for about an hour, and my eyes never stop crying, they are like a sprinkler that can't shut off. But she just pulled her self together in a matter of three seconds, and was out the door wiping away the make up that she had barely smudged.

I must of missed some of their conversation while I zoned out, but it didn't really matter, I knew how she felt, and I loved it. She should feel guilty, she deserves it, all of these years she picked on me, and I never did anything back, and maybe it was because I knew she could do worse, but still. I sat there and took all of that bullshit for three years.


I forgot why I was even at the school, the first thought that came to my mind was that I was late for class, but that wasn't even possible. I walked into the first class that I had every morning, and the teacher was giving a speech about me, and Chelsea, half the room was filled with tears, and the other half wasn't cracking a smile of frown

Nobody was sitting in my chair, and nobody was sitting in Chelsea's, the teacher wouldn't let them.

I couldn't wrap my mind around everything that happened, and I think that was the only reason I was still as sane as I was at the moment. I knew sometime soon the fact was going to sink into me hard, and I would cry for about three days. It still felt like I was going to see her next class, but that wasn't the truth. The truth was she was gone, and nothing, and nobody could bring her back.

I walked into Harry's classroom, and he wasn't in their, I ran back out of the room, and looked down the hallway as he walked straight into detention. I knew he would be in there, I don't think there hasn't been a day where he wasn't in there. I walked into the detention room, and it was kind of cool, I could walk straight threw the door, it was something out of a movie.

I looked up, and sure enough there was Harry and his girlfriend. She was sitting on his lap, and like usual the detention supervisor wasn't in the room, they left almost for an hour all the time, and the kids did whatever they wanted.

I was fueled with hatred for his girlfriend, and a little bit for him. He can't say all of those things to me last night, and then come here, and be with his girlfriend. He was right, he really did suck at relationships, and I couldn't see him getting better at them soon.

Everything about her made me mad, he hair, and the way she talked. She talked like one of those dumb blondes in ever movie that you see. She also acted like one, showing off as much of her boobs as she could possible, and played dumb about it everytime someone said something. You could just tell that she thought she was the shit, and trust me she reminded me of shit alright.

Harry saw me, but tried to make it not noticeable, people would start to think that he was crazy. He smiled at me, and I just gave him a really unimpressed look. I went, and sat in the empty desk beside him, where his girlfriend Sam was once sitting.

He couldn't talk to me in here, I just sat there looking around, the kids in here looked a lot worse then the ones in the movies do. Our school wasn't the best, there were kids having sex on school grounds all the times, we had 7 different gangs in our school, and fight broke out everyday, sometime we had up to 4. Drug deals went down in the school all the time, and from what I could see one was happening in the far corner of the room right now.

"I am going to the bathroom" harry said looking down at his girlfriend as he motioned for her to get up. She did so, but not before she stuck her tongue down his throat. I know that she couldn't see me, and she didn't know I was looking at her, but I highly doubt that it would have made a difference.

I was sick of looking at that, I walked out of the room before Harry could get up, and he followed behind me, not by that much.

"Thanks for that Harry" I said pissed off now.

"What" He said actually acting like he didn't know what I was talking about.

"You honestly have to be kidding me"

"What are you talking about?"

"Harry! You can't tell me you have liked me for so long, and then me come here, and watch you make out, and be with your girlfriend all day"

"Jam, we aren't dating, and for all I know you could die, I am not going to date a dying girl"

I stopped, and Harry immediately knew what he had just said was wrong. I started to walk away, and nothing was going to stop me this time, there was no turning around, and listening to the last things he had to say.

"Jam, I didn't mean It like that, and you know it"

I turned around, "Harry.... just leave it... I get it"

"No you don't" He yelled down the hall way at me.

"I can't believe that you just said that to me Harry" I said turning back around.

He was running up behind me, I knew because i could hear his footsteps come closer, and closer by the second, "Jam"

"Harry don't who wants to date me anyways, you are the only person that I have threw all of this, and neither of us really have a choice, I am stuck with you threw this. I don't need your stupid feeling, or mine getting in the way. So whatever feeling you have for me I think it would be best to just forget them"

"I can't forget something I have felt for four years." Harry said stopping behind me as I continued walking.


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