Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


14. Jumping In

He smiled at me, and walked over hugging me, "Honestly, these past two days without talking to you have drove me up the wall... I just wanted to have more nights like the night we watched those movies. I missed it, I missed you.." I wrapped my arms around him, begging him not to let go.


I let go of his hug, and started to walk to the back of the car to help Niall. We drove for maybe another 15 minutes, and we were there.

"You know your audition is tomorrow guys" I said smiling at both of them, as Harry helped Niall sit down on the couch.

I went and grabbed him an ice pack out of the kitchen, and came back, they had put on a scary movie.

"I am so excited!" Niall said thinking, and I could tell it was about the auditions. I knew Niall had a great, amazing voice, he sang to me almost all the time.

Harry, he was breath taking when he sang to me, and it gave me chills. I needed sleep though, more then you will ever know, my eyes were shut, but I was still talking some how.

I felt arms grab me, and start carrying me somewhere, but I wasn't sure where exactly. I woke up to Louis pouring water on me.

"Rise, and shine Love!" He said to me as he put the bucket down, he had gotten Niall to when he splashed the water.

It was freezing cold, but I was so exhausted, and didn't want to leave my bed, so I didn't.

I opened my eyes, and saw Louis. I couldn't stay in bed any longer, I wrapped my arms around him tightly.

"Lou!" I said

"Group hug!" Niall said as he wrapped his arms around both of us, and made us fall over.

"To much group in that hug, sory my bad" Niall said as he stood up, and dusted himself off.

"You guys need to get ready your audition is today!"

I said jumping up, and grabbing onto Lou. "Ugh, everything can finally go back to normal, well almost normal" I said as I looked at Harry, and he blushed. I don't think that he had told Lou, because he looked so confused.


But I couldn't take my eyes off of Harry, and it was weird. I don't think I could have ever pictured me, and him together, but I was happy that we were.

Liam came in, and pulled all of the boys including Harry out of the room, and left me completely alone. Harry had brought me some clothes from home, I guess he got up a bit earlier then me. He brought me simple jeans, and a tshirt, with a note.

"Those boobs can stay hidden" the note said, and it made me giggle, I guess they were pretty bad when I was acting like a whore. They were almost impossible to keep inside my shirt.

I quickly put it on, and put my hair up in a messy bun, I didn't bother to do my make up, I wasn't the one going to be up on stage.


We waited in line for the audition for 3 hours, but we were finally in, and I was back stage with the boys. They were up next, and they were so nervous.


Authors Note*****

I know this isn't really how they auditioned, but I am changing it a bit, I hope you all still enjoy, favorite it, fan me, comment what you think (: really appreciate it!!!!!!





I heard them push the boys on stage, and Harry left my side. He looked back at me, and smiled.

"Who were you smiling at?" I heard a deep voice answer, and I knew that it was Simon.

Harry looked immediately at him, and went red.

"Well.. who was it" Simon  repeated himself.

"My girlfriend" Harry said quietly looking up at Louis, and then me. The crowd went threw a huge thing of awwwwwhs.

"What!" Louis said looking at Harry, and walking up to him. I knew he wasn't mad he was just playing, and the crowd loved it.

"You are dating my sister?!" Lou asked in a sarcastic voice, but he was still surprised, because this was the first time he found out.

The crowd was laughing, "Well bring her out" Simon said in a cheerful voice. Harry was frozen on stage with fear, and so was I. Liam came running up, and grabbed my wrist pulling me stage behind him, while the crowd cheered, and whistled at me as I walked on.

I went red, "And what's your name love" Simon said leaning in closer over his desk.

"Jamie" I said smiling, and then looking over at Lou who was pretending to act mad just for show.

"Well you are a cutie" He said smiling, and then the crowd started to shout kiss over and over again. Me, and Harry both were red, and Zayn pushed Harry over to me, and then suddenly Harry didn't need to be pushed.

He walked over to me confidently, and grabbed me twirled me, leaned me down holding me up only by one arm, and kissed me. It wasn't like when I kissed Niall, or Brock, it was perfect. The crowd was screaming, and cheering. Simon was standing up, and clapping.

"What do you have to say about that" Simon asked, as the crowd started to settle down.

"Can I go off stage now?" I asked, and the crowd including Simon, and the judges started to laugh.

"Yes Dear"" Simon said smiling at me. I pretty much ran off the stage, and then the boys introduced themselves one at a time. I was so happy, and my lips were tingling from the kiss that Harry gave me, I just out my hand over my mouth.

They sang there song perfectly, nobody screwed up, and Harry sounded amazing, so did the other boys, but I couldn't manage to take my focus off of Harry. He would glance at me all the time throughout the song, but they were just short glances.

When I heard all of the judges say yes, my heart almost stopped, but lets not jinx that. They boy swere all cheering on stage, and so was the crowd, they were literally going wild.

Harry came running off the stage, and joining me, and the rest of the boys families. He picked me up, and hugged me twirling me threw the air, and then kissing my cheek.

'You guys did it1" I said as Harry put me down, and then I ran up and hugged Lou who was crying because he was so happy. As soon as I let go of Lou Zayn was running up behind me, and picked me up just like Harry did.

I ran up, and gave Liam a huge hug, and to my surprise he actually gave me a huge hug back. Then last, but definitely not least Niall. He was hugging his mom, and I ran up to him, and messed his hair a little, just to get him to turn around.

I felt like I could have picked him up I was so happy, but instead  he picked me up, and twirled me, then set me down really gently. When he put me down I looked into his eyes, and then I felt like I just wanted to kiss him.. I almost did, but I stopped myself.

"Niall we need to talk later" I said, and he nodded, I was so happy I gave him another hug.


A few hours later, all of the boys families went out for supper together to celebrate, and it was amazing. Everybody was so happy, and it was a feeling that I had missed while I was in the hospital. Everyone was sad, and scared for me, and Lou, but I would of been more concerned  about Lou, maybe that just me.

I sat right beside Harry, and he never let go of my hand the entire time, he would occasionally give it a squeeze every once in a while, and smile at me.

Supper went by to quickly, but I knew that I needed to talk to Niall so I guess it was okay. Harry begged me to come home with him, but I needee, and I mean needed to talk to Niall.

I felt like the kiss that we had meant more to me, well more then just practice. I liked it, and I think I liked Niall.

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