Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


21. Hockey Game

The game started, and the crowd here went crazy, our little city was crazy about hockey. Niall had got the first shot of the game. I jumped up cheering along with the rest of the girls that were crowded around me.

"He is doing really good tonight" One girl said nudging my shoulder, and sitting back down. I nodded, and Niall glanced back at me after the puck went in the net, he smiled, and then was surrounded by his team cheering him on.

I sat back down, his jacket was actually the only thing that was keeping me warm anymore. The game was over, and the end score was 7-4 for us. Niall had scored 3 of our goals. I waited out by the change rooms with all the other girls waiting for their boyfriends, and fore once I felt like a normal teenage girl.

A normal teenager that went to he rboyfriends hockey games, and hung out with all the girls, that cheered, and had fun. The guys started to walk out of the change room, and I ran up to Niall jumping on him, but he stayed perfectly still. I wrapped my legs around him trying not to fall off of him. He held me tightly to him, and he twirled me around infront of all the guys, and their girlfiends. "You did so good babe' I said, and he just kept on holding me tightly. He was so sweaty, and warm, but I didn't really care. He set me down, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"So this is the girl you have been talking about?" One of the hockey players asked, I think it was Terrin's boyfriend. While he said that a whole bunch of hockey players walked up behind him.

I could tell they were just trying to be goofs, and joke around with Niall, and he tok it really well.

"Hey, I am Jake, I am Terrin's boyfriend" I shook his hand sophisticatedly, and the burst out laughing while he did.

"Niall talks about you all the time, another hockey player said standing behind me. I turned to look, and his hand was already out waiting for me to shake it.

"Hey Jamie, I am Brady" He said, most of the guys on Nialls hockey team were pretty cute.

"Niall never told us how cute you were" Jake said, but got hit by Terrin only moments later.

"What I was just trying to be nice" He said laughing, and then looking at Niall as if to see if he took the joke to far, but Niall just giggled.

"Yeah, and she is all mine" He said grabbing me, and pulling me to his side, kissing me quickly. I was so short compared to all of the hockey players.

They were all looking at me, and I kind of liked all the attention, but Niall never let me go to far away from him.

I met all of the hockey players, and a few even kissed my hand, it was cute.

"So we are having a party, you, and Jamie should come?" Jake asked, looking at Niall, and Niall just looked at me as if to get the ok to go.

I nodded, and Niall told him we would come, I went abck to Niall's house, and waited in the living room with his mum. We sat there and talked about Niall, and how amazing he was rpetty much.

He cmae down stairs smelling so amazing, the smell filled my nostrils, and almost parazlyzed me.

"Ready to go?" He asked fixing the watch on his wrist.

I stood up, and walked out the door, only after thanking his mom for being so wonderfully nice to me.

We got there, and It wasn't a big party like Borkc's was. It was a small one made for only the hockey players, and their girlfriend well if they had one.

We walked in, and all of them cheered, I could tell most of them were drunk, and I just clinged to Niall's arm. Terrin, and another girl by the name of Sandy walked up to me pulling me away from him.

They made me meet each one of the players girlfriends, but honestly I couldn't care any less. Niall was in the kitchen with the rest of the boys taking shots.

I watched all of their faces cringe at the touch of vodka hitting their tongues, and the burning of the whiskey burn their throats.

I took a couple shots with Jake, and a couple other hockey players. It burned, but those few shots were just enough to get me buzzed. The more that I idd after didn't really help me all that much. Niall wasn't drinking because he had to drive me home that night.

I stumbled over to him with the help of Jake, "Dude I think she needs to go home" Jake said handing me off to Niall.

"I think you are right" Niall said looking at me and laughing.

"I don't know what you guys are talking about, I think I am fine" I said, but I couldn't hold back the puke that covered Jake's shoes.

He just laughed as if this happened a lot, and then Niall took me away.

He took me to my house, but there was nodody home. I turned to him, and started to make out with him sticking my tongue in his mouth just like Brock had done to me. He was caught off guard, but honestly I kind of wanted to have sex with him. I fell over taking him down with me, and I landed on top of him. I laughed, and so did he, but that never stopped me from continuing to kiss him, more, and more. I could tell he wanted this, but I could feel he was holding himself back from it a little bit. I broke free from the ceal of our lips.

"What's wrong?" I asking panting a little bit from the fall.

"You're drunk"

"So what?" I said getting annoyed with all of the talking.

"So you aren't thinking clearly, you could regret this tomorrow"

"I won't I said trying to kiss him again put he pushed me very lightely off of him.

"No" He said sitting up.

"I am taking you up stairs, and we are going to bed."

"Niall" I said in a pouty voice, but he didn't change his mind, he helped me climb up the stairs. He layed  me down in my bed, and crawled into it with me, snuggling up close to ne, but I wasn't going to give up that easy. I climbed ontop of him, and started to kiss his neck so lightly. He again pushed me off, and ontop of the bed.

"I am not going to take advantage of you Jam, I respect you way top much to do that to you" He said getting serious with me.

"You aren't taking advantage of me Niall I want this" He nodded his head no.

I rolled over so I wasn't facing him, I was mad, and angry with him, I was giving him something I wouldn't even give the actual guy that I am dating.

I woke up, and Niall was downstairs making me breakfast, but the smell made me throw up twice. I finally go the courage to go downstairs, "Morning Beautiful" I knew he was lying, I looked like complete shit.

"Mornin" I said in a grapsy voice as I covered my eyes from the light of the window. He laughed, "Awwww my little alcoholic isn't feeling to good this morning??" I gave him the finger, and sat down at the island in the middle of the kitchen.  He gave me a kiss on the cheek, and I don't blame him for not wanted to kiss me on the lips.

He put a plate of bacon, and scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns, with a piece of toast infront of me, along with a glass of milk. I was pretty sure that I was done puking for the day. He sat down across from me, and ate from his plate that had the exact same as me, but more of a portion to it.

"I am sorry about last night" I mumbled not wanting to admit that I was wrong for once. He laughed, 'I would rather we had sex when you were sober, and didn't puke on one of my team mates shoes" He said laughing back at the memory.

"I am so sorry, I completely forgot about that, will you tell him I am sorry/" I asked, "It isn't the first time it had ever happened to him."

That didn't make me feel any better, I felt so bad. I had never puked on anyone before, and it wasn't the best feeling I have ever had.

"Niall Harry gets home today" I said taking a deep breath, knowing that he wouldn't want to hear it.

He sighed, and hugged me, "I know I better get going, I just wanted to make sure that you were alright" He said kissing my cheek, and grabbing his coat off the back of my chair, and leaving out the front door.

I was in no shape to get ready, and look nice for Harry, I was going to put on pajamas, and a tshirt, and he was goign to have to deal with that.

I really did care about him, but on the other hand Niall was so important to me. Harry was with me first, and I fell for him first, but if I really actually cared about him would I have fallen inlove with Niall? I asked myself I was puzzled, and then Louis walked in the door.

"Jam!" He yelled, I hadn't really seen him for a couple weeks, and I did feel bad about that, he used to be the closest person I had in my life, and now we were drifting apart.

I hugged him, "Well it's weird that you are finally home for once" He said smiling, and pushing me.

"I know, I am sorry, apparently I was to busy puking on Jake Cooper's shoes" I said with a snarl in my voice, but he just burst out in laughter.

"It isn't funny, they probably all think im a loser now" I said with a sad voice pretending to quiver my lip.

"It happens to the best of us" He said grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

Not to long after Harry came walking in the door, and he was on a mission, his eyes locked on to me, and he headed over in my direction. I almost wanted to jump out of his path, it looked like he wanted to destroy me or something. He grabbed me, and squeezed me so tightly, "I am so sorry I let that prick hurt you" He whispered in my ear, and Louis looked stumped, he didn't know what happened, and I asked the boys not to tell him, I guess Harry skipped that memo.



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