Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


7. Feelings suck

He left me there in the room, and left Lou sitting in the chair beside the bed.

Louis just looked up, and smiled as if nothing happened, even though he knew I couldn't talk back to him, he just started talking.

He started talking about anything, and everything, he told me things that I probably didn't need to know, but the whole time he never shut up not once, and I missed it.

I missed those days when me, and him would hang out while everyone was at work. We did fight, and I missed it, I would start a fight with him right now, if it meant I could actually hug him after it.

I just stared at him the entire time he talked, and then Harry walked back into the room. He looked pissed off, but proceeded to smile anyways. You could tell how mad he was behind that smile, that was oh so clearly a cover up.

"Hey" I said smiling trying to bring a more positive attitude into the room, even though only one person in the room could see me.

He didn't even see me smile, he just hung his head down, and walked over to my bed, and looked at my body.

"You actually are quiet for once" Harry giggled as he looked up at me, and the Louis, Louis just burst out laughing with out hesitation. It was true, and I couldn't deny it I liked to talk a lot.

I gave a little smile, but I was still a little zoned out, "Jamie, I am going home okay?" Harry said looking over at Louis then me.

"Is it okay if I come? I don't wanna be stuck here with this thing" I pointed over to my body as I said it.

He giggled, "Yes Jam, you can come with me"

I followed him downstairs only after saying goodbye to Lou for about an hour or so.

We got to the car, and I sat down in the passenger seat, I honestly started to wonder why I couldn't touch people, and I could go threw things, but I could sit, and not fall threw. I thought that it would be better not to question it, just incase I jinxed it, and fell threw the seat, and onto the road while Harry was driving.

I sat up straight, and took a look at what I was wearing, I was wearing a short dark blue dress from the party, and it was low on the top. My hair was simple, and down, but that is about as much as I remembered from the party.

I couldn't say that the shoes I were wearing were killing me feet because, I honestly couldn't feel anything, I felt like a shadow, you could touch me, an step on me, but no matter what you do I won't feel it.

I turned to Harry staring at him, and at his eyes that were completely focused on the road, and the surrounding traffic. "Harry, tell me something" I said smiling, and crossing my arms.

"You look pretty damn good in that dress" Harry said winking, and smiling, but his eyes still never even took a glance towards me.

"Harry!" I said rolling my eyes at him, he was a flirt and had been , he flirted with almost every girl in out school, but he never once even flirted with me. I think that it would be crossing a line between him, and Louis, but I never really knew. For all I knew he could think I was the ugliest girl that he had ever seen, and he was only nice to me because of Louis.

Harry was a flirt though, and I have never seen him not flirt with a girl, and it sucked to be them, because they all thought that they had a shot with him, when in reality he just got kicks out of what he did. That part of him, I despised, but who am I to judge.

We pulled up to his house, his house was so nice compared to mine, and Lou's we lived in a small house, that had only three bedrooms, and a tiny kitchen/livingroom.

It was late, and the days went by so fast for me, but I knew it mustn't have gone by that fast for everyone else. I walked into Harry's house leaving him in the Car to grab some things.

It was so nice in here, it was beautifully  decorated actually, the colors worked so well with eachother, I don't know why he always wanted to come to mine, and Lou's house so badly all the time.

He walked in closing the door behind him, and walking right past me looking down at a paper, that I couldn't read.

He walked into his room, and I wasn't sure if I should follow him, or just stay here. He seemed to be home alone a lot, well that or I just hadn't ran into his parents yet.

I slowly walked into his room knocking on the door, and then remembering that I couldn't he must of thought I was stupid.

"What you reading Harry?" I asked in a sort of cute voice, I guess you could say.

"Nothing" He said in a serious voice still not looking at me, but nodding his head side to side.

"Oh" I said putting on a blank face.

"So where are your parents?" I asked in a questioning voice.

"They are barely even here Jam, I might as well live by myself" He said in a pissed off voice.

"Don't you get lonely?"

"Not really, I am usually not home anyways, I am usually at your house. Besides, who really needs them to be here anyways." I knew he was lying he really did care that they were never home with him, but I decided to just go along with it.

I jumped into his bed, and laid close to the wall trying to stay as far away from Harry as I could.

"Can we watch a movie? I asked laying back onto the pillow that was laying perfectly down on the bed.

"Sure, what do you want to watch?" He asked me, as he finally put down that stupid paper.

"You can pick, I am good with anything"

He smiled, and went over to pick a movie, and of coarse picked a scary one.. he knew I hated them, he just knew that he could get away with it now.

"Harry you jerk!"

"What, you don't like scary movies?" He said trying to act all innocent.

I just glared at him, while he put the movie into the player, grabbing the remote, and laying back down in bed right beside me. I really did try to stay my distance away from him, but it was hard because he had a single sized bed.

The previews came on for the movie, and I turned to Harry, "Please make sure Lou goes to those auditions?"

"Jam, there is no way I am going to let him miss the auditions, we can't win without him"

I smiled, "Thank you Harry I owe you big time"

He just smiled down at me starring at me, and I started to blush. I got nervous because he was looking at me the way that Lou looks at his girlfriend.

I looked away as quickly as I could, "Why did you look away? Harry asked in a grumpy voice.


"Jam, you really are breath taking"

"Harry.. don't do that"


"Don't flirt with me when you have a girlfriend, don't make me one of those girls who you flirt with, and then ignore.. don't do that to me Harry, I am not like those girls"

"What, when do I do that?"

"All the time Harry, I have known you for 4 years, and that is all I see you do to girls"

"Well you are right, you are Jamie, and I think that is why I have had a crush on you for a year, its because you aren't like all of those other girls, you don't throw yourself at me, you play hard to get"

I stopped, and didn't know what to say.. I don't think anybody would know what to say..

"Harry you have a girlfriend"

"That I would gladly dump for a girl like you"

"Exaclty Harry, you would dump her for a girl 'like me', not me"

I said looking back up at him feeling more confident then before, "Jam, you know what I meant"

"Harry you are right.. there is a difference between me, and the girls that you flirt with... I am not going to fall for all of those cheesy things that you say to me, the lines that you use to get every girl.. I am not that simple"

He just smiled, "Well I always love a challenge" He said winking at me, and biting his lip.

I just rolled my eyes, and started to watch the movie again.



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