Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


4. Coming to realize

I didn't really sleep, I mean I couldn't I tried to hard to sleep, but I just ended up sitting in the green chair, in the corner of Harry's room. That, and he snored really loud, but in a way it was cute I guess you could say.

I just sat there thinking about everything that had ever happened in my life, I started at the very first memory that I ever had, and it was with Lou. I was maybe around 4, and Lou was 7.

Some kid in kinderguarten was picking on me, and he came and stood up for me. I guess that was the first time that me, and him became as close as we were.

He didn't always like me, I was adopted by his parents when I was two years old, and Lou didn't seem to like that at all. Mom just said that he was jealous, and we never got alone when we were little. He kind of hated me I guess you could say, and it was weird to think of him hating me.

We were so close, I never could of thought that I would be close with him. He left his girlfriend one time to come get me, and my boyfriend got into a fight.

He drove two hours back home just to make sure I was alright when my boyfriend cheated on me, and he also kicked the shit out of him to. It wasn't really necessary, but it sure made me feel a lot better.

I wish I would of went with him last night, I wish the last words that I would ever say to my brother... my bestfriend was "I hate you".

I never had even talked back to Lou, he was usually right anyways, and I slowly learned that over a period of time.

Then I started to flash back to the first time I ever met Harry, and the rest of the boys. They were all on the same basketball team as Lou, and came back to my house after their first win of the season.

They were all so cute, and charming, but for some reason Harry stood out from the rest of them. He was cute, and I will admit from the first time I saw him I did have maybe a little bit of a crush on him. But that quickly faded when I started to get to know him.. He wasn't really the relationship type. He partied, and got with different girls almost every weekend... and I just wasn't into that sort of thing.

I didn't like that side of him, but it was really who he was.

The first time I ever talked to Harry  was when he challenged me to a basketball game, and I kicked his ass. He says he let me win, but let be honest here, you don't let somebody win by 30 points.

I snapped back into reality with the sound of his alarm clock going off, it was startling, but he barely even moved when it went off.

Harry get up I whispered, and then I remembered nobody else could hear me.

"Harry get your lazy ass up!" I screamed over the alarm still buzzing right beside his ear.

He attempted to throw a pillow at me, but it just went right threw me, and I laughed at him.

"Hey Harry, kinda dead over here remember!?"

I could tell he just thought it was some long horrible dream last night, because he turned over to me wide eyes, and it wasn't because he was over tired.

"What the hell!" He screamed!

"Harry shh people can hear you!"

"It wasn't a dream?" He asked himself, not expecting an answer from me at all.

"Harry what's happening?"

I asked almost ready to cry.

"Jam, I don't know.. I honestly wish I could tell you, but I have no clue"

I turned away trying to hide the tears from Harry, but I didn't even think there was any coming out of my eyes, it was just hollow cries.

He was up, and behind me in mere seconds, I turned to see him staring down at me, and I just looked away snuffling, and crinkling my nose.

"I am sorry to bug you Harry" I said wiping tears that should be on my cheeks away.

"Harry what's wrong with me" I asked trying not to make eyes contact with him, but my eyes wondered other places. I came across the fact that he was in nothing but his boxers, and he looked kind of sexy.

I just stared across the room, and tried to not pay attention, but trust me it was a lot harder then you think it would be.

"Jam, I want to help you I really do so badly, but I have no clue to even how to help"

"I know Harry, I am just so scared"

I felt my throat start to swell because of the sobs that were escaping it, and I took one shallow breath.

"Harry the last thing I said to Lou was that I hated him, and now he feels horrible about it, and its all my fault, this is all my fault. Chelsea is dead... she is gone Harry... what am I suppose to do! None of this makes any sense at all!" I said almost in an enraged voice.

He went to hug me, but walked threw me, and looked like he was about to shit himself.

"Are you okay Harry?"

"Yeah it's just, this is weird, and it doesn't make any sense at all, but aren't there people that are experts in these kinds of things"

"Well yah, but they are probably all fakes" I said almost laughing at the fact that he would think they are actually real, but yet again I never thought that this would be possible.

"Well we should atleast give it a try Jam"

I just nodded my head, "Well it is worth a try I guess"

"Jam, I am going to make sure everything gets back to normal Okay, it is the least I can do for Lou's little sister"

That is basically how everybody in this town new me, and I was guessing that was how it was always going to work.

He quickly threw on some clothes, and I turned around as he pulled his skinny jeans up, and threw on a wife beater.

I was still wearing the same clothes, but I couldn't change them, I tried while Harry was sleeping. Nothing will stay on me, it just falls right threw my projected body. I literally just looked like a projection that walked around, nothing more.

He smiled at me as if everything was normal, and something about it just ticked me off. Everything was falling apart... nothing is gonna be the same, and he just treated it like nothing.

"How can you do that!" I asked in a dead serious voice

"Do what?"

"Act like this is normal, act like this isn't happening... how can you just brush this off as normal Harry?"

"I don't, Inside I am freaking out... I can see somebody that nobody else can see, and that isn't normal.. for all I know I could just be completely messed in the head, and you aren't even here! But I think things would go a lot smoother if everything we did, we did while we were calm, and not freaking out."




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