Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


20. Choices

I layed there in the room with Niall his heart beating fast, and his face dripping wet with the tears that flowed from his stunning blue eyes. He was beautiful, he was something, well someone I loved looking at, and every time I did look at him I got butterflies.

I love Niall, and I am pretty sure I always will, he glued himself to my heart, and everytime I wasn't with him it felt like the glue was pulling on my entire heart.

Everything still hurt, but the pain wasn't nearly as bad as it was before.

"I just want to go kick his ass" Niall said in a rather angry voice. The way he said it made me scared, I had never heard him angry like this before. "I know, but leave it please" I begged him.

He sat up looking at me as if I just said something utterly retarded.

"Leave it? You want me to just leave it?!" He shouted.

"He hurt you, he did things that I would never wish on any other girl, and especially one that I am inlove with. He can't get away with that, I would never hurt any woman like that, and I would absolutely never even touch you like that, I would never touch you unless I made sure that you wanted it"

I look a really deep breath not knowing what to say, I found it was usually better when I didn't say anything, and then I got a call from Harry. I couldn't bare to tell him what happened, but I knew he had found out from one of the boys.

Before I had the chance to even answer Niall snatched the phone out of my hand, and answered it.

"Hello?" He said in a deep voice.

"No she can't talk right now"

"Because I said so" I hated only hearing Nialls point of the conversation, I wanted to hear what Harry had to say.

"Jason got a hold of her" I heard a loud noise, but I couldn't quite make out what it was, but I knew it was Harry alright.

He hung up the phone, and threw it on the couch in the corner of his room. It was rather messy in here, but that was the least of my worries right now.

"What did he say?" I asked eagerly, I knew Niall hated it when I talked to Harry, but I couldn't break up with him, Harry gets far more mad then Niall ever has.

Niall went to get up, but I wrapped my hands around him, and pushed him back down on the bed, "Where are you going" I asked fearing that I already knew the answer to the question.

"I am going to have a little chat with Jason"

My fear had been confirmed, and It was a truly horrific feeling, "No" I said in a serious voice.

"Stay with me please, I don't want to be alone right now, I need to be with you, you make me feel safe" He smiled when I told him the last part, "I will stay for you" He said smiling, but the smile faded, just like everything good ever did.

"Don't leave me" I managed to whisper in the middle of a deep breath I was trying to take.

"I will never leave you" He said, and squeezed me entire body tightly, and then kissing the top of my head.

"Harry is coming back early now" Niall said in a sad voice now.


"Two days instead of three"

"Well I want to spend the next to days with you, and I mean cancel the plans you made" I said smiling.

"I will" He giggled, and it was so cute, Niall fell asleep long before I could, he was a bit of a heavy sleeper, it took me half an hour to wake him up in the morning for school.

I was starting to drift away in sleep, when I heard a noise, and I jumped without hesitation. I forced my eyes open, but I couldn't prepare for what was waiting for me.

Jason was standing over the bed, and whispered, "Come with me or your pretty boy gets it" He said holding a knife up to Niall's throat making sure to keep it far away enough that he wouldn't wake up Niall.

I shook my head no, as in no do hurt Niall, but I guess he took it the wrong way. Before I had a chance to even more, the knife was plunging into Niall's chest over, and over again. He woke up after the first time the knife entered his body, and was screaming, and thrashing out. He didn't know what was happening, but I did. I couldn't move my body, my brain, and all of my thoughts were telling me to jump on Jason, but my body wasn't listening.

"Stop" I screamed out in a bloody voice. He finally stopped stabbing Niall, and I looked down at the body laying beside me.

The blood was oozing out of the gashes, and cuts on his chest, he was coughing up blood, and I couldn't stop it no matter what I did. I was screaming inside, and then I looked up at Jason who was now reaching over the bed for me. I started to scream, but no noise was coming out, and I still wasn't moving. He was going to get me, he was going to get me and this time he wasn't going to be so 'nice'.

I woke up sweating, and crying, I felt like my heart was going to sop at any second. I was screaming, and the voice that wouldn't come out of my throat in the dream now filled the entire room. Niall was up, and rubbing my back as I sat up, crying. I was crying hysterically, and Niall looked a little bit confused, but he knew something was wrong.

I turned around hugging him almost tackling him to the bed, "Your still here, your okay" I said running my hands threw his hair, and then touching his face lightly.

"Yes, I am still here" He said trying to act sweet. "What happened" He asked.

"I had a dream that Jason came in to get me, and killed you because I didn't want to come with him" I could tell the fact of my dream scared Niall, maybe Jason had the guts to kill him in real life.

"I would rather go threw that entire experience over, and over again then have him hurt you" I muttered out taking shallow breaths now.

"Don't you ever say that again" Niall said running his hands down my back, I still had a death grip on him, and wasn't going to let go. He laid back down with me still clinging to him, and continued to rub my back. It was almost soothing, but I still wasn't going to be sleeping anytime soon.

I laid my head on his chest letting my grip loose, and relaxing a bit more then before.

I had school the next day, but I had no intentions of going to it. "Baaaaabe can't we just stay home today?" I asked giving him big puppy dogs eyes, they always worked with him.

"No I have missed way to much school already"

"Well drop me off at home when you go"

"Nu uh you are coming with me, If I have to go threw it so do you" He said smiling while he pulled up his pants, and then walking over to the bed.

He sat down beside me, and kissed me passionately on the lips, "I am sorry your coming with me" He said as he pulled back from the kiss. He threw me over his left shoulder, and started carrying me down the stairs. I was just praying that I wouldn't have to run into Jason, I don't think that I could stop Niall this time if he ran into him.

We got to the car, and started driving to school, but I hated the thought of it. We got there, and Niall came around opening the door for me, he grabbed ahold of my hand, "After last night I am not letting you out of my sight" He said as we walked into the front doors of the school.

Everyone starred at me, and I honestly didn't know why, after my whole slut scene I tried to stay out of all the attention. It wasn't until I went to the bathroom after first class did I realize the huge bruise on my upper right thigh. I t was huge, and very visible. I had nothing to cover it with.

"Well it looks like the little slut got what she deserved" I heard a voice behind me say, and I knew it was Brock because he sounded like an illiterate 18 year old.

"Very funny" I said still walking by him.

"You humiliated me at my own party, and I will not be humiliated by a little slut like you" He said grabbing my arm, and pulling me back.

"Okay listen, if Niall sees you grabbing me like that you are going to get your ass handed tyo you"

"What that little pathetic wimp? The one who punched me when I wasn't looking? Tell him to try it again"

Niall walked up behind me wrapping his one arm around my waist, "Whats happening here?" He asked already knowing. Before I knew that Niall was in the gang I would have been scared for him, but now that I knew he was I was worried for Brock.

"Can you take your hands off of her please?" He asked in an anooyed voice, "Niall be nice" I said looking up to him.

"I am being nice" He was getting more annoyed by the second.

"So you are the one who defending this cheap whore" Brock said, and I knew as soon as the words came out of his mouth what he was in for. Niall punched him square in the Jaw, and started to walk away.

"You call that a hit?" Brock said not even rubbing his jaw. "Niall walk away" I begged him, but he got out of my grip, and now they were both walking towards eachother. They started to fight, and I got scared, I couldn't let Niall get in shot, not over me.

I ran inbetween them only to be hit in the face, and knocked on my ass. By now a crowd was starting to form around them, and some guy helped me up. It was Liam, he checked my eye, but it was already swelling up. I ran back into the fight, and pushed brock away from Niall.

"Fucking stop it" Niall took one look at my eye, and grabbed my face with both hands, "He did that to you?" Niall asked conferenced now, Before Niall had the chance to do anything else, he was on the ground with Brock standing over him.

"Brock!" I heard an older voice say, I think it was a woman but it was a pretty rough voice. It was a teacher, and she grabbed him by the ear, and started hauling him away from me, and Niall.

"Baby are you okay?" I asked kneeling down beside him, he got up like it was nothing. I hated when he tried to act all tough, and like nothing mattered to him. It made me almost want to hit him in the face myself.

He helped me back up, and rubbed his hand lightly over my eye that was just barely swollen, "I am fine " I pushed his hand away from my face.

"Lets go home" He said grabbing my hand, I just followed him around like a little puppy.

We got to his house, and then I realized I hadn't been home in a while, I usually was always at the boys houses.

"Niall stop" I said stopping him dead in his tracks by pulling him back towards me.

"What" He said in a sweet voice that made me almost not want to be mad at him.

"Are you actually okay?.. Be honest with me"

He took a deep breath coming closer to me, and grabbing my other hands with his, and pulling me in close so I was staring right at his eyes. I always got lost in them and never paid attention to what he was saying.

"I am perfectly fine, I just don't want you to get hurt anymore" He said smiling, but I could see right threw it, I didn't want to fight with him, me and Niall never fought.

"I love you baby be safe" He said kissing my nose, and then going to the kitchen. He pulled out a tub of ice cream, and a whole bunch of different things to make sundaes with.

He made one huge bowl of ice cream, and drowned it in chocolate syrup, and sprinkels, and pretty much everything else I could ever think of. It was so amazing, and of coarse me, and Niall would finish it, we are like beasts.

He held one of the cherries on it up, and put it in my mouth slowly, "You know if you can tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue you are a good kisser" I smiled, "Is that a challenge?"

"Maybe" He said laughing a little, and then putting one in his mouth. "On the count of three" He counted up, and then we started, his face look ridiculous.

I slammed my hands down on the table sticking out my tongue, "I'm Done!!" I screamed with my tongue still sticking out. A few seconds after I was done he stuck his tongue out only to show an unknotted cherry stem. I laughed, and spit mine out in the bowl.

"So I guess I am a way better kisser then you" I said trying to sound flirty, but I didn't think I did.

He giggled, "Guess we will just have to test this" He said leaning in closer to me very slowly. His lips were pressed up against mine, and it was amazing. My heart was beating out of my chest, and my stomach was twisting, and winding up.

"So I have a hockey game tonight" Niall said smiling at me after the kiss.

"Really? What time?"

"It's at 7, and I was wondering if you would come, and watch with the rest of the boys girlfriends"

"Niall I would love to" I said smiling, and biting mu lip, I wasn't going to lie I was pretty excited. Harry never asked me to go to anything like this.

"Will you wear my hockey jacket too?"

I stpopped, if Harry knew that I did that he would flip out on me, I nodded my head yes, and a smile grew acorss his face, that was bright red.

He drove me to the town ice rink, we were a bit early, and I was getting nervous. I had never really been to things like these before, and the girls were staring me down.

He handed me his jacket, "Put it on when the game starts?" He asked, I just smiled, and nodded. Two girls came up to me, Terrin, and Jade. "Terrin, Jade, this is my girl....." Niall stopped himself not knowing what to call me.

"I thought she was dating Harry" Jade said smiling, but it was so fake.

"I am" I interrupted.

They all looked at me, and Niall looked a little disappointed when I so quickly defended that.

"It's really complicated right now" Niall said smiling at me nodding at me hoping that we could both agree on calling it complicated.

I nodded at the two girls, "Hi, I am Jamie" I said, they both seemed rather nice but a bit nosey.

Jade was a taller, with black curly hair, and dark brown eyes, she was a little on the chubby side, but nothing that I would ever call fat.

Terrin was a preppy little blonde girl, who walked like she had a stick up her ass, but she seemed to be nice just as well.

We sat out there for half an hour, and gossiped about all the hockey players, most of them were big and bulk, some were twiggy though, the hockey players were.

The crowd started to grow larger, and larger, until I could barely move, and it was to warm. I followed the girls to the bleechers outside next to the ice.

Number 24 Niall Horron The announcer said, and the entire crowd went crazy, and so did I. The camera came over to me, and I was now on the huge big screen cheering for him. The announcer said, We have Jamie Tomlinson here wearing the jacket of Niall tonight" I guess it was sort of a big thing here, but I went all red when they announced it.

All of the girls cheered, and pointed while I was on the big screen, and then the game started, and the camera was on the puck laying in the center of the ice.


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