Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


8. Cheeky Bugger

"Harry this isn't exactly normal circumstances for trying to flirt with me you know"

"I know, but it took me this long to admit to myself that I was falling for my bestfriends sister"

"Harry... this would have been nice information about I DON'T KNOW A YEAR AGO! know that there is a pretty good chance that I might not survive this... I could wake up, and be gone...."

He just sat there looking at me, and I knew he didn't know what to do, and quite frankly neither did I. I still didn't have a clue of what was going on, I have never once heard about this happening in real life, it only happens in the movies.

"Jam, I have had a crush on you since the first day that I met you in basketball, I have always thought you were a cutie, and you always will be... I just thought things would be weird with Louis if anything happened with us... and it would be even more weird if we ever broke up"

"Harry, I have watched you flirt with girls for four years, and I just don't see anything ending up differently.. it isn't like you can date someone that isn't actually here"

He sighed, and rolled onto his stomach shoving his face in the pillow, and groaning really loudly. It was sexy, I am not going to lie, he had such a deep voice that was hot, and for that reason I loved to hear him talk, well that and his cute little accent.

"Harry stop acting stupid" I said in a playful voice, almost laughing.

He lifted his head up from the pillow, amd looked at me with wide eyes, that almost looked scary. I almost fell of the bed because of how scary he looked.

"Harry you dick!" I screamed out, and he just laughed at me.

"Well I can make you laugh! Isn't that a good thing?"

I just rolled my eyes at him, "Harry, you can't do this to me.. not now.."

"Jam, I really like you.. I just, I am not good at the whole boyfriend thing.. and you know that"

"Yeah, I really do know that Harry, and I don't need to be hurt, not anymore then I am right now"


"Jam, that is the thing, I would never hurt you, I want to help you, I wanna be here for you more then anything, I want you"

Those last words just sat in my brain, and stayed there, but I wanted to change the topic so desperately.

"Harry, you are auditioning for a show on T.V., and I have never even heard you sing before in my life"

"Well.. would you like to?" He asked starting to go red in the cheeks. He stood up from the bed, and went and stood right in the middle of his room, brushing his hands threw his curly thick hair. I could tell that he was getting nervous.

"Harry, I am sure you are going to be great" I said winking at him, as he started to get the courage to start.

"Settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in, lie down with me, and hold me in your arms, and your hearts against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck, I have fallen for your eyes, but they don't know me yet, and the feeling I forget, I'm inlove now.

Kiss me like you want to be loved, wanna be loved, wanna be loved. This feels like im falling inlove, falling inlove.

Settle down with me, and Ill be your safety, and you'll be my lady. I was made to keep your body warm, but I am as cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms. My hearts against your chest, my lips pressed to your neck, I have fallen for your eyes, but they don't know me yet, and this feeling I forget, I'm inlove now

Kiss me like you want to be loved, wanna be loved, wanna be loved. This feels like im falling inlove, falling inlove.

Yeah, I've been feeling everything, from hate to love, form love to lust, from lust to truth, I guess that's how I know you, so I hold you close, to help you give it up."

Then he stopped singing, his face blood red from the nervousness, and I am not going to lie, if I had any control over what I did like this my face would be blood red. His voice was... was.. it was indescribable, and I loved it, I wanted to ask him to sing another, but I knew he was nervous enough, and I didn't want to make it any worse.

"Harry, that was amazing" I said almost breathless, I fell inlove with his voice, and I just wanted him to keep singing to me.

"Really?" He asked looking down at the floor.

"Yeah, Harry, I would have you to sing, another, but I feel so tired, I could pass out any second"

He just blushed even more, and I thought that it was so cute, he was adorable.

"You, and the boys are going to do great on the show" I said to Harry as he crawled into bed beside me, and that is when I realized.

"Did I just fall for Harry Styles?" I asked myself almost fumbling over the word in my head.

 I laid there for pretty much the whole night thinking about him, and I couldn't help it, my brain wouldn't let me think of anything else, and when I finally thought of something else it just led me back to Harry.

Harry, he was so hot, but his personality was cute if you got by the whole he flirted with every girl in school. Harry rarely let people in past his hard outside, but when he did it was amazing.. it took him a all this time, to be good friends with Lou, and the rest of the boys, and I know that he would trust them with anything, but I just wondered if he trusted me the way he trusted them...

Was I just another one of the guys, or was I something different to Harry.

It was Monday tomorrow, and that meant that Harry had to leave for school in the morning.. he had to leave me alone for most of the day, and the thought scared me. What am I going to do?

I couldn't sleep but I felt like I was exhausted, and I think that the reason is, is because I feel like if I sleep I won't wake up here.. I will be gone, and the body in the hospital will really be lifeless.

His annoying alarm went off, and I was still wide away, but laying in the bed next to him. This time he got up the first time it went off, and started to walk to the bathroom. I don't know how I didn't notice it, but he was only in his boxers. I am pretty sure he would have been completely naked if I wasn't there, for some reason he had a thing for sleeping naked, and who am I to stop that.

He came back in the room, and he looked pretty rough, well rough for Harry Styles. He actually looked pretty good most of the time, and that was the truth, even on the bad days you would still see girls drooling over him, and all the other boys. It wasn't uncommen, and it happened almost every single day. I had hung out with all of them so much, they were basically like a second family to me.

"Are you going to come with me?" Harry asked rubbing his eyes trying to wake up.

"Uhm, sure why not" I only agreed to go because I didn't really know what else to do, but it sure as hell beat sititng here all day by myself.

It was a quick drive to the school, a little to quick when we got there Harry's girlfriend was waiting in the hallway for him right infront of his locker. Honestly she looked like a slut, shorts that were way to small on her that showed her ass out the bottom, and the top of her thong out the top. A tank top that could let a boob fall out at any second, and he hair done just so it was out of the way of he cleavage. She thrived for attention, but she wanted the wrong kind.

She ran up to Harry almost letting a tit flip out of her shirt, and hugged him kissing him really sloppily. Harry was kind of surprised, and pushed her away gently after a few seconds. I felt something start to burn in my core, something that could only be jealousy, and I hated that feeling more then anything.

"Why didn't you come party with me baby?" She asked smacking her lips while she chewed gum. "What do you see in her Harry?" I asked, but he tried his best to ignore me, if he started a full out conversation with me in here people might think he actually went crazy.

"I told you I was with Lou, and the boys.. his sister got into an accident"

"Who cares, I heard she was stuck up, and a whore anyways, nobody here liked her or her little friend that died"

I walked up to her trying to slap her across the face, but with no successes.  Harry turned and seen me out of the corner of his eye, and jumped, his girlfriend just looked at him funny, and continued talking to him.

"That fucking slut, she can't say that, she can't talk about me, and especially not Chelsea like that, that just crossed the fucking line, and if I got better I was sure as hell going to beat the shit out of this preppy little cunt" I thought to myself, but I couldn't tell if I was thinking it, or saying it out loud. It wasn't like it mattered nobody besides Harry could hear me anyways, but I wish she could, I wish I could show that bitch something right now!

The bell rang, and she hung on Harry as he walked her to class, and it almost made me want to puke on her. She was disgusting, and clearly as loose as anything could be.

If this is the type of girl Harry is into then there is no way that me, and him are ever, and I seriously mean ever going to work out.

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