Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


17. birthday bash

A/N - Okay guys, lets see if we can get five more likes for the next chapter of Don't Forget Me? Love all you guys reading, and pleaaaase leave comments letting me know what you think.. Pretty please!! Who is for team Niall right now? ******I looked around the party but there was no Harry to be seen. "who are you looking for, i am right here" i heard Lou say as he walked up behind me. I wrapped my arms around him, it felt good to know that we were back to normal, well almost normal. I came back from the hug, and punched him in the arm as hard as I could. "ow, what the fuck was that for?" he asked rubbing his arm. "that was for telling me you were in a gang threw a death note!!" I said but bringing my voice back to a whisper, when I realized that nobody else knew about it. "ow" he said again rubbing his arm still, " that actually really hurt" he said, and then his girlfriend came up behind him, and pulling him away from me. I was now alone in a room crowded with people, and they were all here for me. Everybody mingles around me while I was searching for Niall, I got a few "happy birthdays" while I looked for him. I saw him, and by the looks of it he was looking for me to. "Hey, can we talk?" he asked me grabbing my hand, and pulling me up to my room.. I hadn't been in my own room since the entire thing happened. Part of me wanted to go in, but half of me was pulling away from it. He let go of my hand, and closed the door locking it, and a part of me got suspicious to what was happening. "first" he said walking up to me, grabbing my face with both of his hands, and kissing me. "second, I need you to stay with friends at all times" he said pulling away from the kiss, and holding my hands. "why?" I asked suspiciously. "Jason wants you, and I don't know how he did it, but he gained a higher ranking in the gang, he is higher then me, and the rest of the boys... That means if he wants you.. He can have you, and I can't do anything about it Jam.. So just promise me that you will stay with someone at all times" I nodded my head, "why does he want me? What is so great about me?" I asked him, looking down at his hands that were squeezing mine. "what are you talking about? You are perfect, you are amazing, and breath taking, he would be crazy not to want you" Niall said giggling, and going red. "Niall don't call me perfect.. I am not even close to that" I said looking down still. He listen my chin up with his one finger so i was looking at him. I hated when he looked at me, it made me feel like i was being judged, but i knew that wasn't what he was doing. "kiss me" Niall said looking at my lips. I giggled, and gave him a peck on the lips, but he leaned in for another kiss. "so i got you something" he said letting go of my one hand. He pulled out a little bracelet that was pure gold, and slid it on my wrist. If you looked at it, it said "my princess" on the edge of it. He kissed me again, and then my phone went off. I checked it, and it was Harry. -where are you babe, im sorry im late- the text said, and i knew that Niall had seen it to. I could tell that Niall didn't like Harry that much right now. His jaw clenched, and i kissed his jaw lightly, "calm down" i said. I had to stand on my tippy toes to even kiss his jaw line. He looked down, and gave me a little smile that was fake, and hollow, but I thought I would go along with it. (authors note z hey guys sorry about the quote thing that happens everytime one of the characters speak, my phone does that automatically, and my computer broke down) "you don't have to go out there" Niall said in a cheeky voice, while he pulled me back up close to him by my arm. I giggled, "you know he will flip out". He put a pouty face on. "we can spend all day tomorrow together, I promise" I said putting by hand on his chest, and kissing his cheek. "That's all I get?" he asked smiling and closinghis eyes sticking his lips out like a duck. "stop that you look stupid" I said laughing at the ridiculous face he made. I stood on my tippy toes as best as I could to give him one last kiss, when Zayn came running into the room. He stopped, and threw his hands up in the air, "what the actual fuck" Zayn blurted out, and I just stepped back from Niall, and went red. "WHATEVER! We will talk about this later!" Zayn said pulling me around my house into the living room where there was a huge birthday cake sitting on a table. Everybody was singing happy birthday, and cheering, I took a deep breath and blew out the candles as quickly as I could, and then I felt those arms wrap around me. Those arms that I loved being in, it was Harry, but I was honestly still mad at him. I stood up straight with his arms still around me, and everyone cheered. I blew out almost all of the candles except for two, "Jam has to boyfriends" Liam yelled out, and everyone laughed, "she better not" Harry said jokingly, but Zayn just gave me a dirty little smirk.
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