My Dad the Superstar

My name is Riley Horan, yes Niall Horan's daughter. I am the youngest of all the One Direction kids considering I'm 13 and now you get to see what my life is like through my eyes and not a crappy 10 minute interview.


5. Traveling

Riley's P.O.V

So all day we have been packing and getting everything ready for all of the kids to leave with our dads.

Right now it's 12am and we have all of the kids are sitting in then living room or the Styles house watching movies and talking waiting to leave for our flight.

Once it was time to go all of the kids said goodbye to our moms since they were going to meet up with us at the end of the week.

Once we all got into the cars our dads had set up a TV so we could watch something so we don't fall asleep since they want us to sleep on the plan since we are going to America and there is a time change.

Once we got to the airport we were at the place where the cars drop you off and all of the dads texted us and the boys car that we had to stay in the car until they got some security guards to hold off the fans and paparazzi that were waiting for us.

After like 10mins Uncle Louis came up to the door and helped us out to the car and told us where to go.

All of us had to be escorted by security guards like we always do when we go anywhere. Me and Nikki (Nicole) usually stay together since I always get lost or get mobbed since I usually drop something.

There where a bunch of fans and paparazzi following us and girls where cutting in front of us to get pictures and some moms where too. It was really weird.

Once we finally got to security we had to got to a place where there were no people in line. Once we finished at security we had to go outside since we were taking a private plane. All of us and a bunch of people who were helping out on the tour along with the camera crew who has been following us around. 

Once we all got on the plane we sat down in random seats since on the private plane there were like couches across the sides and a few single seats at the front and the back.

 I sat in between Cameron and Nikki. All of us just sat there since we couldn't have our electronics out and we all talked about the tour and a few people were explaining the private parties that me and a few other people where going to do before and sometimes after shows or whenever.

After a while I couldn't keep my eyes open so they kept closing and i would fall asleep for a minute then wake up and my head was falling everywhere. So basically I was a mess while people where trying to talk to me. 

"How about we continue this discussion later since we did kept the kids up all night so they would sleep now and its 4am" One of the people that help out with the tour said. 

Everyone agreed and I kept moving around since I didn't know how to lie without lying on people. Then Cameron put him arm around me and then whispered "You can lie on me" so then I did. Nicole eventually laid on me and then Ashton put his head on her lap. That is the last thing I remember seeing before I fell asleep.

After sleeping for a long time I woke up. I saw that a few people where awake and that most people where being woken up. "Riley lets go we are here" My dad said and we all got out of the plane and shook the pilots hand.

After we got into the cars to go to the arena and there we were going to make the tour bus arrangements.

Once we were in the car I went on Twitter and saw that my dad tweeted a picture of me Cameron Nikki and Ashton when we were asleep.

@NiallOfficial: our kids will be joining us for the next 2 weeks keep a lookout for them and be sure to purchase their private party tickets👏

I retweeted it and then shut my phone off. 

Once we got to the arena we all kept our stuff in the car because we had to figure out what bus we were going to be staying in since there where only 12 bunks in each bus and 17 kids since our dads where going to be staying in a separate bus.

So in Bus 1 is: Dylan, Andrea, Brooke, Jack, Finn, Shawn, Paige, Micheal and Calum.

Bus 2 is: Me (Riley), Nikki (Nicole), Steven, Hayes, Nash, Cameron, Luke and Ashton.

Most of the time they put the loud people who stay up later on one bus and that happens to be bus 2. Then bus 1 is the bus with all of the calmer kids.

Once they told us what bus to go in we all went in. But me and Nicole looked at each other ran into the bus and yelled "I CALL TOP BUNK" at the same time throwing our bags on two of the top bunks next to each other.

I'll give you a diagram of who has what bunk:

Left Side: Cameron (top)    

Nikki (top)

Luke (middle)    

Steven (middle)

Right Side: Ashton (top)      

Riley (top)

Nash (middle)    

Hayes (middle)

(Probably really confusing but just go with it)

The bottom 4 bunks were the junk bunks where 2 of us share them and put whatever in there. underneath Cam and Luke's bunks it is Cam and Nash's Junk bunk. then underneath Nash and Ashton is Ashton and Luke's Junk Bunk. Underneath Nicole and Steven's bunks its Mine and Nikki's Junk Bunk and then lastly underneath me and Hayes is Hayes and Steven's Junk Bunk.

We all stuck a our suitcases in those bunks since it was easy to get to when we needed them.

Once we all put our stuff away it was about 6 hours till the concert and we had to go into the arena because they were going to explain something to us. We all went in the clothes we wore on the plane even though they were not the most attractive choice we were going to change after.

"Ok so I just need to explain a few things to all of you and then explain a few things to only 4 of you so I will try to make it quick" Paul said to all of us.

​"Under no circumstances are any of you allowed in the audience we have a section for you guys to watch on the side of the stage on the ground kind of in the audience but there will be a barrier so nobody can get to you" Paul said

"Also during concerts I will be standing with all of you" Conor said. "No going beyond the barrier during show time and I clear" Paul said. and we all mumbled ya or yes.

"Alright and I would like to speak to Hayes, Steven, Nicole and Riley and the rest of you can get changed if you want to take a shower there are some in the arena and their are some in the busses" Paul said.

"Ok so you 4 will be doing the private parties" Paul said then someone said something to him in his walkie-talkie and then he said "Connor take over for me and they need you guys for sound check" Paul said and they all left.

"Alright well I guess I will explain to you what the private parties are" Connor said sitting across from us. "So basically people will be buying tickets and before concerts they will be able to meet your dads and take a picture with them and then after that they will be brought into this room with a  bunch of chairs. At the most around 50 people and their will be no barrier or guards or anything" Connor explained

"What will we be doing" Steven asked. "You are going to be answering everyones questions and then you will be turning the tables on them and asking them some trivia questions and giving our braclets with your names depending on who asked the question" Connor said.

"If their is no barriers then what happens if someone like runs up to us or something" Nikki asked "I'll be in the room with you Lux will be here soon and she will be back there and a few other people but you will have a long table behind you with 4 chairs that at the end you will be given a picture to sign of either you as a group like you 4 or individual pictures depending on which on the chose ahead of time and you will take a picture with them but you will stay sitting in the chairs" Connor explained "Alright" Nicole said

"When is Lux coming!? Are you guys dating yet?" I asked Connor. "Probably by the time you all finish getting ready and yes" Connor said smiling "awwww" we all said sat the same time. Then he told us to go get ready for the private party since it starts in 2 hours for us.

We went back to the bus and no one was in there. "Where is everyone" Nicole asked "Probably on the other bus or they went into the arena already" Hayes said.

All of us went into our suit case and into our junk bunk and picked out an outfit to wear. After a little while of deciding I finally chose the perfect thing to wear.

I had a pair of dark denim shorts on with a black spaghetti string tank top with a light flowy purple knit cardigan with black combat boots and black socks that went 1/2in higher then the boots.

Once all of us were ready we went back into the arena into the dressing rooms and I put some wavy/beach curls in my hair and Nicole straightened hers.

After a little while of talking and thinking of 7 questions each Connor told us that we had to go to the private party.

Since our dads are on a stadium tour we had to walk outside and we had a few security guards on us and we waited a minute or two with Connor and Lux until they told us to go in.

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