My Dad the Superstar

My name is Riley Horan, yes Niall Horan's daughter. I am the youngest of all the One Direction kids considering I'm 13 and now you get to see what my life is like through my eyes and not a crappy 10 minute interview.


4. This is Us: For Now On

Riley's P.O.V

*Skip to the premier*

So today is the premier of This is Us: For Now On and everyone is rushing around. It's about 9am and the premier like the red carpet stuff starts at 2:15pm and we need to have 15 kids, 9 boys and 6 girls ready along with 5 moms and 5 dads. So you can probably tell it is udder chaos around this place.

Right now all of the families are in my house. Since we have the biggest family this is always our go to house. We have a bunch of people who get our dads ready while touring so they are going to help us get ready. All of us are taking out our clothes and in the girls case dresses. all of the boys are in line to get all of their clothes ironed by the dads while all the girls are trying to figure out what piece of jewlery goes with what with the help of some stylists.

Finally all of the girls and the boys outfits were put together and we all started saying that we were going to go take showers. 

"Alright I need all of the kids to stop what they are doing and come into the kitchen right now" Aunt Dani yelled across the house so we could all hear. 

"Ok so now that we have all of your attention it is now 11am and we all need to take showers, eat and get dressed. So I want everyone to go to their houses I need everyone to take a shower and if you need to take turns everyone gets a 15 minute shower so we are not late" Aunt Perrie said

"Also I would like everyone back here no later than 12pm because we need you all to eat something and you can just leave you clothes here so then after you eat you will get changed so we have no spills on your good clothes are we clear?" my mom asked

"yes" we all answered "Good" she said back "Now lets get moving we have a premier to get to" and we all hurried off into our own directions (no pun intended)

I took a ver very fast shower and then put on a pair of black shorts and a really old One Direction shirt from their Up All Night Tour that was still way to big on me.

I put the towel around my head so my hair would dry faster and I went downstairs. "Everyone grab what you want and eat it fast" My dad said. 

For lunch we had a bunch of little appetizers that we could eat fast. We all grabbed plates and our parents told us kinda what was going to happen and stuff and how we will have to go to a party after and our dads jokes that they were going to get drunk.

Once we all finished eating all of the girls went into my room and all the moms went into my mom and dads room while the boys and dads went to the boys upstairs.

All of us took turns using the blow dryer in my room and Andrea brought hers into my room to so 2 people got their hair dried by the hair stylist at a time. Once we all finished drink our hair we got our make up done buy a few different girls while the hair girls went downstairs to help the moms.

Once we were done with that we put on our dresses and we went into my mom and dads room.

"Ok girls your ready you just need the jewelry and to do your hair right" Aunt Jade asked. "Yes" we all said

We all waited our turns to get our hair done. While we were waiting we had some of the other moms help us with putting our jewelry on. I was the first one to have my hair done so the moms asked me to go make sure the boys were doing ok or needed any help.

I walked up the stairs and yelled "Hello" and then Steven popped out of a room and scared the crap out of me "Hi" he said "Jeez don't do that" I said holding my heart "Sorry" he said laughing.

"You guys ready" I asked "Yep" Steven replied "Come on in".

​I walked into the room and they were all just sitting there doing nothing a few of them were fixing their hair and shirts but other than that just talking.

"Hi" I said ​"Don't you look beautiful" my dad said "thanks" I said.

"I was told to come make sure you are all dressed" I said "Well we are" Hayes said "Alright well then come downstairs because the car will be here any minute".

​All of us come downstairs just as the girls were coming out of the room. ​Of course all of the dads complimented all of the girls.

"Ok so it is 1:45 and we are so late everyone is outside waiting for us" Aunt El said and we all got everything we needed and headed out the door.

We all got into the limo that they got us for this occasion and we headed off to the premier. All of our parents once again told us what we can say and what we can't say.

Then we finally got there are it was exactly 2:15pm. We all got out of the car and started waving to people. All of us saw a bunch of different celebrities and our extended family was there too. We all went and said hi to our families and then Connor, our dads tour manager Paul's son, told us that we had to go say hi to some of the fans.

Connor is basically our manager and Paul is our parents.

All of the kids went and said hi to fans and then we did some interviews with people that were there.

Then after a little while they got all the kids and parents and we had to stand on a stage and do an interview about how we are excited for the show to start and what people can expect from the show.

Then Connor pulled me aside and brought me to a camera. "Ok so you will be hosting the red carpet stuff for the airing on TV"

"What" I asked "Basically you will be interviewing different kids parents and some fans talking about the show as the premier is going on and it will air on the TV in bits before the show before commercial breaks and after the show" Connor explained "OK I get it" I said and they started telling me what I had to say.

Then they gave a microphone and we told the fans that we were going to film in front of and then we started rolling.

"Hey guys I'm Riley Horan and I will be here with you all night long on the red carpet for premier of This is Us: For Now On. I will be giving you backstage access and exclusive interviews so stick around. Plus I will be tweeting live off of the official One Direction twitter account to answer your questions throughout the show just use the hashtag #Thisisusfornowonlivetweetwithriley. And now for the moment you have all been waiting for get ready the premier of This is Us: For Now On starts now" I said and everyone behind me went nuts.

The director people turned off the camera and we went to Jack and Finn and asked them to do an interview for one of the commercial breaks.

"So what do you think of the show so far" I asked

"It is terrific so far" Jack said

"what do you think" Finn asked me

"I think its pretty good" I said

"Don't forget to use the #thisisusfornowonlivetweetwithriley I will be answering your questions throughout the show" I said

"And now back to the show" Jack and Finn said at the same time and we went to the next person.

This went on for a little while and then I got to go inside to do the second to last commercial break thing and I was the only one in there.

​"Ok so we are seconds away from the doors for the premier to open so everyone can come in and watch. Lets take a look around" I said

I walked around and went to the snack bar the place where you can pick up the pictures we took from the little booth thing outside and lastly we went inside the theater.

"Well that was fun" I said "Now back to the show" I yelled and ran out.

Finally we did the last one and we got all of One Direction and the rest of the family. 

"Alright well the moment we all have been dreading since it started......the end" I said

"Thank you so much for watching the premier of our show we hope you enjoyed it" Uncle Harry said

"Stay tuned every Thursday at 9pm to see what we are up to each week" My dad said

"But for now its goodbye" I said and then we all said goodbye to the camera and then went to get food.

We all got popcorn and stuff then we went into the theater and found our seats. Our moms and dads went to the front of the theater and thanked everyone for coming to see the show and thankful for all the support and stuff and then we watched the show.

It was basically them kinda talking about the band and the moms talking about their singing career or other career and them then describing each of us and talking about how we do normal things and stuff like that.

​Once that was over we all went into the limo and drove home. All of our parents told us that they wanted us not to have any sleepovers tonight and they wanted us to sleep in and then by 12pm they were going to have us all start packing so all the kids could leave with our dads that night and our moms would relax at home for a week and then would meet up with us a week later so we could spend time with just our dads.

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