My Dad the Superstar

My name is Riley Horan, yes Niall Horan's daughter. I am the youngest of all the One Direction kids considering I'm 13 and now you get to see what my life is like through my eyes and not a crappy 10 minute interview.


7. Stuck in the Bus

Riley's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of the TV blasting then everyone yelling to turn it down because I was asleep."Well I'm not asleep anymore" I said and then grabbed my phone and jumped out of my bunk. Then I got really cold since I was only in shorts and a tank top so I grabbed my black 5sos sweatshirt and put it on. Then I grabbed a pair of sweatpants and went into the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth and then flipped my head over and tied my hair in a ponytail and then took of my shorts and replaced them with grey sweatpants.

Then I walked into the back room that everyone was in and sat next to Luke and laid my head on him. "When do we get off the bus" I asked "We have another 2 hour drive but they are going to stop in a few minutes and they are going to let us get food and fill the bus with gas" Nash said.

I sat there leaning on Luke while we all watched TV. After about 30 minutes the bus stopped. We heard the door to the bus open and Uncle Liam got on the bus. "Hi guys" he said standing in the doorway thing that separates the bunks and the back room. "Hi" we all mumbled.

"So their is a Duncan Donuts in the gas station so I need 2 of you to go inside and get the food for this bus" Uncle Liam said.

"I'll do it" I said "I'll go with her" Luke said and we both stood up. "Alright now we need you guys to get everyone's order and I'm going to go tell the other bus what is happening" Uncle Lim said.

"Alright give us your order for food" I said. "How about you guys just write it in my phone under notes and that way we won't mess it up Luke said.

While everyone was typing in their order I got the camera and started taking a video on the bus. "Good morning everyone we are on the bus it is day 2 of us being on tour with our dads and right now we are stopped at a gas station and to be completely honest I have no clue where we are but we are about to go get food because we are hungry and want breakfast since its 10am" I said to the camera then turned it off.

Once we got all of the orders we left the bus and their were a bunch of paparazzi waiting for us. Luke held onto my arm to we wouldn't be separated. The camera crew meet us outside and they were kinda a border between everyone and us.

Kinda being the key word there.

 The paparazzi kept asking us questions and we ignored some of them and Luke answered a few of them.

Once we got inside Micheal and Finn were in their getting the other busses order and Uncle Liam was in there getting the dads busses order.

When we were in line a bunch of people came in and tried to talk to us but Uncle Liam whispered to us ignore them.

The paparazzi had cameras flashing everywhere and Paul and Connor were trying to get them to step away from us.

Once we got all of the food and drinks for our bus we walked back to our bus. "Guys I need all of the kids in our bus for a minute so tell everyone to come this way" Uncle Liam said and we all nodded and walked onto our bus.

​"Guys Uncle Liam said to go onto the dads bus" Luke said "Why" Hayes asked "I don't know ask when you gets there" I said.

Then we walked out of the bus and their were more people out their then before. We all ran to our dads bus even though it was like 15 feet away from ours.

We climbed onto the bus and sat down wherever we could since we were the last ones to get there. I just sat half on Calum's lap and half on Dylan's lap.

"What's up" Jack asked "Nothing just wanted to see how you guys are since we haven't seen you since last night and we still have another hour and a half till we get to Texas" Uncle Louis said.

"So that's where we are going" I said and everyone started laughing. "Ya but that's not the only thing that we wanted to talk to you about" My dad said.

"What do you need to tell us" Paige asked

"Well our show has its own link on the TV networks website and they want to put some extra footage and behind the scenes stuff that they can't fit into the show or that they want you guys to film to make it more interesting and fun not just for you but for the people watching the show too" Uncle Harry said. 

"I thought we were going to put that stuff up on our youtube channels" Andrea asked.

"Not everyone has a youtube channel" my dad said.

The only people with youtube channels are me, Andrea, Cameron, Nash, Hayes, Paige, Shawn, and Jack has one that is his but Finn is also in a lot of his videos and then Calm, Luke, Ashton and Micheal share one for their band.

"So you guys will be doing things like bus tours, room tours, Q&A's and a bunch of other stuff" Uncle Zayn said.

"Alright" We all said. "Ok we have a long drive ahead of us so everyone get on your bus lets hit the road" Uncle Zayn said.

​We all separated into our own busses. We all sat down in the living room/kitchen and turned on the TV and watched a show.

Once I finished eating I grabbed the camera and started filming a bus tour because they old us we had to eventually so why not do it know.

I told everyone and they gave me the paper that told me what to say for the intro and what to say to end it.

I started by standing at the front. "Hey guys it's Riley and if your watching this it means that you are on the This Is Us: For Now On website. I am here today to give you a tour of our bus since its the best bus you will every be on" 

"OK so this is where the bus driver sits and I'm not going to bother him since we are in the middle of an hour drive" I said and then walked into the living room.

"This is the living room thing we have a TV right here and then we have 2 pond couches along here with people on them" I said

​"We only have 8 people on this bus me, Luke, Nicole, Steven, Hayes, Cameron, Nash and Ashton" I pointed the camera at them as I said their names.

Then I showed them a few more things then I went to the kitchen showed them around their then showed them the bathroom and them onto the bunks.

"These are the bunks" I said and then pointed out who's bunk is who's and then went to my bunk. "This is my bunk I have and awesome memory foam pillow with a  light blue pillow case and light blue sheets to match plus I have a black blanket with white designs on it and on the bottom I have a zebra snuggie one of those blankets with sleeves"

"Right here I have the wifi thing for the bus in my bunk because I'm cool and then I have my phone charger plugged into the outlet right here then a little pocket thing that is on the wall thing that has a book a few movies more chargers and a bunch of random stuff then I have a cork board of pictures next to it and them my laptop is right under my blanket cause I was using it" I said

​Once I finished the rest of the video I turned off the camera and went back into the living room and waited to get off this bus.

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