My Dad the Superstar

My name is Riley Horan, yes Niall Horan's daughter. I am the youngest of all the One Direction kids considering I'm 13 and now you get to see what my life is like through my eyes and not a crappy 10 minute interview.


6. Private Party and The Concert

Riley's P.O.V

We all walked into the private party and people started screaming and some girls were crying too.

We walked through the isle in the middle of the room separating the rows of chairs so we could walk down them. Then we all went and sat down behind the long table where later we would be signing things and taking pictures. Connor and Lux stood in front of the table on the ground since the table was on a little bit if a rise. 

Connor and Lux started explaining how the private parties work and some stuff about the internet and then we go to start answering questions so we got up from the table and Connor and Lux took our place and we were given microphones to walk around the room and interact with the fans.

Steven went and answered the first question. "Alright what is your question" He asked a girl who looked around our age. "I have 2 questions" she said. "Alright what are your questions" Steven asked "One can I have a hug" she said and he extended his arms to her and then she started crying.

"Don't cry" he said and hugged her a little more. "Alright do you still want to ask you second question" Steven asked as he let go of the girl. "Umm ya...What's your favorite song by One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Little Mix and Demi Lovato" She asked and Steven walked back toward us.

"I don't really know" he said "how about you guys" Steven asked.

"I like More Than This by One Direction, Little Me by Little Mix, Fire Starter by my mom and Unpredictable by 5 Seconds of Summer" I said.

"Hayes you can go next" Nikki said. "Alright how about you" Hayes said pointing to a mom who had her hand raised.

"Do you guys think it's weird to have people my age that are in love with your dad" she asked. "I mean we know that they just really like our dads band so it doesn't really bother us that much" Hayes answered.

"Nicole you can go" I said. Then she went to the back of the room to a little girl that raised her hand. "What is your favorite thing about having your dad in a band" She asked. "Well...ummm..I don't know a lot of stuff..likr if my dad wasn't in a band then I wouldn't be able to call these guys my best friends in fact I wouldn't even be alive" Nikki said.

"Alright Riley your turn" Steven said. I walked about mid way down the isle and walked into an isle and was squished in-between people and asked a girl who looked about 18 what her questions was. "Would you ever consider becoming a singer like your dad or your mom or even an actress" she said.

I walked out of the isle back to the front of the room and said "I don't know maybe I mean it is a possibility I have been asked to start singing or be in a movie before I just always said no because I didn't have time or I couldn't just pack up and leave at that moment. But I do think I may want to become a singer or actress one day it seems fun" I answered. "she is actually a really good singer" Hayes said. "aww thanks" I said and hugged him "Get off me" he said jokingly.

After a few more questions Connor told us that we had to do the trivia thing where we have to ask them questions and then we gov whoever wins a bracelet with our signature on it that was printed in. We had to wait a few minutes though to get the bracelets and we started talking to the people in the front rows.

Once we got the bracelets we all saw that it was actually our signature printed in white into different colored rubber bracelets. Mine where light blue, Nikki's were purple, Hayes's were Orange and Steven's were red.

"Ok so we all thought of a bunch of questions that we are going to ask you" Nikki said "So I'll go first" she said and then asked her question. "Who was the first One Direction kid to have a video of them singing go viral" She asked and the second after everyones had shot up.

Nicole walked to the middle of the room and picked on a mom "It was a video of Demi and she brought Riley and Andrea on stage but Andrea wouldn't sing because she was nervous but Riley sang" she said and Nicole gave her a bracelet and she put it on.

"Riley go next" Nikki said. "Alright how did I get my name Riley Delilah" I asked.

Great time to explain that my full first name is Riley Delilah but everyone just calls me Riley because it is easier than saying my full name but mostly my grandparents call me that and sometimes my parents do and I don't mind because I love my first name.

I wen to the side of the room to a girl who looked in her mid-30s and she answered by saying "You got the first part of your name Riley because it is an Irish name so your dad liked it and means courageous then you got the name Delilah from Louis's X-Factor audition song Hey There Delilah and your dad chose both those names."

"Wow umm that is exactly where I got my names" I said laughing "You did your homework" then I gave her a bracelet.

Once I walked back to the front of the room my dad and Uncle Louis walked into the room from the side door and everyone started screaming. "Hi" My dad said using my microphone. "What are you guys doing" Uncle Louis asked taking Nicole's microphone. 

"Well we are playing trivia and I asked how I got my name and that girl over there new exactly how I got my names and that you named me" I said "Really" my dad said "Did she tell you the meaning of your names too" He asked "Well she told me the meaning of Riley but not Delilah" I said "Look it up I want to see what it means" My dad said "Isn't it a flower" I asked "Just look it up i want to see if it means anything else" he said handing me his phone.

I looked it up and then clicked on a website and then saw what it said. I literally started crying I was laughing so hard. "What does it say" Steven asked 

"It says the name Delilah means desirable or seductive" my dad said raising his eyebrows "Thats is we are changing your name" he said and everyone started laughing.

We all asked a few more questions with our dads there then they left because we had to do the signing and we had to take pictures.

A few people had the pictures of us individually and a few people had the pictures of us together. After we signed the persons stuff we also had to take a picture but we had to stay sitting at the table so they were just standing behind us. 

After we finished that we all went back to the dressing room to hang out before the show. We all were watching our dads get ready and then my brother and his band were asked to go on as the opening act and they said yes.

All of the kids went to the section that was for bordered off for us to stand in and we all jammed out to 5 Seconds of Summer.

​Once they finished we all ran over to them backstage and told them how awesome they did. Then I jumped on Ashton's back and he gave me a piggyback ride back to the dressing room.

Once we got there they told us that before the show we should all go to catering and eat since we haven't eaten at all since we landed.

We all ran to catering and went in line to get food. "Dylan what is that" I asked point in to a food. "I don't know so don't eat it" he said. 

I just got chicken and french fries and then sat down at a table with everyone. "There is so much more food and that's what you got to eat" Micheal asked me "Ya" I said and took a bit out of my chicken. Then I walked over to the fridge and got a coke.

"Luke what are you drinking" I asked "I don't really know but the cook person gave it to me do you want to try it" he asked handing it to me I took a sip and it was really good.

Once we all finished eating we went back to the dressing room and as we walked in our dads got called to go on stage.

​On their way our all of our dads each gave us a kiss even the boys and we all said good luck and then went to the door to watch them. The security guard told us they wanted the people to be surprised when the concert started so they didn't want us to go out their until our dads went out.

Once they went out we all walked out and rocked out and sang every word to every song hey sang. Uncle Harry even took his water bottle every few songs and tried to pour it on us. A few times none of us were paying attention and go water all over us.

Once the show was over we met our dads in the hallway walking back to the dressing room and told them they did a really good job.

​Once we got back to the dressing room we all got all of our stuff and got ready to walk out of the arena. The fans were behind a gate and we all walked out there and waved.

Then said good night to our dads and then went into our busses. Since it is hard to get a camera in our busses when we can they gave each bus a mini camera to video tape stuff. All of us went into the bus and Ashton started to video us and all of us taking turns going into the bathroom to change and brush our teeth.

Once everyone went into their bunk Ash started saying hi to everyone in their bunk and then I walked through the hallway to get to my bunk.

"And here we have a wild Riley going into her natural habitat...her bed" Ashton said pointing the camera to me "Shut up" I said and "wait look at this" I said to Ashton and he kept the camera toward me and I did a flip by holding onto the two top bunks. "Nice" He said and then I climbed into my bunk and went under the blanket.

"Alright well goodnight" Ashton said and turned off the camera and then we all said goodnight to each other and went to sleep.

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