My Dad the Superstar

My name is Riley Horan, yes Niall Horan's daughter. I am the youngest of all the One Direction kids considering I'm 13 and now you get to see what my life is like through my eyes and not a crappy 10 minute interview.


1. Meet the Families

The Horan's

Dad: Niall Horan

Mom: Demi Horan-Lovato

Kids: Cameron 18

         Luke 17

         Dylan 16

         Andrea 15

         Riley 13


The Tomlinson's

Dad: Louis Tomlinson

Mom: Eleanor Tomlinson-Calder

Kids: Ashton 18

         Brooke 16

         Nicole 14


The Styles's

Dad: Harry Styles

Mom: Jade Styles-Thirlwall

Kids: Jack and Finn 18 (twins)

         Shawn 15

         Steven 13


The Payne's

Dad: Liam Payne

Mom: Danielle Payne-Peazer

Kids: Micheal 17

         Paige 16

         Nash 15


The Malik's

Dad: Zayn Malik

Mom: Perrie Malik-Edwards

Kids: Calum 17

         Hayes 14

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