My Dad the Superstar

My name is Riley Horan, yes Niall Horan's daughter. I am the youngest of all the One Direction kids considering I'm 13 and now you get to see what my life is like through my eyes and not a crappy 10 minute interview.


9. Livestream

Riley's P.O.V

Shawn and I ran off stage and everyone told us that we did a good job and stuff then our dads went on.

Once we all got to the hotel we changed into our pajamas or our sweats and stuff. I put on a pair of black shorts and a sweatshirt but it was Cameron's sweatshirt so it had his name on it so that they sold it at concerts and stuff.

There was a lounge area near the elevator that they had set up with food and drinks for us.

All of the kids were sitting on the floor or on the couch in front of a laptop because we were about to do a livestream even though we were eating.

"Hello" Cameron said "can you hear us" 

"If you can hear us type the word nacho" Ashton said. 

"So how's life everyone" Paige asked

"What are we supposed to do" Finn asked

"I'm gonna put a thing on twitter so more people will watch" I said

@RileyHoran: Hey guys all of us are doing a live stream *link* make sure to check it out if you think it will be interesting even though it will probably just be a waist of time👀😂

All of our dads were on the other side of the room drinking beers and talking to some people from the tour but somehow they still retweeted my tweet along with the rest of the kids.

After 45mins our dads told us that we had to go to sleep. We picked up the computer and I went into the girls room and the boys went into there room.

"Ok so don't tweet or say anything because our dads will shut down the livestream" Brooke said as Andrea opened the connecting room door to the two rooms.

"Does anyone have candy" Calum asked

"No" All of us said in unison

"I'll look in the bag over there I think we have some" I said getting up and picking up a thing of swedish fish "I found the candy" I yelled and everyone shushed me. I opened the bag and started eating them.

"Hey share" Dylan said getting up and taking the candy from my hand. Dylan had the bag open so I grabbed a bunch and put them in my hand and then the doorbell rang.

"We are under attack" I yelled throwing the swedish fish in the air and grabbed a bowl and put it on my head and then used the broom thing from the closet as a sword. I didn't realize it but the computer was on me the whole time. "Whoops hi" I said and then right back into my fight position.

"Dylan look through the thingy you look out of in the door" Nicole said since Dylan and I were the only ones standing up.

"Why do I have to do it" Dylan whisper yelled

"Because you the oldest person standing next to the door so toughen up and look through the thingy" I said and then the doorbell rang again and I jumped 50 feet in the air and whisper screamed.

Dylan then looked through the thing. "There is nobody there" he said "There has to be" Jack said "There isn't" Dylan whispered "Let me look" Hayes said getting up and looking through the thing.

"Yep there is nobody there" He said "Well what do we do" Calum asked

"Ill open the door" I said and then everyone got up not forgetting the laptop and I opened the door and looked both ways "I don't see anyone" and the tip toed the the edge of the hallway where there was a turn to another hallway.

"Look" Andrea whispered and there were like 5 girls talking to security and our dads with the camera crew right beside them.

I was get pushed and so I decided to b a ninja and I did a forward roll to the other side of the corner.

Everyone noticed...So much for being a ninja...

"Hi" One of the girls said "Hey" I yelled back.

"Whatcha doin on this floor" I said walking forward a little

"We wanted to say hi" another one said

"Well hi" I said

"Alright its time for you to go" a security guard said and then they left down the stairs.

"The other kids better be asleep right Riley" Uncle Zayn said

"Yep...I just woke up from the doorbell" I said

"mmmhhhmm....sure go back to the room...and next time you shouldn't put the laptop in the middle of the hall" Uncle Harry said

"Idiots" I mummbled

"Offensive" Steven yelled

"Shhhhhh" Everyone yelled at him from behind the wall so the dads couldn't see them

"So the whole crew is here" Uncle Liam said 

"We're a crew now" I questioned

"That's not the point Riley" My dad said

"Then what is the point enlighten me dear father" I said as both the actually camera and the laptop camera were on me
"The point is get you butt in bed" He said

"I don't like your point" I replied

"You don't have to like it princess I'm your father and what I say goes get it" he asked 

"Got it" I said

"Good" He smiled and kissed my head 

"All of you in bed now" Uncle Louis said

All of us walked back to our room and then "We will be checking on you shortly" Uncle Zayn yelled 

"How will you get in" Paige asked

"We have keys to your room" 

"Stalker" I coughed and everyone laughed

"Goodnight" all of our dads said at the same time

"Goodnight" We all said back

We all went back to the room and we sat down.

"So we have to go to bed...but we aren't going to so you can't tweet anything to our dads" Shawn said

"I'm hungry" Micheal said "Me tooooo" "Me three "Me four" "Me-" 

"Alright we get it" I yelled

"SHHhhhhhh" Everyone said

"We have left over pizza" Nicole said and then everyone grabbed a slice.

We heard a knock on the door and we knew if was our dads

"Protect the pizza everyone I repeat protect the pizza" I yelled frantically running around the room. 

"Get in the bed and pretend your asleep" I yelled again

Ashton sat the laptop so everyone could see us.

"Ashton get your hand away from my butt"

"Luke move over"

"Andrea your hair is in my face"

"Shut up the dads are coming the dads are coming" I screamed

"Shhhhh" everyone said back

"Really is this gonna become a thing with us now" I said and then we heard the door open and then we all shut our eyes.

We all were lying in all different directions and we had people under the blanket over the blanket we seriously had 2 beds in that room yet all 16 of us decided it would be best to squish onto one like honestly we are really stupid sometimes.

"Look there asleep" from what sounded like Uncle Harry said

"Ya oh look they left their live stream on and their candy out" a person I immediately knew was my dad from the accent

"And all of their phones are on the table I guess we'll just take them then" Uncle Harry said

You could feel some of the kids kind move since we knew that they would actually take our phones away since we weren't asleep.

"You know what Harry that is a great idea unless someone tells us not to" Uncle Liam said and you could hear the faint noise of them picking up our phones.

In sync we all sat up and screamed no at the top of our lungs.

"Look who's up" Uncle Louis said holding all of his kids phones

"We will let you off the hook this once but if we find out you are not in bed asleep in 10 minutes we will take these away for the rest of the week" My dad said.

After we shut off the Livestream the boys went into the other room and we all went into our own bed and went to sleep with our phones next to us just in case.

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