My Dad the Superstar

My name is Riley Horan, yes Niall Horan's daughter. I am the youngest of all the One Direction kids considering I'm 13 and now you get to see what my life is like through my eyes and not a crappy 10 minute interview.


2. Conference Day

Riley's P.O.V

"Riley wake up" My mom said walking by the stair case that leads up to the girls rooms.

By that I mean there is a main set of stairs and my 3 older brothers have rooms up there my mom and dads room is on the main floor and then when you walk through the kitchen into the living room there is a set of stairs for mine and my sisters rooms.

Anyways, I groaned rolled over and then fell back asleep. "RILEY DELILAH HORAN I AM NOT YELLING TO YOU AGAIN WAKE UP" My mom screamed and when my mom screams she means business.

I rolled out of bed shut my bedroom door and then walked into my bathroom that is inside my room did my business and then went into my closest looked at everything and then sat on my bed and texted my mom.

To Mí Madre🎤: what do I wear

From Mí Madre🎤: we have some press conferences and interviews all day so put on something nice not too causal but not too dressy

Ya my moms contact is in Spanish what are you going to do about it. 

I locked my phone and then went back into my closet to pick out my outfit. After 5 minutes of deciding I picked out the perfect thing to wear.

I had a pair of black skinny jeans on with a muscle tank that said rock n' roll stole my soul with a leather jacket on over it.

I made loose waves/curls in my hair and then went downstairs. "Is this good" I asked as I did a little turn and my mom gave it a thumbs up. 

Everyone was at my house eating breakfast because we had the press stuff all day since we were coming out with a TV show and we are just going to talk about it and stuff since the premier was at the end of the week and we had to have a big party and stuff and it is going to be shown in a theater even though it is not a movie but then the next day it will air on TV for the fans and stuff to see it.

Since our dads are still touring we will meet them at the place for the press and get to see them for the first time in a month.

I grabbed a plate and put some pancakes on it and then sat at the table with the rest of the kids and put some syrup, strawberries and whip cream on my pancakes and dug into them.

"Alright so you all know the rules for interviews and press right" Aunt Perrie asked all of us "Yes" all of the kids say in unison "What are they" Aunt Perrie asked "Don't say anything you are not supposed to, Don't embarrass any of the other kids, Don't put the parents in a bad position and Don't be rude or disrespectful" All of us surprisingly said together "and most importantly behave" Aunt Dani said and we all nodded.

They always make us go over this before any interview or anything because they don't want any bad press surrounding 'our name'.

Then all of the moms told us what we will be doing all day which interviews just the dads were doing which interviews just the parents were doing which interviews the whole family was doing and which interviews just the kids were doing.

After we got everything cleaned up we got our stuff and left. All of the kids have to carry around a backpack or some of the girls have purses so we can do our school work whenever we are somewhere and we don't have to do anything but wait or if it's a long car ride and we can type something on the computer we can.

Today we had 4 vans to take up places one for the parents, one for the boys, one for the girls and one for the camera crew. Thats how it usually is unless they get us a limo of something which is really really rare. 

It took about 20mins to get to the place we were going and all around it there were fences and stuff and girls and boys and moms and dads were lines up along them most of them were yelling as we all got out of the cars. We all started to wave and they screamed even louder "Can we go say hi to them" Paige asked "Not right now" Aunt Jade said and then we were escorted inside into the 'green room' which was not green and I was very disappointed.

We put our stuff down and then my mom said "Where are our dads they should be here by now and then all of our dads popped out from behind the couch and started screaming. I was the closest one to the couch and I started screaming and then moved backward then bumped into someone and fell and I guess it was like dominos cause within a second all of the kids were on there butts.

Our dads started laughing there heads off and we just sat there looking at them and then they stopped and then Uncle Harry said "Didn't you miss us" we all looked at each other and I said "We did but now our butts hurt" I said and they started laughing even more. We all stood up brushed ourselves off and hugged all of them.

"We are ready for you" Some guy said walking in with a mic around his head and a clip board in his hand.

We all followed the man out of the room and then he told us to sit down by family because there were cards laid out for us. We all figured out that we had to sit in order of family and then in order of age so it always went dad mom kids. So I sat in-between Andrea and Uncle Harry

Interview: With there be any swearing, sex or drug use on the show

Uncle Harry: This is a family press conference

Uncle Louis: Cover your ears kids

all of us started laughing and then Uncle Liam got all serious and answered the question.

Interview: This is a question for all the kids umm do you find it hard being the children of such famous people and do you think the idea of a TV show will help people understand you more

We all looked at each other figuring out who was going to answer the question.

Uncle Liam: Riley how about you answer being the youngest

Me: Ok..ummm...I don't think that it is hard being kids of people like our parents I mean we don't really have much to compare to it since they are our only parent and they will always be our only parents so to me they're not Niall Horan and Demi Lovato two singers who were and still are popular today its more than that they are my parents more than just singer they're the reason my hair is blond my eyes are blue the way my voice how I look and they are the reason I'm sitting here today and they don't treat me any certain way just because they are well-know I still get my phone taken away I still have to do school work I get yelled at and thats because I'm a kid and I'll make mistakes and because of this show people will be able to see that my life is not that different from theres and it will help people to kinda see what we are going through trying to balance being a kid and wanting space and people always wanting to know what we are doing all the time.

Uncle Liam: ya Like Riley said we do still punish our kids and take there phone away we don't let them go places we want them to stay as grounded as possible and know where there roots are so we treat them as normal as possible and to them there parents are not superstars they are loud annoying parents that will embarrass every chance we can isn't that right kids

and we all started laughing and saying yes.

(That just got really deep)

Then we all left the conference and by that time it was 2pm and we only had like 4 interviews left so we packed up all of our stuff and went on our way. All of the kids only had to do 1 interview so we all sat in the back room of the place we were and did our work but really we just sat there talking with our computers out until our moms walked in and we actually started doing work. 

"We are ready for the kids" some guy came in and said so we all walked out and sat down.

we got to play a game and we and to point to the person most likely to or is

Interviewer: Most likely to do anything for money

Kids: point to Nash

Nash: My parents don't give me money so I'm a broke child

Interviewer: Who is the biggest mommas boys

Kids: point to Cameron

Interviewer: Biggest daddys girl

Kids: point to Riley and Nicole

Interviewer: Most likely to be the first one in jail

Kids: point to Riley

Riley: What why me

Steven: your always the first one to brake the rules 

Interviewer: lastly first one to make an album

Kids: point to Luke, Calum, Micheal and Ashton

Interviewer: Is there something you should tell us about

Ashton: all we can say is that we have something in the works

After that Interview we all went back to the room and did our work and since our moms were with us we actually had to work but we would have little conversations and crack a few jokes with them.

Once all the interviews were done we all drove back home since our dads didn't have a concert that night or for the rest of the week since the show stuff was happening. All of us went to our own houses since all of the moms were going to wake us all up early since we had the whole day off to do school work and maybe go out somewhere if we are good.

I went up to my room after eating dinner and then took a shower and changed. Then I crawled into bed and fell asleep.

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