One Direction Preferences

Just some One Direction Preferences(: I do personals! Also if you have any ides, leave them in the comments!(:


4. Pref #3 (Louis)

How You Meet


"Little to the left. No right. Little more. Riiiiiiiight there!" You brushed your hair out of your face and put your hand on your hip, smiling at the camera. The flash went off, signifying that you two had to trade places so that she could take her picture. You and your best friend were on vacation currently in Rome. There was a wishing well and you kissed a coin and threw it in, hoping to find THE ONE here. You ran toward Y/F/N and snatched the camera out of her hands as she ran to the well. "You know, if you had your own personal photographer, you wouldn't have to worry about running around so much." An angelic voice said from behind you. Your heart skipped a beat. Don't overreact, it's just a guy that wants to flirt. As you spun around you refused to believe your eyes. His smile brightened up the space between you and his eyes sparkled in the sun. "I'm Louis, Love. You should probably close your jaw. It's not ladylike to dribble." He put a finger under your chin and pushed it up. You shook your head, trying to take yourself out of the trance he had just thrown you into. "Y/N, are you going to take the picture?" Your friend yelled at you. She bit her tongue as she saw you chatting with the stranger. Any stranger from afar could see the connection. So did the camera. A pap snapped a picture of the two of you. "Guess we have to go on a date now that everybody is going to think we're an item now." He said. Maybe the wishing well really did help that day, because 2 years later, you found yourself walking down the aisle.

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