One Direction Preferences

Just some One Direction Preferences(: I do personals! Also if you have any ides, leave them in the comments!(:


3. Pref #3 (Liam)

A/N: Okay, so all I have been able to write is this one, but the other boys are coming soon! I promise!!!

How You Meet


The cool breeze ran down your back as you walked down the street arm in arm with two of your closest girl friends. "You need this!" Your friend on your right said, slightly bumping your butts together. You nodded slowly and brought one of your hands up to push your perfectly curled hair out of your eyes. The girls had worked super hard to get you prettied up and did a magnificent job. "He was trash anyways! Watch you find a hot, sweet, amazing guy tonight." Your friend on the left said.

"Come on Beautiful. I can make you forget all about that jerk." A drunk whispered into your ear from behind you. "Leave me alone." You said, giving him your shoulder. He gripped it tightly and pulled. "Now it's not a request. It's an order." His hot breath getting closer and closer to your mouth. He was so close, you could almost taste his beer breath. You looked away and tried to ignore him, but he didn't step away. "Why are you even trying to run from me?" He asked. "Let's dance." He said, gripping your wrists tightly. They turned purple under his touch. He drug you to the crowded and sweaty dance floor and let go of your wrists, only to grab your arms. He swayed you to the music, body's rubbing. His blue eyes never leaving yours. He pushed you a bit on accident and you bumped into the person behind you. "Sorry." You said lightly to the stranger behind you. "Don't talk to any men but me." He said, pulling your shoulders toward his chest. "I don't even know you! You have no right to tell me what and what not to do." You said, getting your fill of him. "Are you okay?" Someone asked from behind you. "No. Help me." You said lightly, hoping he had heard. "Okay." Before you could register what was happening, two strong arms pulled you back. You fell into the stranger and he pushed you back up in front of him. "Run." He said before you gained your composure. His hand wrapped around yours and led you out of the crowded club. "Hey! Come back here!" The wild drunk yelled at you. Once you hit the door, you both got to catch your breath. You put your hands on your knees and bent over slightly to catch your breath. "Thank you." You said. "No problem, but you do have to pay me back." You looked up at him and held back your gasp. "Wha- what would that be?" You asked, as his brown eyes looked strait into yours. "Go get something to eat with me." He asked more as a question. "Sure. I'm Y/N." You said lightly. "I'm Liam." He said as he waved down a cab.


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