Fangirl life

A girl named emily, is a directioner who always wishes to meet them. One day she bumps into niall horan and has a connection with him. Will they fall in love?


7. the answer

So there i am sitting there with all 5 of the boys looking at me. Finally after a long complete silence liam say "so what your answer!" i finally said "of course" and the boys cheered in excitment and then niall said "i cant wait" and i nodded my head blushing. then i said "well i have to get home now" the boys frowned but i told them we can meet up the next day. Niall gave me a ride home which took like an hour cause it was at the toyota center and i lived in spring. When i was about to get out niall said goodbye and we locked eyes and i kissed him on the cheek and closed the door and looked back at him seeing him smile. 


*****next day**** 

I was so excited to go on my date with niall i was picking out what i was gonna wear. i was wearing a floral dress which ws long in the back and short on the front with some converse. 

i was waiting for him outside my house and then my ex crush isaiah was over at my neighbors house cause hes friends with them and  we locked eyes and he waved and i looked at the ground. He walked over to where i was and hugged me and i was nervous but we started talking and i mean i still like him but im in love with niall. Niall pulled up and he saw me and isaiah talking and he got out the car and walked up to isaiah pushing him and he grabbed my hand and we got into the car but before we drove off me and isaiah locked eyes.

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