Fangirl life

A girl named emily, is a directioner who always wishes to meet them. One day she bumps into niall horan and has a connection with him. Will they fall in love?


3. Plans

***emilys prov***

So its wednsday , the day of the m&g, i been planning out how i get in and how i get out.

I have time to get ready because it starts at 8:30 pm and i get out of school at 6:30 cause i have football practice and i know what your thinking, a girl in football? well believe it i am .


So its 12:18 and its lunch time and i walk out to the cafeteria and sit by myself so no one knows what im doing. I brung a piece of paper and a pencil so i could plan what and where im going and doing, i figured i could sneak in from the back cause i mean, its the only way. 



So i just got done with football and when i thought my day was finally over , i still have mission impossible on my hands tonight. My brother Andre dropped me off here at the toyota center where their performing tonight and i got there before anyone did including the boys.

i snuck inside from the back door and quickly hid myself inside a dressing room. I waited in there for a while to make sure i could proceed my plan, then all of a sudden i quickly hid agian when i heard multiple sounds of voices. I covered my mouth before i realized i was in one directions dressing room........




hey guys im just wondering if i should continue my story ? 

comment if i should and i will thanks !!

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