Fangirl life

A girl named emily, is a directioner who always wishes to meet them. One day she bumps into niall horan and has a connection with him. Will they fall in love?


8. niall?

When we were on our way to our movie date, niall was frowning. After a few moments of silence, niall said "who was he?" and i said "thats my close friend isiah". and niall said "oh,does he like you?" "No , he has a girlfriend niall ,if he did like me id actually be supprised, and i dont like anyone except you". Niall looked at me with a bog smile on his face and said "i dont like anyone but you either". 


When we got to the movies niall picked out a romantic movie called Dear john, during the movie niall pulled me in close while i was crying at the sad part of the movie. Niall looked at me when i was crying and i looked at him laughing because it was ridiculous crying at a movie. Niall started laughing with me and then we left early to go some where quiet.

Niall drove us to the park and it was a full moon with a bunch of stars out.He took my hand in his and we sat on the park bench looking at the stars.Niall looked at me and started chuckling, and i asked "whats so funny?" and he said "nothing,you look beautiful." and i oculdnt help but blush.

Niall took bboth my hands in his and we met eyes and leaned in to kiss.Niall then said "i love you emily". "i love you to" i said back .

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