Fangirl life

A girl named emily, is a directioner who always wishes to meet them. One day she bumps into niall horan and has a connection with him. Will they fall in love?


1. Intro

Emily prov**

My name is Emily Williams, I am from Houston Texas,

and probably like any other girl , i love one direction.

i am always hopeing to meet them but obviously im not the richest girl in the world.



I show up to school at 8:00 am , i find my friend jasmine and start talking to her (j jasmin E emily)

J: hey emily!

E: hey whats up?

J: not much but omg guess what !

E: what ?

J: my mom got me M&G tickets for one direction ! eeeppp!!!

E: thats cool, have fun 

J: why are u upset?

E:nothing dont worry about it.Well see you later


****emilys prov **

I am upset, casue jasmin always gets what she wants and rubs it in my face. I seriously love her as a sis but right now as a friend , not so much.

I know the fact that i am jealous but maybe i can sneak into the m&G if im lucky to not get caught.

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