Fangirl life

A girl named emily, is a directioner who always wishes to meet them. One day she bumps into niall horan and has a connection with him. Will they fall in love?


2. 2nd day of school

So here i am showing up to school at 8:15 am and my old friend comes up to me and starts a convorstion  (C corbin E Emily)

C: hey emily 

E: hey 

C: did jasmin tell you who shes taking with her to the M&G?

E: wait what?!? shes taking someone with her?

C: yea she didnt tell you ?

E:no! but who is she taking?

C: i thought is was gonna be you cause you guys are best friends but shes taking sandra.

E: shes taking sandra?? idk who she even is but good for jasmin, cause i got m&g tickets too.

C: really??

E:yea ! well gtg ttyl

C: later

***emily prov***

the fact that i lied was bad but the fact that i said i got M&G tickets, omg i cant beilieve i did that.

now i gotta make a plan to actually get in.

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