Demigods and Wizards: A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover

This fan fiction is placed in the time after the Deathly Hollows (Harry Potter), and after House of Hades (Percy Jackson). For the Percy Jackson time line, the prophecy of 7 has been completed but there wont be many details about it since House of Hades is yet to come out. The characters in Harry potter are 18, except for Ginny who is 17. For Percy Jackson everyone is about 16-18. The updating of this work will be spotty as I have a packed schedule but I will try to update as much as possible. Please enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Percy Jackson series or Harry Potter!


2. The School (HP)

Hey I know these chapters are short, but I will be uploading 2-3 at a time-so I guess thats ok,please be nice! I did this on the fly and praying all of you will like it. This is my first Try and I will try to be as good/ clear as possible. if there are some mistakes in spelling or minor plot details, I am sorry. I just want to create the story I keep picturing in my head. Thanks!


Harry Potter P.O.V.

Me, Ron and Hermione all walked to Mcgonagall's office wondering why she called us. We said the password, walked up the stairs and knocked. "Come in." 

"Yes Professor, why did you call us up here?" I said. "At this very moment our guests are flying to meet us." 

"Guests?" asked Hermione. "Yes, Miss Granger, how much do you know about Greek and Roman Mythology?" 

"Just a little" said Hermione, "Why?" "Because, those myths, are in fact real." said Mcgonagall. 

"WHAT!" I yelled, "Really Professor!" "Yes, Potter, they are real, and the demigods are coming to meet us and we are to learn form them as they are to learn from us."

"Wow" said Ron, "So what now?" 

"I will call an assembly to tell the other students, you will go out, meet the half-bloods, and lead them to the Great Hall for introductions." as she said that Mcgonagall got up and left and we followed.

"So, Hermione, whats all this about Greek myths?"Ron said. "Well they gods would usually go down, fall in love with mortals and have kids, demigods. Theywere great heroes with awesome powers."

"AWESOME!" yelled Ron as we were walking down the grounds. "When do you think they will get here?"

"I am guessing right now!" as I looked up and saw flying horses landing on the field near the lake. 

"Well, lets go meet these American demigods." I said walking towards the group of teenagers getting off their horses. Ron and Hermione followed talking about all the Greek and Roman myths she knew about. I was thinking about what these guys have been through, was it like my messed up life, or was is peaceful? I guess I was about to find out.

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