Demigods and Wizards: A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover

This fan fiction is placed in the time after the Deathly Hollows (Harry Potter), and after House of Hades (Percy Jackson). For the Percy Jackson time line, the prophecy of 7 has been completed but there wont be many details about it since House of Hades is yet to come out. The characters in Harry potter are 18, except for Ginny who is 17. For Percy Jackson everyone is about 16-18. The updating of this work will be spotty as I have a packed schedule but I will try to update as much as possible. Please enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Percy Jackson series or Harry Potter!


4. The Demo (PJO/HP)

Harry's P.O.V

i woke up bright and early excited about the demo this morning. I ran down to the common room and gave Ginny a big kiss, resulting in a big "EEEEEWWWWW" from Ron. We all walked down to the grounds ready to see Malfoy's reaction. Wondering the whole time how powerful they are and what they had been through that was worse than Voldemort.

Percy's P.O.V.

We all woke up got our weapons and armor ready and sat around the campfire eating a little ambrosia to get us ready to the massive power demo we were about to give. I went over to Annabeth, gave her a kiss, and we talked about what exactly we were going to do. I knew I was going to control water, call Blackjack, and decided to have a little fun with Annabeth in the sparing arena. 

I looked up at the castle and saw a large group of students and i was guessing professors walking towards us. I called a group meeting and we all huddled around. "Ok, remember, don't completely drain yourself, we do have nectar and ambrosia but we need to save that just in case. But lets show these wizards what we demigods got!" 

We all lined up ready to show our skills and the students all gathered around the sparing and archery range. I stepped forward "Ok, we are prepared to show our skills and powers today. We will have match ups to display our skills and show you our powers right now. I will go first, observe."

I walked over to the lake concentrated and lifted about 10 gallons of water into the air, resulting in gasps from the Horwarts students and professors. I then proceeded to change the water form mist, ice, then water again making crazy shapes. I let the water go and whistled for Blackjack,and he came at once. I then pulled out the hellhound whistle Nico gave me for my 16th birthday and Mrs. o'Leary jumped out from the shadows and appeared at my side.

After I was done Jason and Thalia created a wicked storm and flew around. Then Leo burst into flames and then put himself out. Annabeth put on her cap and completely disappeared then reappeared behind  Draco yelling "BOO!", he jumped and screamed. Will created a mini sun, Clarisse used her electric staff, Frank transformed into a dragon. elephant, and eagle. Hazel called up priceless jewels and gold. Nico brought up the dead with his knife, Piper charmspeaked the entire group into doing 20 jumping jacks, and The Stroll Twins proceeded to rob half the wizards of their wands. All in all it was a great demonstration, leaving most of the wizards speechless. I was looking forward to the dueling matches as I looked to Annabeth and motioned for her and me to enter the arena.   

Harry's P.O.V.

Percy explained that his weapon, which looked like a pen, was actually a sword called Riptide, and that the metal was Celestial Bronze that could only hurt immortals, monsters, and demigods. And then the demigods began to battle each other in a tournament style battle.  They all battled each other showing off thier sword and archery skills. 

All was going well until a hideous monster that was part women and part snake camp out from the woods, yelling in some other language.

Annabeth screamed" Its a Echidna!" And with that all the demigods lunged into battle.

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