Demigods and Wizards: A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover

This fan fiction is placed in the time after the Deathly Hollows (Harry Potter), and after House of Hades (Percy Jackson). For the Percy Jackson time line, the prophecy of 7 has been completed but there wont be many details about it since House of Hades is yet to come out. The characters in Harry potter are 18, except for Ginny who is 17. For Percy Jackson everyone is about 16-18. The updating of this work will be spotty as I have a packed schedule but I will try to update as much as possible. Please enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Percy Jackson series or Harry Potter!


5. The Battle (PJO/HP)

Harry's P.O.V.

I reached for my wand to help out the half bloods, but Mcgonagall stopped us "This is their fight, we must watch and learn. We are not prepared for this situation." I watched as the demigods ran towards the 3 monsters slashing two into dust leaving the third one all alone. I thought for sure that the demigods had won until the monster lunged at Annabeth, fangs ready to sink into her, until Percy intercepted the monster taking the full impact and got bit. Annabeth screamed, plunged her knife into the monster and yelled for Will, some nectar and ambrosia, and some salt water. I sprinted over to Percy to try and help.

Annabeth's P.O.V.

"Not my Seaweed Brain! Will! Please get over here! Thalia get some ambrosia and nectar! Jason get some salt water!" she screamed. Holding percy's beautiful head in her arms she saw the posion bite marks and the slash on his arm. Will was quickly at her side along with Harry and Mcgonagall asking if they could help. 

'No we got this. WHERE IS THE NECTAR AND AMBROSIA!" Thalia showed up and shoved the square into Percy's mouth and Will began to work his healing magic on him.

I turned to Harry and the Professor "How could this have happened! I thought you had magical borders!" "We do" replied Mcgonagall, "they must have gotten through  somehow, so many half bloods in one place would have attracted them here." 

I turned back to Percy tears swimming in my eyes "Well, is he healing?" I yelled at Will

"No, we need to get him into the Lake, its his only chance."

I picked up Percy along with Will and Harry and ran to the Lake throwing him in.

"Wont he drown?" asked Harry. "No, he cant drown. The water heals him faster and better than anything we can do."

'What was that food you gave him?" asked Ron as he Hermione and Ginny reached the lake. 

"Ambrosia, food of the gods. It can heal demigods, but only in small amounts. Or else we would burn up like a mortal." "Mortal?" asked Hermione 

"Yes, mortals can't eat or drink nectar or ambrosia." i said.

"Is there anything we can do?" asked Harry. "Yes there is, we need a big sacrifice to Apollo and Posidean in hopes they will help heal Percy."

"Ok, so we burn up a lot of food?" asked Ron."Yes."

I waited by the lake praying to every god and goddess to help Percy for 1 hour. Then I saw him break the surface.

"SEAWEED BRAIN! You're alive!" I ran screaming towards him and kissed him like never before.  "I love you, but why did you jump in front of that monster! You make me furious some times!" i yelled at him. He chuckled an all of that anger melted. "I love you my Wise Girl, and I would never let that monster get to you." 

We kissed over and over until i heard a cough, and looked over. I saw all of the students and halfbloods staring at us but I didnt care. i kissed my Seaweed brain again. 


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