Demigods and Wizards: A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover

This fan fiction is placed in the time after the Deathly Hollows (Harry Potter), and after House of Hades (Percy Jackson). For the Percy Jackson time line, the prophecy of 7 has been completed but there wont be many details about it since House of Hades is yet to come out. The characters in Harry potter are 18, except for Ginny who is 17. For Percy Jackson everyone is about 16-18. The updating of this work will be spotty as I have a packed schedule but I will try to update as much as possible. Please enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Percy Jackson series or Harry Potter!


8. Parents and Hades (PJO/HP)

Percy's P.O.V.

I woke up leaped out of bed put on my CHB t shirt and jeans and ran out onto the grounds. I saw Annabeth waiting for me and we headed up to the Great Hall for breakfast. 

"I think before we start wizarding classes we should IM our parents." 

"Which ones?" asked Annnabeth. "Both, I want to see how my mom is doing and thank my dad and ask him to tell Zeus a giant thank you from all of us."

"Ok, we will head back and I'll grab some drachmas." she said as we sat down across from Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. 

"Drachmas?" asked Hermione. "They are Greek coins used by demigods and gods alike. Look, we are about to IM our parents back in the States." "IM?" Harry asked. 

"Well demigods don't use cell phones, they are like a GPS for monsters to use to find us. SO we use Iris Messaging. Look." 

I created some mist from the lake and tossed a drachma into the rainbow. "Oh Iris, goddess of the rainbow, accept our offering. Show us Sally Jackson New York."  I instantly saw my mom "Hey Mom!" "Percy! Oh I was so worried something had happened." 

"Everything is fine mom, here look this is Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny. They are wizards." 

"Hello.  I am Percy's mom, Sally Jackson. I hope Percy hasn't destroyed your school."

"Mom!!" I yelled while they all laughed. "Hey, I will IM you later, love you."

"Love you too Percy, be careful!"

I waved my hand through the rainbow and broke the connection. We walked up to the castle for our wizarding classes. Hermione and Annabeth were talking as we walked up and I was talking with Harry. "So what classes are we going to today?"

"Well, we have potions, defense against the dark arts, charms, and herbology today."

"Cool, so what exactly are all of those classes?" I asked.

"Well Potions is well about potions, and defense against the dark arts is about defensive spells and fighting, charms are spells for everyday use and herbology is magical plant life."


 "So your friend Nico?" Harry asked

 "What about him?" I wondered. Before Harry could reply we walked into the Great Hall and saw Nico yelling at ghosts. 

"HOW DARE YOU ESCAPE MY FATHER! Sir Nicholas! You would have been in Elysium with your family!" Nico yelled "I am sorry my lord. I was requested to guard the school. I am sorry my king" Nicholas bowed and Nico still looked mad "You still should not have escaped death. But you can still be here as a ghost, but you must protect this school!" Nico looked less mad now. "Yes my king, of course!" Nico shook his hand and walked away.

Harry looked at me "What was that all about?"

I shrugged "He is a son of Hades he takes death very personally. In Camp Jupiter he wasn't as mad at the house ghosts, but he could still touch them.

"So he has control over the dead?" Harry asked.

"Not exactly, his father holds all the major power, but Nico can summon skeleton armies, and raise the dead."

"Raise the dead, like newly deceased or what if it was a long time ago?" Harry looked really interested in Nico's powers.

"Well he was able to raise the original Theseus on time, but it only works with a special ritual and only for a short period of time, like a few minutes. Hades does not like people escaping death. Why?" I wondered what Harry would want with Nico and then it dawned upon me.

"Look, I think I know what you want but it can't happen. I am sorry Harry, no one can bring back the dead. At least not forever." I said remembering that Harry was an orphan. 

"I know, its just. I thought." Harry mumbled. "Its ok dude. I went all the way to Hades to get my mom back. Hades had taken her to bribe me into giving him the Master Bolt that I didn't have."

Harry smiled "Thats cool." We walked on but I thought of something that would perk up Harry's spirits. "We may not be able to bring your parents back but we can at least see where they ended up!" 

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"Well Nico knows where all the souls end up in the Underworld. We can ask if they are in Elysium."



We walked over to Nico "Hey, can you tell us where someone ended up, like Harry's parents?"

"Sure! Just one second." Nico said and he disappeared into the shadows.

"Where did he go?" Ron and Hermione asked

"Shadow travel, he can go anywhere in the world through shadows." I explained

"Cool" They said.

Nico returned in a second with a scroll that was black as night.

"What are their names?" Nico asked unrolling the scroll.

"Lily and James Potter." Harry said.

"They are... in... Elysium!" Nico exclaimed.

"Really! Whats it like there is it good?"

"The best there are cookouts, parties, everything you could want. Dying for their only son really impressed the council." Nico smiled and returned the scroll to Hades. 

"Thanks again. This really means a lot to me."

"Your welcome dude, no lets get to class." and we walked out of the Great Hall.


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