It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


8. Winning.

'Yeah you owe me big time! What time do we have to be there?' I said picking out an outfit to wear. 'So what? This and this?' Lifting up a shirt and shorts. 
'Be there at 6. No that doesn't go.' She said doing her makeup. 
'Argh! Do I seriously have to go I mean I have movies, I have food and I have a nice comfy bed. I'm pretty sure you'll be fine!'
'Grace! Please!' She begged. 
'Argh! What about this?' Holding up a blue vans shirt and dark high waisted shorts. 'With these shoes?' Lifting up my black vans. 
'Yeah that looks fine!' She turned around to see what I was showing. 
'Is it nice and warm outside?' I asked looking out my window. 
'It should be' I get dressed and straightened my hair. 
'We're leaving in 15!' Jess said looking at the time on her phone. 
'I would've thought Liam would pick you up?' Starting on my makeup.
'I told him I would drive there.'
'You don't drive for starters hahah'
'He doesn't know that hahah'
'Not yet. Haha' 
'Grace can you please come down stairs?' Mum called. I run down to see what she wants. 
'Yes mum?' 
'Do you think you can bring Harley along with you tonight?'
'Mum please?'
'Come on sweetie. Just for tonight to the fair.' 
'Ah fine. Is she dressed?'
'I think she is. She's just watching tv. Here's $30 for her and for some food'
'Thanks mum. Okay let me just finish' run back up to finish my makeup. 'I have to take Ar with us'
'Yeah well at least you won't be alone' 
'Thats true well I'm good to go now.' I grabbed my wallet, phone and put my shoes on. 'Ar we're leaving get in the car' I yelled from my room. 'Come on Jess let's go can't keep Li Li waiting now.'
Driving through the parking lot to find a space.
'Oh my god! Is that Liam over there!' I pointed  as I parked. Harley laughed. 
'Yes!' It was dark in the car as the street light didn't reach the corner parking. 'We need to switch seats so it looks like I drove.' I nod and switch seats. 'Wait get in the back so when the car light goes on you won't be seen if he looks in this direction. I'll drop the keys so I won't lock you guys in here.' I do as I'm told. 
'Things for love!' I laughed. She opened the car making the car light turn on. 
'Hey Liam' she yelled from the car. Ar and I wish her luck. She closes the car door and I hear the sound of keys hitting the ground. I pop my head up to see her hugging Liam then walking into the entrance of the Fair. 
'Okay Ar let's go aye' 
'Yes Finally!' Harley said putting on her cardigan. 
'I should've brought one! Arh!' I remembered I left my cardigan on my bed. 
'Ha come on let's go!' With a huge smile on her face. 
'Okay okay' I said calming her excitement as we entered. It was lit up with tones of fairy lights on every stall. The weather was nice it added more romantic feel to the place. No wonder why Liam chose their first date here. I spotted Liam and Jess walking around hand in hand. 'So what do you want to do first?' I asked Harley looking at some rides. 
'Can I go on this one?' Pointing to the moving horse on the moving round. 
'Yeah sure I'll get your ticket then I'll watch you.' She nodded. I walked over to the booth to get a ticket and walked back to where I left Harley. 'Ar?' I looked around. 'Ar? Where are you?' I asked again with a panic. 
'Grace over here!' She calls behind you. I walked over to her with a relief. 'Look one of your poster boys found us!' She smiled in the arms of Niall. 
'Hey Grace!' He smirked
'Hey Irish!' I laughed.  'What are you doing here?'
'Well Liam was kinda nervous about his date and asked me to just be there for him incase something went wrong' 
'Oh really?! Jess said the exact same thing to get me to come!' We laughed. 'Niall this is my sister Harley, call her Ar for short' 
'Hey Ar nice to meet you. Your sister has told me about you.' He said putting her down 
'My sister has told me all about you Niall' she laughed. All I told her about him is all Niall fun facts. All of them. I laughed along too. 
'Ar I got your ticket, go on and line up' I gave her the ticket and she walked off to line up. 'Hang out tonight?'
'I would like that!' He gave me a goofy smile. 'Your sister is so cute! And very funny!'
'Yeah she's like that haha' we watched my sister on the ride. We cracked jokes. 'How was that?' I asked Ar as she was walking towards us. 
'It was really fun! What are we doing next. 
'Lets have a look around?' Niall suggested. 
Walking around Niall stopped for a few pictures. 'Someones popular' I said with a wink.
'Haha yeah I wish' he laughed. 'Ooh let's play this game' he was referring to the water gun shooting challenge. 
'Mind you blue eyes I have a good aim.' Giving the man money to play. 
'Come on Ar let's take her down' he said making Harley laugh and smile. 
'Bring it pretty boy!'
'You think I'm pretty' he joked. Ding. The alarm went off to tell you to start filling up the balloon. 
'G, his is nearly full.' Ar said behind us. Ding ding!
'And the winner is...' The man started. 'This fello in the red!' He pointed to Niall. 'What prize do you want?'
'Can I please get the bear on the top right? The big one.' Wanting the big meter tall bear. 
'Niall do you want the bear for snuggles tonight' I said laughing.
'Yes.' He said in all seriousness making me crack up laughing. 
'Here you go sir.' The man handed down the large bear. 
'Thank you. Here Ar it's for you' Niall turned to hand Ar the stuffed bear. The man leaned down to whisper to me. 
'Actually you won but I thought his manhood was up steak so yeah love.' He said.
'Haha thanks I figured that too. Cya.' We left and started walking around again. Ar went on a few more other rides. On Ar's 3rd ride I got a text. 
'Jess needs my help right now. Mind staying here with Ar for a few minutes?' I asked Niall on my right. 
'Yeah it's fine' I thanked him and started walking. Hang on. Where is she for starters?
I texted her asking where she is. 
Jess- I'm just walking past the tea pots ride. 
I turn around knowing that I was going the wrong way.  I see them awkwardly holding hands. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I "accidentally" bumped into Jess. 
'Jess? You're here?' I acted surprised. 
'G? Yeah I'm on my date with Liam.' 
'Hey Liam.' I smiled 
'Hey Grace.' He smiled back. Wow I could feel the tension. 'Why are you here?' I looked around quickly to come up with something. Fast. 
'I was with Harley my sister. She's on a ride I was just going to the toilet actually' I lied. 
'I need to use the toilet. Excuse me.' Jess said politely walking with me to the toilets. We turned the corner so we couldn't been seen by Liam. 
'Whats the problem?'
'Its awkward... And there's nothing to talk about.' She said quietly. 
'So make them not awkward and come up with something to talk about. Simple!' I encouraged her. 
'Where's Ar? You lost her didn't you? Haha'
'No! I didn't and besides that only happened once! I found Niall here and his just watching her while I'm here trying to help.' I shake a bit it the cold air running past me. 
'Oh Niall's here. Where's your jacket? Jumper?' 
'I didn't bring one. Okay enough wasting time and just enjoy this moment like come on how many girls get to say they went on a date with Liam Payne?' 
'Yeah you're right'
'Im always right and anyways his just as nervous as you. That's why Niall's here'
'Theres a reason why his here G' I looked at her confused. 
'Im just wasting time. Let's go!' She laughed and we walked back over to Liam. 
'Hey you two should walk down the beach. There's a few people there already walking. It's really nice too.'
'Great idea Grace.' Liam said grabbing hold of Jess' fingers to be held in between his. 
'Well see yous. Bye' I waved off and went back to where I left Niall and Harley. 'Ar where'd you get the show bag from?' I asked walking up to her being held up by Niall.
'Um Niall got it for me..' She said quietly. 
'How much was it?' Facing Niall.
'Wasn't expensive so you don't have to pay me back.' He smiled. 'I wanted to treat her too'
'Niall don't start this again haha'
'Grace seriously you don't have to pay me back okay? You have to.' He said 'hey I was thinking we should walk on the beach. Yeah?'
'Yes! Yes!' Harley said happily. 
'Haha let's go' I said walking along side with Niall carrying Harley. We got down onto the gold sand. I looked at the time on my phone. 8:45. 'Ar we're leaving in like an hour.'
'Argh. Okay' she said being placed on the sand. I shake as the wind blew my hair. 
'Right there?'Niall asked walking next to me as Harley walked in front of us doing her own thing.  
'Yeah I'm fine' I said trying not to look cold. 'I want to sit. How bout here?' I said looking at the higher edge at the end of the beach. 
'Yeah sure.' He seat down next to me. 
'Ar stay in front of us and don't go swimming okay?'
'Okay!' She replied back. 
Niall gave a little laugh. 'What?' I asked him. 
'You have goosebumps all over your arms.' He got his dark navy jumper off and handed it to me. 
'No Niall I'm fine' I said not wanting him to end up being cold himself. 
'Here' insisting me to take it. Niall is pretty stubborn. 
'Okay fine then' I pull the jumper over my head as I do so I smell his strong sweet scent through the jumper. Beautiful. 
'Thank you'
'No worries' he smiled. 'So, how's Jake been?' That's something I want to talk about. Not!
'Yeah good' I said looking out to the rushing ocean. 
'What's he up to?'
'I'm not sure.' I take my vans off and put them on the other side of me. I dig my feet into the sand. 'Can we change the subject?'
'Sure ummm' he said trying to come up with something. 


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