It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


7. Thinking.

I felt the bed dip down to someone going under the covers. 
'Arh... What time is it?' I said sleepily not even opening my eyes.
'Its just 7:30' Jessa replied sipping on some tea. 
'Why are you up so early?.' I said into my pillow bring up the blanket on my shoulders. 
'Im just...' She paused placing her cup of tea on my bed side table. 'Liam texted me good morning beautiful' 
'O my god. Really?' I said so fakely into my pillow again. 
'Thats great. Now I actually love sleep so shhhhh cheers.' Sarah said moving around in the bed. Big bed aye! She's not much of a morning person. 
'Oh sorry. Go back to sleep then.' Jess said. I roll over onto my back and look at the ceiling. Can't get back to sleep. Sarah snored lightly. 'You right G?' Jess whispered. 
'Just thinking.' I whispered back still looking at the ceiling. 
'I think I might go for a run' I said quietly. 
'First time I've heard you say "run" let a lone "go for a run"' she giggled. 
'Shh Sarah will kill you ah' I gave Jess a look. She was glued to her phone. 
'Jess you used to be fun ha' moving to lean on my right arm to look over Sarah to see Jess. 
'I hear talking.' Sarah said strongly and firm. Jessa and I gave her a Sorry and we both thought we'd just go down stairs leaving Sarah to some beauty sleep. 
'Yeah I'm going for a run around this place might run down the river or something. Really need to just clear my head at the moment' I said getting a drink bottle from the kitchen cupboard. 
'Well I'm just going to watch tv -' I interrupted 
'And text little Li Li' I mocked filling my bottle up with water from the tap. 
'Haha Li Li you know I wonder why the boys chose to have dinner with you last night. You were drunk!' Turning on the tv. 
'No I wasn't! I didn't drink much. It was more or so on a sugar rush I think haha' I said as I walked in the lounge to see what she was watching. 'What show is this?'
'I think it's don't tell the bride. Hey you recorded vampier diaries?' She said lifting her head from her phone looking at me. 
'Yeah I recorded a few recent ones. I'm going for a run just need to change' I said walking up to my room. I changed out of pjs and into a sport singlet and my black shorts. I grabbed my earphones and drink bottle on the way out. I press shuffle on my music and start to jog to Classic by MKTO. It was pretty early saw a few people doing a morning stroll or on a bike. The sun was starting to get hotter. I've been running for about 40 minutes until I came across a familiar looking street. I turn into a short alleyway that opens up to a park. The secret park. I slowly walked to the park bench and take a drink from my bottle and take my earphones out of my ears. I let the sudden breeze cool me down. 
'This is a perfect place.' I said to myself. I check the time on my phone. Nearly 8:20. 'Honestly how has this happen? Like One Direction, Jake and his cheatingness, Harley not being able to deal with school making her change schools and me not being strong enough to confront Jake. What is happening?' I unlock my phone and go on twitter. 
@1Dluver : @Grace_hower321 
Ur pretty!! How did you meet the boys? 

@Grace_hower321: @1Dluver
Aww thanks! I met Niall at the entrance of his hotel and Harry when he was walking. :)xxx

@direct3ioner: rumour has it u had lunch with Niall and u had them over for dinner last night. True or false?

@Grace_hower321 : @ direct3ioner 
True! I had lunch with Niall cus he had to give me my phone back and yes they came over for dinner u might see a few photos :)xxx 

@Niallhoran: @Grace_hower321
I had to give u ur phone back? I only did cus if I didnt its called stealing haha xx

@Grace_hower321 : @Niallhoran
Early morning ? Haha xxx

I put my earphones on shuffle and put it back into my pocket. I took one last sip from my drink bottle and started my run for home. I take a short cut on the way back home saved me about 20 minutes. I slow down as I reach my driveway. 'Mu-mums home.' I say to myself out of breath. I walk through the open door and went straight to the kitchen in hope to see some food. I take a drink out of my bottle then put it on the bench. 
'Hey mum' I said
'Hey sweetie how was your run?' She said trying to start breakfast 
'Pretty good. Found any schools?' I said taking a seat.
'Um no still deciding honey. What do you and the girls want to eat?'
'Did you buy bacon? English muffins? Egg?' 
'Yep I'll make breakfast burgers and I bough cereal too' she started to cook.
'Okay I'll just upstairs. Where's Harley?' 
'She's asleep don't wake her up okay? She's had a full on couple of days so keep the giggles to a minimal' she laughed
'Got ya mum!' I said walking up the stairs. 
'Hey girlies mum's making breakfast it's breakfast burger knowing my mum she's going to make it really healthy haha and we have cereal too' I said sitting on my bed. 
'Aw thanks' Sarah said sitting up on the bed. I took a quick shower and went to eat some food!
'Jackie this is really good!' Jess complimented
'Yeah Jackie love it!' Sarah added
'Here love' mum said handing me a plate 'it's still warm and here's some fruit' 
'Thanks mum' I said taking a seat getting a bite out of the burger. 
'Im going to sleep tired from the drive. Okay '
'Okay mum we'll be quiet' I said stuffing my face. 
'Sooooo how's Liam been?' Jessa blushed eating her apple. 
'His been good.' She replied. 
'Oooohhhh Liam' I said mocking her
'What?' She laughed
'Excited for your date?' Sarah nudged her. 
'Yeah just a tad ya know'
'A tad?'
'Okay I'm so EXCITED!' She laughed
'Shhhhh hahah' I said hushing them. We settled down. 
'Hey G. What's with Jake?' Jess asked
'I haven't said anything yet. Yet...'
'Yet? Come on G!' Sarah encouraged me. 
'I can't do it!' Taking another bite.
'He doesn't deserve you' Jess said. 'G Do you wanna come on a double date with me and Liam? Well it's not a date for you-'
'You're third wheeling it' Sarah butted in
'Argh me?' I said starting to eat strawberries. 
'Just please? It's at the fair at night. Please I can't do this by myself' 
'What about Sarah?'
'Ha I'm spending the night was my boyfee' 
'Seriously? Fine only cause it's at the fair.' I laughed. 'Get ready at my house tomorrow?'
'Yeah' she replied with a smile. She came to my side and hugged me. 
'Okay okay that's enough' I moved her off me.
'I owe you!'

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