It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


11. Stuck.

'What?' Niall looked at me with a softer tone. I moved to stand next to his shoulder. 
'You scared the hell out of the front desk guy' I said laughing. Honestly I want to know why he tensed up so much just then. Why was he so mad at him? 
'Yeah hahah well he shouldn't have spoken to you that way.' He said 'I should've waited for you in the lobby'
'Niall it's fine. Thank you for standing up for me.' I smiled at him. Ding. We reach his floor and walked out of the elevator. 
'Any time. You're my friend now I'll stand up for you.' He smiled. I followed him till we got to his door. He pressed the door bell.
'Wow that's fancy' I said pretty impressed. 
'This place is wow aye?' 
'Yeah. Just a tad.' 
'Ello? Who's there?' A voice spoke behind the door. 
'Mate open the door G is here' Niall said holding the doorknob. The door opened to Liam's beautiful face. 
'Guys G is here!' He yelled behind him. 'Hey Grace!' He said with a wide smile and hugged me. 
'Hey Liam!'
'Come on in. Want anything to drink? To eat?-'
'Hey! I want to be the host' Niall interrupted Liam making me laugh. 'Want to sit down?'
'Yeah okay.' I said walking in between Liam and Niall to the tv room. 
'If you need anything just ask me' Liam whispered to me before him and Niall sat down on the couch. I stood there awkwardly not knowing where to sit. 
'Oh hey Grace!' I turned around to see Harry. 
'Hey' I looked down to see him in his boxers. 
'I didn't know you were coming over-'
'Harry put some pants on!' Niall yelled at him. 
'Yeah Harry we have a guest. Put some on' I laughed
'Okay okay. I'll be back' he winked at me before leaving. 
I'm back to standing awkwardly by myself looking over at the tv. 
'Umm G... You know you can sit down right?' Liam said looking over to me. 
'Come sit between us G' Niall added with a happy smile. 
'Okay sure.' I said doing as told. 
'Don't be shy. It's okay. Be as home as you want' Liam said changing the channel. 
'Liam quite stealing my thunder hahah' Niall joked. 
'Sorry mate. I'm faster ' he stopped at a random show. 
'Sorry for coming over so early'
'It's right. Guess you were getting bored too' Niall said moving to get comfy on the large couch. 
'Yeah. Bored.-' 
'Hey guys I'm back' Harry walked into the room. 
'Hey' three of us replied. 
'You guys seem to be the life of the party' Harry said with monotone. 
'We should do something so G doesn't get bored too. What do you want to do?' Niall asked as the tv got turned off. 
'I don't know. Whatever I guess' I said looking at Harry opposite me. 
'Truth or dare' Harry stated with a cheeky smirk. 
'Okay sure' I said not knowing if I should play or not. 
'Since this is the first time G plays with us we'll try and keep it G rated. Haha' Niall said as we all moved sitting on the ground next to the coffee table. 
'Me first!' Harry said putting his hand up. We all nodded and the game begun. 'Grace, truth or dare?' He said in a nice soft voice. 
'Which one of the boys in the band would you date?'
The 3 boys had their eyes on me. 
'Chose wisely haha' Harry added. 
'Ummm I'd say Niall cause I'm a Niall girl' I looked at Niall who had the biggest smirk ever 'but I have a soft spot for Harry' I said looking at Harry. 'So I pick Zayn haha' 
'Huh?' They said
'Thats the truth. Zayn haha' I said laughing. 'Okay my turn. Niall truth or dare?'
'Wait hold on let's get some food in here' Liam said getting up.
'I'll help you' I said walking to the kitchen. I got some bowls out while he got packets of chips and lollies. 'Hey Liam' I opened the lollies up. 'Is Niall right?'
'Kinda I don't know why?' He said standing next to me. I told Liam how Niall acted at the lobby. 
'Well he gets worked up easily now. Stress gets to him more than anyone else besides Harry. I would've stood up for you too. What a jerk.' He said grabbing hold and opening the last packet. I just nodded. 'Let's go' we walked back to the room where it was more of an angry emotion filled the room. Liam and I looked at each other and knew that there might be an elephant in the room. 'Here are the chips and lollies. We'll make sandwiches after this game for lunch' placing the 3 bowls in the middle of the table. 
'So Niall what is it?' Sitting next to him. 
'Dare' he said confidently. I'm going to brighten up his mood. 
'Draw on Zayn's face.' I said smiling at him. 
'His asleep' 
'Even better. Hurry along Irish' he got up and grabbed a sharpe on the way down the hall before entering a room. 
'If Zayn wakes up we're all dead you do know that G? Haha' 
'Ah yeah Harry?'
'Laim calls you G?'
'So does Niall and my friends haha'
'Oh can I call you G then?' Harry said leaning on the bottom of the couch. 
'Yeah sure' Liam laughed making me laugh causing a smirk on Harry's face. We waited for Niall to come back to the circle but it's been 5 minutes and he still wasn't back. 
'Umm I'm going to check up on Nialler' Liam said getting up going to the room. 
'Just me and you' Harry said quietly. 'Is it my turn? If Liam and Niall isn't here?'
'We should wait for them to come back'
'So no? Haha' he smiled. 
'Okay fine. Your turn Styles' I said turning to face him. 
'G? Truth or dare?'
'Okay dare' I said strongly. 
'Kiss me.' He smiled showing his dimples.
'Huh? What?' I said looking at his green eyes. 
'You heard me. Kiss me' he said softly. 'It's a dare you have to kiss me on the lips' he smiled widely at me. I sighed out and moved onto my knees leaning in. He closed his eyes and I could smell his colon. Smelt so good. I closed my eyes and kissed Harry Edward Styles. HARRY.STYLES. It was a soft, gentle kiss. 
'Ummm' someone coughed behind us. 'Hope we're not disturbing you two?' Liam said firmly. I looked at Liam then at Niall. He just looked at us and whispered something to Liam then went down the hall. 
'Okay?' Harry said wrecking the silence. 
'Where's Niall going?' I asked
'His taking a sleep' Liam said blankly. 'Why were you guys kissing-' 
'Harry dared me' I said fast. 
'Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it?' Harry said moving closer to me. I froze. I looked at Liam not knowing what to do. 
'So umm did he draw on Zayn's face?' I asked changing the subject. 
'Um no he didn't. I'm going to make sandwiches. G want some?'
'Yeah I'll help you' I said getting up walking behind him leaving Harry in the tv room. 'Whats up with Niall?' 
'Nothing his just tired' he gave me the cold shoulder. I felt uncomfortable. Felt like I wasn't wanted at the hotel at all. I looked at Liam wanting to know what's wrong with Niall. 
'So what's wrong?' I asked again leaning my ass on the bench. 
'Jesus Grace!' He snapped. 'Just drop it!' I was taken aback by the way he snapped at me. 
'...I um... Sorry I asked. Actually my mum wanted me home for lunch anyways so I better get going-' I said walking back. 
'No Grace I'm sorry.' He said not looking at me. 
'Don't worry about it' I said  wanting to leave the place. 'Well I better head off before she gets mad. So um bye' I said waving bye like he'd see if his back is facing me. 'Thanks for having me over' I said before leaving the kitchen. I was about to head out of the door before I remember my wallet and keys were left on the coffee table. I soundlessly walked straight back to the room. 
'Mate... Come on.' Someone said. Sounding like he was begging. 
'Look I know but...' I stayed still just before the door. 'He shouldn't be so mad at me!' Harry raised his voice. I walked in fast. 
'Oh hey guys' I said to Harry and Zayn. Acting as if I didn't hear them. I bent down to get my stuff. 
'Hey Grace.' Zayn said with a small smile. 
'Where you going?' Harry said walking over. 
'Mum wanted me over for lunch so I'm just going. Thanks for having me over. Bye' I said quickly as I walked out of the place. 
'Ah bye then cya soon!' Harry yelled out to me as I closed the door. 
I walked over to press the button for the elevator and it opened. 
'Wait hold the door!' Someone yelled running to the door. 
'Niall?' I said holding the door for the blonde. 
'Sorry bout before. Let me walk you to your car this time' he said kindly. 
'Okay sure' I said with a smile. These boys are harder to keep up with than the Kardashians. He pressed the ground floor button and we were moving down until we were thrown from one end of the elevator to the other. 'What happened?' I asked as I started to panic. 
'No no no!' Niall started to press at the buttons on the wall. 
'Please. Please do not tell me we are stuck?!' I said starting to breathe faster. 
'You claustrophobic?' He said looking at me into my eyes. In a way that calmed me down a bit. 'Don't worry I'm here for you.' He pulled me over for a hug. 'Shhh it's okay. Shhhh I'm here' he said calmly. 
'Wait, Niall are you claustrophobic too?' I said through my heavy breathing. 
'You're here. That's whats keeping me calm. You being here is calming me down.' He said into my hair. I know his probably shooting bricks on how scared he is. 'Here let's sit down okay?' I wanted to bury my head. So Niall sat crossed legged leaning on one of the walls and I had both of my knees on both sides of him. Hugging him around the neck and hiding my head under his collar bone. 'Grace...' He said calmly into my ear. 'Just close your eyes. Just close them and listen to my voice.' His voice was shaking. 
'Niall I'm scared...' Softer than a whisper. 
'Grace... It's okay. I'm here. Just listen to me.' He started to hum soothing tunes to me. My breathing slowed down a little and Niall kept his arms around me. I started to fall asleep. 'Hey mate. Ummm Grace and I are stuck in the elevator for the past 20 minutes. I got Grace to fall asleep cause she has the same fear as me and to be honest I don't think I can keep the tough guy up. I'm about to have an attack! No I'm using her phone. Please. Please. Please. Help. Okay thanks mate. Hurry. Bye.' He said trying to whisper on the phone. I kept my eyes shut not wanting to see that we were stuck on the elevator. 'You're probably under Harry's charm. The beautiful ones are always under his spell....' It's stayed quiet for a moment. 'Like I said.. Harry always gets the girl...' 

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