It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


9. Secrets.

'Sorry' he said nervously looking at me. I still look ahead. 
'No. It's fine' I said keeping an eye on Harley. 
'Did something happen between you two?' He said turning his head to Harley who was running up and down the sand. 'You don't have to tell me. I just want to make sure you're okay.' I saw at the corner of my eye him smiling. 
'We haven't talked in like two days. I saw him cheat on me with another girl.' I stopped. 
'What a dick head' he mumbled under his breath. 'What did you do?' 
'Nothing' sighing. I moved my toes in the cool sand. 
'Nothing? Grace you-'
'I know, I know, don't deserve it... I've been told' I said slowly. 
'You scared on loosing him?' He said looking at me. I stayed quiet. 'You're scared...' He said hugging me. My vision started to blur. 
'You're the first person to say what I've been wanting to tell people.' I said into his chest. 
'I know the feeling...' He whispered. 'Except she's not mine...' Not sure if I was suppose to hear that. I pretended I didn't hear it. Sparing an awkward moment. 'Just tell him you know.' It was silent for a minute. Just us listening to the waves crashing. 
'Thank you Niall.' I said moving away from his hug. 
'Grace! Niall!' Liam and Jess yelled over to us on our right.
'Hey' Niall and I both waved. They we're waving us over to join them. 
'Ar!' I yelled out and pointed her where to go. Liam and Jess had a picnic blanket laid out onto the sand. I picked up my shoes and walked over to them. 
'Yeah?' Niall asked. 
'Lets go in the photo booth over there' Jess pointed behind her. 
'Ar this is Liam.' Niall said moving Harley next to him. He really likes Harley. 
'Hey there sweetheart.' Liam said looking at her. 
'Hi Liam' she smiled. Liam had his fingers intertwined with Jess. We put some coins in the machine. 'Ready' we posed for at least 10 photos. We were all squish into the booth. 
'Haha oh wow!' I laughed. 'Ooh look at us! Ar what is that face?! Haha'
'Its my face! Haha' she laughed. 
'Look at you' Niall said and pointed to my face. 
'Haha oh Grace. That's hot!' Liam said jokingly. 
'I'd tap that' Jess joined. 
'Okay! Haha' we were stepped out of the booth just looking at the photos. 'Can I have this one? And this one?' Picking the two most I like. No one said other so I got them. 
We followed Liam back onto the sand to a picnic blanket was set out.  
'Fancy' I smiled. 
'You guys want to join?' Liam asked lying down onto his back looking at the stars. The three of us just lied down. I was next to Jess who was (obviously) next to Liam who was next to Niall.  Liam and Niall started chatting with laughter. 
'So how's it going?' I whispered to her. 
'Really good!' She whispered with excitement. 
'Why did yous ask us over?' 
'I'm not sure hahah' after a while I yawned. The stars shined more brightly tonight. 
'What's the time?' I asked making Liam check his watch. 
'Its 10:30' he replied with a raspy voice. 
'Hey Grace didn't you say you were going to leave at 9:30 or something?' Niall said softly. 
'Haha yeah just got carried away here.' 
'Grace, Ar's asleep' Niall said ever so quietly. Harley was in the arms of Niall's right arm fast asleep. 
'I'll wake her up' I said sitting up looking at the dark waves crashing onto the sand. 
'No no.. I'll carry her to your car' he offered. 
Oh yeah he just reminded me. 
'Hey Jess mum dropped us down here and I told her I found you here so you could take us home... But you're here with Liam and I'm certain he would want to take you home.' I said trying to make this lie as smooth as possible. 
'Yeah same here. Not the mum dropping me here thing. That'll be weird.' He paused making a weird/adorable face. I gave out a little giggle.  'I wanted to go to the faire so I got a cab to get here but Liam didn't tell me he was here and I don't want to be the awkward third wheel in the back seat watching you guys kiss' he genteelly laughed trying his best not to wake Harley up.  
'I would really like it if I could take Jess home.' Liam said blushing, making Jess blush twice as red. 
'Well G you can take my car and go home.' She said trying to calm down. 
'G?' Liam and Niall questioned.
'Ah. Yeah?'
'That's your nickname?' Liam asked. 
'No my grandma's. Yes my nickname' causing everyone to laugh. Niall tried to sooth Ar back to sleep by humming her "little things". We all listened to him putting Harley back to sleep. Ugh! Niall James Horan you will be the death of me!
'What about me? I don't want to be left here by myself.' He said after Harley shortly fell back to sleep. 
'G' Liam paused. 'Will you be able to take Nailler to the hotel?' He said looking at the midnight coloured sky. 
'Ah yeah sure. Come on Nialler let's get going.' I said standing onto my feet. 
'Okay can you help me up?' I went over and stood in front of him and stretched out my helping hand. He took my hand and he got up with Harley in one arm. 'Bye guys' I said tiredly. 
'See ya soon' Niall said starting to walk away. 
'Bye' Jess and Liam both said at the same time. 
'You right carrying her?' I asked Niall. 
'Yeah it's fine... She's so peaceful when she sleeps.' 
'I know right.' I stopped as we reached the steps up to the faire so I can take sand off my feet. 'Okay let's go' I put my feet in my vans and walked up the stairs. On the way to the car Niall and I had small talk. Nothing major. 'Haha let me tell you a secret Horan.'
'What type of secret' I opened the backseat door and Niall put Harley in the car and buckled her up. 
'This is my car not Jessa hahaha' I said closing the door. 
'Really?! Hahah why?' 
'Cause she didn't want Liam to pick her up. That was how nervous she was! So I came to the rescue!' We talked outside to car. 'Come on let's go' I said getting in the drivers seat. 'So' I said not wanting a silent moment. Turning the radio down a bit. 
'So' he said more cheerful. 
'Have any girls insight?' I asked making conversation. 
'Ahhh maybe haha' he laughed nervously. 
'Oooohhh who is she?' Turning out the exit of the faire. 
'She's someone special.' He grinned. 'Im not saying her name haha' 
'Oh Niall!' I laughed. 
'Besides Harry always gets the girls...' The vibe changed in the car. 
'What? Harry is trying to get her?' Keeping my voice low. 
'Yeah... But I really like her'
'I'll help you Horan'
'Yeah?' He asked smiling at me. 
'Yeah' I replied. 'Ooh this is my fav song' as  "Miss Moving On" by Fifth Harmony played on the radio. I put it up a bit. I started to sing. 
'I’m breaking down; gonna start from scratch
Shake it off like an Etch-A-Sketch
My lips are saying goodbye
My eyes are finally dry
I’m not the way that I used to be
I took the record off repeat
You killed me, but I survived
And now I’m coming alive' I started to tape on the wheel to the beat to the song. 
I’ll never be that girl again
I’ll never be that girl again
My innocence is wearing thin
But my heart is growing strong
So call me, call me, call me' 
'Miss Movin’ On
Miss Movin’ On
Oh-oh-oh' Niall joined in. 
'Wow you can sing!' Niall said turning the radio down to talk.
'YeahNo I don't sing' I said turning to the left. 
'Then what did you call that?'
'Speaking words in a rhyme hahah'
'You can really sing'
'I don't plan on making it as a career'
'You should give it a go G' 
'Anyone can sing'
'No like that'
'Coming from you Mr thrudy seven countries hahah' I joked. 
'Haha you should think about it. You can sing.' He said looking straight ahead.  
'My dad used to tell me I should take it up.' I passed thinking about him. 'I was such a daddy girl... I was replaced. He replaced everyone in the family with another family except with blondeies...'
'I didn't know that.. Sorry-'
'You don't have to say sorry. It was 3 years ago and I should be the one to say sorry to mum. Dad made me swear I wouldn't tell her that he would. I kept that secret for a year...' I slowed at the stop light. Niall stayed quiet. 'So yeah that's part of my life story' driving again. 'Is the hotel on this street?'
'Ah.. Yeah.. Drive at the back.' I did as I was told. 'Ive had a really fun night thanks for driving me back' he said smiling at me then facing Harley. 'Night gorgeous' he then turned back to me. 'Night G' he flashed his pearly white teeth at me. 
'Night Horan' I smiled back. He got out and walked in but before he did he waved back to my car. Then he walked in. 'Let's go home'  


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