It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


18. playing lies.

Grace's POV

I had my music pumping throughout the house from my room. I was in such a great mood getting ready to see the boys until Jake came over. Argh! Main reason why I'm still with this bloody ass is so i can make him hurt. His been acting like my umm well how do I put it-my bitch. He really has! I make him sever me and everything amazing how his still going thou; give him credit for holding on. I make him jealous by how Harry and I being around him. It's a lot of fun and Harry gets a laugh out of it too. Harry... his such an amazing, beautifully blessed friend and I'm thankful that me out of millions of fans around the world has this opportunity of a lifetime on meeting them let alone becoming an actual friend to him and the rest of the boys. Just wow!  Just why me? out of everyone why did Niall chose to want to get to know me?

'Hey Grace? You're red. Want me to turn the aircon on?' Jake asked walking into my room and turned my music down to half way. Had no idea I was blushing against my olive skin so    badly.

'Yeah could you? oh and could you also be a babe and make me a sandwich for lunch before i head over to see Harry' I looked in the mirror to look at Jake standing by the remote for the aircon outside my room.

'Um I thought it was going to be me and you day today? You always see Harry' he whined as i applied mascara on my top right eyelashes.

'Well, he got a new apartment and he invited me to go over and check it out and stuff. I want a cheese, ham, lettuce, carrot  oh on wholemeal bread. Thanks babe.' i said bluntly finishing off my top left eyelashes.

'What drink would you like?' he asked so annoyed. You're annoyed are you? really? you wanna play this game?

'ummm maybe some sparkling water or just mineral water from Alice Springs. Uh yeah mineral water thanksss' I said knowing that we don't have any left. I stood up thinking on what to wear as I'm still in my pjs. He turned on his heel and headed down stairs to make my sandwich. This is fun not only does he pay for making me feel weak I also get things like this done so willingly.

'Grace! There's no mineral water from Alice Springs crap in here!' he yelled from the kitchen. Let's see if i can push him further.

'Not my problem babe! I asked for mineral water from Alice Springs so I want mineral water from Alice Springs and I want it with my sandwich!' l yelled back as demanding as ever. I waited for him to throw a massive fit at me for being such a brat to him instead he replied

'Okay baby whatever makes you happy I'll be back in a few minutes with some of that water then I'll make that lunch for you be back soon' He stopped yelling as i heard the front door closed and his car back out of the stoned driveway. I turned my music on back on blasted and continued getting dressed. I decided on wearing my denim overall dress with a white crop top. I guess I can just wear my white convers with this outfit. Its been 10 minutes since Jake left. Argh honestly he can do some much better. Watching the reruns of Wizards of Waverley Place and laughing to the jokes made by Selena Gomez, I feel my phone vibrate. Text from Harry.

 Hey Hey sleepy head wake up and come over to the new apartment it's already 12! come on sleeping beauty and hurry along! xx - H

I quickly replied.

:P I'm already awake Charming I'll be over after my quick lunch so don't miss me too much sunshine I'll be there soon! xx - G

Harry replied me to hurry up more so I did as I was told. I grabbed my phone and keys and just drove over. Bull Jake was coming back with Spring Water. I've drove past this expensive apartment like everyday but this is the first time I'll be able to go inside and here's hoping it won't be the last. I parked next to Harry's dark car and got out making my way fast to the lobby. Harry mentioned in the text to just text him when I'm there so he could take me up but by the looks of how busy the lobby is full of people i didn't want to cause a scene and a big fuss.He did mention something bout being on the fifth floor. As I was about to enter the elevator the front desk young lady called out to me.

'You can't go up there unless you have a key!' As i got closer to her i could see the cake-mounted face she had on along with her pearl white fake teeth of hers.

'oh umm 'i didn't know what to say. Her whole fake tan appearance took me away.

'I've never seen you here before? Did you just move here or visiting?' she smiled looking me up and down.

'Just moved in actually' i smiled.

'oh did you?' with attitude. Blame it on Louis. His helped me stand up for myself more in a very entertaining way.

'Yeah i did. I need a key for the fifth floor.' My mood today is just up so high with people like her and Jake. I just want to hangout with them and eat! Her faced dropped! That's right. 'Excuse me? ummm' oppp spoke too soon. no! my confidence is fading.'ummm' i tired asking for the key again.

'Fifth floor was it?' she asked slowing taking in every word she said.

'yep' i sounded more quietly. Place don't call for back up. Place don't. Not today. Before I knew it I was being shoved out of the place faster than my tears breaking out of my eyes in 'fault in our stars' by John Green. Great. Just Great. every time.

I waited in my car for another 20 minutes and decided to just blot up the stairs. Turns out you need a stupid key to open the doors to take the staris. Talk about expensive. I wonder how much would you have to pay after losing a key?

'If you come back here one more time, I'll call the police.' She smirked. Arhhh.

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