It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


17. new apartment.

Harry's POV

It's been an incredible month here in Australia! The boys and I don't have anything for a few months so that means we get to relax. Management is finding us an apartment but I'm sure it's just Niall and I wanting to live together with Zayn. Things are going great! Everyone is getting into the moe joe of the holiday/vacation mood. Today is when we pack up our clothes and head out to move into our in apartment. Louis and Liam are heading back to England for a month then coming back after they have some time with their families. Zayn has been so excited for the past week because Perrie will be visiting Aus for three weeks with Little Mix to do a few shows. As for Niall and I we've been trying the rich Aussie culture with the helping hand of Grace. Her mother told me that it's great that I'm keeping her busy since Harley left for the U.S. Harley is doing great fitting in really well as I've been told.

'Harry come on!' Zayn called as i zipped up my fully-packed suitcase. The temperature in Sydney is crazy hot! and it's not even the afternoon yet.

'Keys. Phone. Changer. Suitcase. And wallet' i said aloud my mental checklist.

I closed the door and yelled to Zayn to keep the elevator door open. I sprinted with my luggage jumping as I reached the elevator. I looked over at Zayn and realized we were matching with the black t-shirt and black skinnie jeans. Okay, I admit mine were so much more tighter than his. He started to talk about how perfect Perrie is with her laugh and smile.

'So hows Grace?' Zayn asked with a wink. Grace has been amazing! Even better than amazing! She is absolutely gorgeous not to mention easy to fall in love with at most. She can cook a mean toasted cheese sandwich in the morning. She can play the flute so GRACEfully; this one time i was over at her place and she played the beautiful sounds I fell asleep like lying on a hammock by the beach and having the nice burning sun blanket you as the ocean sings you to a sleep. It felt like that. So relaxing. So calm. I was able to unwind and was also able to let the weight of the world off my shoulders. It was so delightful of her to let me sleep for awhile that day. The way she laughs at my stupid jokes. She claims that they're funny but  we all know they're lame. She makes my day just by her texting me to have a good day if we don't see each other. The way she goofs around. The way she lets go of everything.

'Yeah, she's alright' I managed to say without giving out what I was thinking about. Grace and I still keep our secret park to ourselves well besides the fact that Harley knows but she isn't in the country anyways.

'you seeing her today?' Zayn asked walking to my black car.

'Yeah maybe not sure actually' I replied opening the back to pile in our suitcases. 'Where's Niall? Isn't he coming with us?'

'No his already there. He said the place is amazing!' Niall's been a little strange lately. I mean we all know that he has a massive crush on Grace except her. Liam tried telling her but she didn't get the hint. She would be good for him but so much better with me. Grace and I are still doing our plan. Jake's been a total douche but he knows not to mess with me after that night. ugh! he disgusts me so much. I want Grace to break up with him already but she won't. God knows why?

'Didn't know he was up that early. It's only quarter to 10!' I started to run the car. 'Zayn put the address on the GPS mate' The neighborhood is wonderful! Our apartment in on the fifth level and has a breath taking view! It was only a fifteen minute drive from the hotel. Grace only live like around the corner. We've all joked for her to move in with us seeing how much time she spends with us already except I was the only one who wasn't joking. 'Let's bring up our stuff later' i suggested that Zayn went with. I just wasn't really into doing anything besides sleeping or watching tv.

'Haz bet you ten dollars that Niall already has the kitchen filled with food'

'Deal' i shock his hand laughing' A a young lady wearing a white button up shirt with a too short of a skirt saw us walked in through the sliding doors and had a fit. We could hear her talking to herself telling her to calm down. "Hello I was wondering if you've already given our keys to my mate?' she paused then smiled.

'I love you' she whispered but was loud enough to start the awkwardness. 'Um I meant.' She took a deep breath. 'Yes I gave it to the lovely young man. It should be up there. If there's anything i could help you with don't worry bout giving me a call' She flattered her long too-much-mascara eyelashes and handed me a folded piece of paper I assume she put her number down on it. I gave her a small smile and thanked her. i Pushed the paper down into my black skinnes and walked to the lift.

'Oh Harry. I think some one likes you.' Zayn teased.

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