It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


5. Missing a bullet.

Silence hovered over our shoulders. My socks look more interesting than the awkward conversation. 
'G?' He questioned lifting up my chin so I could look at him. Oh God. Everything around me was watching the horrifying train wreck that was going to happen. Be strong be strong. 
'I know what you did...' No backing out now. 
'What did I do?...' Jake looking twice as nervous and cautious as me. 
'' I took a deep breath 'Took 3 of my phone cases!' I couldn't. I just couldn't. I forced a wide fake smile.
'What?!' Wide eyes were exchanged. 
'Yeah I saw you last week looking at my blue vans case, honestly all you had to do was ask! Hahaha' I said walking to the tv. 
'Oh babe scared me for a moment. And no I didn't take it! Hahah' following behind me breathing out a sigh of relief. 
'Well I never lose my things-'
'Yeah never' he said sarcastically. 
'Ha ha very funny.' I froze keeping my smile. 'Want to watch tv?' We cuddled for an hour. How can I keep this act up? 'Actually you have to leave cause Jessa is coming over and well we're having a girls night with Sarah sooooo' I said walking to him to the door. 
'I get it. I get it. You alright you seem a little strange today. Something the matter?' Leaning on the door frame. 
'Nah nothing. Okay bye.' When he went to kiss me I moved faster and kissed him on the cheek and waved him off. What am I doing? In all honesty I didn't even see that coming. Why? Why? You should've confronted him! You had the chance. You have every reason to confront him. I don't want to lose him. I don't want to be treated like this either. Makes me wonder what else his been hiding from me. Do I mean nothing to him?! OMG. Argh. Timeout I need some me time. I didn't want to take a bath because I already took a shower so I hurried around the house to get scented candles, magazines, iPod Dock player, I clashed the blinds and just lied down on the couch trying my best to relax and forget about everything for a while. It was about 3.
'Wait wait wait. Hold up.' I said out loud. 'The One Direction boys. That's Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam are coming over to my house for dinner... In about 2 hours...' I gave a quick look around the living room. Moved to my player and put it on the loudest volume! And danced!!! I cleaned up to Best Song Ever!
'Said her name was Georgia Rose. (Ow!) and her daddy was a dentist- I need to text Jessa and Sarah. Let's pray they're free for tonight' I ran to my phone and called Jessa. Now of course I'm not tell her that the... Boys..... (OMG) will be coming over. She's one of their biggest fan. I'd love to see how she's going to react. And Sarah she's not as a big of a fan but she'll still love to meet them! Two of my best friends! 
'Hey Jess it's Grace.'
'Hey what's up?'
'You busy tonight?'
'Yeah have dinner with mum talking about next year but I'm pretty sure I can get out of it if you want' 
'I need you over tonight for dinner just you, me and Sarah. The gang.'
I heard her call her mum and whispered to her and asked for dinner tomorrow night. 
'Yeah she said it's fine. At you're house yeah?'
'Yep but can you like come over ASAP and wear something really nice! Trust me dressing up will be worth it. I'm going to give Sarah a call now-'
'Im texting her now I'll tell her. You sound stress mixed with a lot of excitement. Haha'
'Haha just be here in the next hour. Get ready at mine if you want. Look I got to go need to set up so cya soon bye'
'Bye' she laughed. 
I prepared the dinning room and then drove my car down to the corner shop to make spaghetti meatballs, garlic beard and ice-cream oh and some beer. I hardly remembered I still had my pjs on. So I probably looked crazy in my pj pants and jumper hahah. I paid and drove back to my house. I saw Sarah and Jessa at my door step. 'Hey girls' I said getting out of the car. 'Can you help with these bags?'
'Yeah sure' Sarah said grabbing the bag off my arm then taking the other one and handing it to Jessa. 
'You alright?' Jess asked. 
'Yeah why?'
'It's 3:45 and you're still in your pjs. Haha' making our way to the kitchen to place the bags on the bench. 
'I've taken a shower ok haha we're cooking spaghetti meatballs and garlic bread for 8 people plus extra someone might eat more.' I said starting to cook.
'8!' They both said. 
'Who is going?!' They said together. 
'Now that's a surprise and it's a really good surprise! Just help me cook this and we'll get ready before they arrive which is at 5pm so yeah come on team!'mi clapped my hands to begin cooking.  
'Woah! Record time! Only took half an hour which leaving us with 45 minutes to get ready lets go!' I said running up to my room. Looking crazily at my clothes.
'What are you guys wearing?' I panicked.
'I brought a dress' Jess showed us. It was a white with lace patterns on it. 
'Thats pretty Jess. Same I brought a dress too. See it's purple' Sarah presented hers. Nice boob tube dress. 
'Aww they look great both like cocktail dresses! Love it! Here I'll wear this!' It's a marronie-purple that has cut outs on the side with a lace pattern. 
'We're really dressed. Just saying.' Sarah said putting on her make up. 
'Okay let's dress it down a little. Ummm we don't have to wear shoes. Yeah? I'll wear combats to dial it down about.' I said grabbing my combats. 
'I have my vans here.' Jess put on. 
'Yeah same.' Sarah added. 
'Yes this!' I said looking through my wardrobe. 'My boyfriend grey blazer! This will go great!' I rush to the bathroom and started straitened my hair. I then put it up in a ponytail. I walk back into my room. 'This alright?' I asked the girls. 
'Wow!' They both said. 
'Its dressed up but casual. Me like it' Jess said fixing up her hair. Sarah laughed. 
'Need makeup and I'm done.' I said moving to my makeup table. 
'Well I'm ready' Sarah said doing a turn.
'Looking good babe!' I smiled. 'Can you do a little clean up downstairs??' I asked her nicely. 
'Okay. These people better be worth it tonight haha' she said walking down the stairs. 
'They will be!' I yelled with laughter. 
'Who are they?' Jess leaned closer to me. 
'Not saying a word! They'll be here in 10 minutes. Come one.' I rushed to finished my makeup and did a few touches down stairs with the girls. 
'I just put the food in the oven to keep them warm same with the bread.' Jess clapped 'on ya Sarah!' We laughed. It was 5 past 5.
'Maybe they're lost?' Sarah said looking at her phone.

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