It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


3. Meetings.

I couldn't believe those words. I tried to focus my eyes on Jake. I took 3 steps back closer to the wall. I took out my phone to check the time. 2:48. My car was parked 3 cars up from his. I can't walk past with my eyes watery like hey Jake sup? Cheating on me? 
NO! I could really do one thing. Run. I ran 3 blocks away from that street with my eyes about to burst out a waterfall. I needed to go somewhere, closed off.  I found a nice park. No one was there. It looks kinda secret actually. Wow. It has a perfect view over the city. Why haven't I came here before. Should take Harley here. I took a seat and just cried. I cried it out. He cheated on me! I fell for those stupid words!! He was my everything. He made me feel complete. Can't believe him. I've known him for a good 5 years. We've dated for 1 year. It was the perfect relationship. We started out as best friends which lead to being more than that, which got me crying on a park bench. 
My heart dropped. 
My throat was having that feeling you get before you cry. 
I felt like nothing. That I'm not worth it. 
I used to have depression. Jake got me through it. My world crushed me it pulled out my heart and stood on it until it couldn't take it anymore and smashed everywhere. There's going to be a lot to clean up. 
I stay still. 
Heart beats rapidly. 
Blood rushes.
Head floods. 
I still stay. 
I covered my face with my hands. Crying into them. I felt like I've cried forever. 
'Ah excuse me' a deep British accent spoke. 'Umm.... Would you like some company?'
'No it's okay. I'm fine.' Trying to calm my breathing and wiping my tears away.  
'Well ah I want to ah.... Look at the view if that's alright with you?' He asked nicely. 
'Yeahhhh sur-ure' I stuttered over my words. I don't know who he is. I turned so my back was facing him. 
'Beautiful view isn't it?' He asked. I didn't say anything. 'Its nice here in Sydney.'
'It is a nice- ce place-ace' I spoke. 
'This is like my ah.. 3 time here at the park and you're the first person I've seen here. Do you come here often?'
I took a deep breath to stop the rapid breathing. Wiped one more tear away. 
'This is my first time here actuall-ually.' I said Turing to face the kind stranger. His dimples showed. His green eyes. His curls. Yep the one and only Harry Styles. 
'Harry?' I questioned sniffing
'Yeah. Why are you crying?' He moved closer. 
'Oh it's nothing major.' I said 
'But you're crying so it must mean a lot to you. Come on love. I know we don't know each other but you seem like you need someone right now. I can be that someone? If you'd like.' He said looking at me directly into my eyes. 
'I don't want to bother to you. I just found this place to get away for a while. It's a nice place.' I said looking past the playground. 
'Yeah same. I needed so time to just relax you know. I'm actually meant to be rehearsing right now.' He gave a little laugh. 'You know my name it's rude that I don't know yours. So ah what's your name?'
'Im Grace. Grace Hower.' I said smiling over to him. 
'You're so much more beautiful when you smile. Did you know that?' Making me blush. 'Ah babe it's true you really are gorgeous when you smile.' He smiled like crazy. 
'If you say so.' I laughed. I tired to check the time on my phone but I turned it off. I waited for it to turn on but it took forever so I asked Harry  'Ah do you know what time it is?'
'Yeah it's 3:45'
'Oh...' I've been at the park for nearly an hour!
'Huh love?'
'I've nearly been here for an hour..'
'Here by yourself?'
'Yeah.' I let the sun's rays warm up the back of my shirt. 
'You can tell me what's wrong. I'm a good listener.' He smiled. I turned to face him. 
'Okay, well I was walking to my car when I stopped and saw my boyfriend's car and I heard him talking. I didn't move cause he said 'I love you' then some girl replied 'I love you too Jake.' They were talking about how his going to break up with me. I couldn't take it so I ran like 3 blocks and then I found this place.' He put up his hand on my face using his thumb to wipe a tear away. Another tear. Another tear. Another tear. He didn't say anything he just looked at me with sadden eyes. 'We've been dating for a year and I do love him and I do know I shouldn't be with someone who's going to treat me like that but he was my best friend. I fell head over heels for him. He was like my first official boyfriend. He made me feel special... He made me feel like I'm all he needs and that his all I want. He was special. I thought I was special. He said he'd never hurt me. He lied. He. Lied... He told me all the things he'd never become but he turned into a monster he hated... He was my everything... We could conquer the world together...' I cried even more so Harry gave me a hug. I cried into his shoulder griping his shirt. I cried. I calmed my breathing and moved off his shoulder. 
'Here.' He gave me a tissue. 'It hasn't been used. Promise.' I used the tissue and blew my nose and whipped around my eyes for running mascara. 
'You guys sound like you've been through a lot together. In my opinion Jake is a douchebag  for doing this to you because you deserve every type of happiness. You're a gorgeous, beautiful, kind and nice person! He doesn't deserve you.' He wrapped one arm around me so I could lean my head on his shoulder. 'Hey you wanna hang out. Just to get your mind off him?'
'Yes please. What do you have in mind?'
'Lets just stay here and get to know each other yeah?'
We talked for 2 hours talking about anything. We ended up lying on the grass looking up at the stars appearing. 
'Its getting dark I better get going.' I said sitting up. 
'Me too. I've had a good time getting to know you. If you need anyone I'm here for you at this park. I'll be here haha' he said sitting up using his both arms as support for his back. 
'Haha me too. Thank you so much!' I said. 
'Umm do I get the pretty girl's number?'
'What a shame I think the pretty girl already left haha'
'I meant yours silly haha'
'If it's fate we'll meet again. And I'm pretty sure we'll meet soon haha'
'Our park Kay? Twitter?'
'Yeah totally. It's Grace_hower321.'
'How originally! Haha' 
'Why thank you!' He stood up and gave his hand to lift me up. 'Which way are you going?'
'This way.' He pointed left 'you?'
'This way.' Pointing up ahead. 
'Let me walk you to your car?'
'Honestly it's fine. The boys are probably going crazy on where you went. Now bye Harry!' We hugged good bye and walked our separate way. I took my phone out so I look busy walking to my car. I got a few calls from mum  and from Jake. Ugh! I called Sarah and asked if she wanted to come over. She agreed and asked to pick her up. By no time I made it to my car and drove to her house. 'What a day I say!' I said to myself driving on the road. 'What a day...' I said trying to bring in all that happened. I turned the radio on and surprise one direction we're doing an interview. 
'Hi I'm Harry. Sorry I'm a bit late I uh.. Had to use the toilet.'
'Yeah I'm sure you had to use the toilet for 2 hours Haz' Louis laughed. 
'You weren't meeting a girl were you?' The interviewer asked. 
'Ah. No I just really needed to use the toilet' making everyone else laugh. I listened to them cracking jokes and laughing. 
I texted Sarah that I was outside her apartment. In no time she was out her door and getting into my car. 'Hey' she said. 
'Hey' I said ready to start driving to my house. 'Boy I've got a hell of a day to tell you when we get to my house!' 
'Ooh really!'
'Yeah really!'

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