It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


10. Kicked out.


I got a text from Niall asking if I wanted to hang out with him and the boys tomorrow afternoon. I replied saying I would be there. It was silent in the house. Mum got Harley to bed and now I'm in bed after my shower. I've been staring at the dark ceiling for over an hour. I can't sleep. I have way to many things running through my mind. Grace you have to end it with Jake. I know he made you feel special, made you feel you're worth... love. I love him. I.. Grace.. Love... Jake.. I love him. He was everything I wanted in life! He was my reason to trust, love and believe again. What if... No no. When I break up with him, what's going to happen? I mean he can't just pick up his things and leave me right? You right there G? You're going to lose one of the most important person in your life. What's wrong with you?! Jake doesn't love you if his cheating with you! His probably with her tonight. Kissing. Hugging. Ugh! G his nothing if his done this to you. Smash his heart twice as hard as he did to yours. You gave him the best of you and this is how he treats you? How long do you think they've been going out? Is she prettier than me? What does she have that I don't? I miss him. I miss his scent. His colon fills up my room. His smile. Laugh. Eyes. He was my world. He told me he would never leave me that he'll never hurt me. What do I do? You have one of 3 choices. 
1. Confront him. Then leave him. 
2. Leave it alone and pretend that you know nothing or
3. Ummm oh yeah. Pretend you don't know and play him. 
As much as 2 is tempting. Doing nothing requires little effort.  1is too scary. With 3 I won't loose him. Yet. And it'll be a slower way to say good bye... I guess. Think about it. It's an only way to get even. Hold up. Hold up. Grace you're not that type of person to "get even". Do not sink to his level. Argh! His changed you. Do it. No don't you'll regret it. Get even. 
'Urgh' I sighed out turning to my side facing an empty wall. Why? Why? Why? Why me? I didn't do anything wrong. It's not karma cause I try to help and stuff. Bad luck. I'm always the girl who got the short straw. Jake treated me right. Bought me flowers and chocolate. Made me dinner. His great with mum and Harley. He was perfect for me.  He'd comfort me when I was down or upset. He cheered me on at my games and anything I gave a go in. He has to pay. Besides I don't want to look back and think why didn't I do it? Why didn't I teach him a lesson? He has to know that cheating isn't right. Well he should know his cheating his 19 years old! He should know! Ok let's do this. I slowly moved out of my bed and sat on my desk chair. I switched my table lamp on and I got my book and pen out. I started to put down ideas on getting him back.
'Grace. Grace..' The voiced stopped 'Grace, honey wake up.' I was getting poked at my shoulder. I slowly open my eyes and turn my head to the right. 'Mum?' I squinted my eyes. 
'Sweetie why did you fall asleep at your desk?' Turning the lamp off. 
'I was..' Remember what I was doing. Mum was starting to pick clothes up off the ground. I hid the book 'Just couldn't sleep. I was going to do something then I guest I fell asleep.' I said getting up moving into my bed sheets. 'What time is it?' I said mumbling through my pillow. 
'Its 9:30' she replied leaving my room. I fall back to sleep but the. Woken up by loud talking and laughter. I decided to get up and walk to my mirror. I fixed up my hair into a ponytail and made my way to where the voices were coming from. 
'Jake?' I said surprised. He looked over to me with a smile. 
'Hey sunshine' he walked over to me kissing my forehead. 'Sorry I've been busy lately' he handed me some flowers. 
'It's okay baby' I said remembering my mission. 'Ive missed you'
'Missed you too' he kissed my nose. We hugged for awhile just have the regular conversation. He smelt great.  'What are your plans today?' He asked 'wait how'd your lunch go with Niall?' I told him how we had a good time having lunch and then the faire. 
'Had SO much fun' emphasising on the "so" 
'Im happy you did.'
'What did you get up to these past couple of days?' He was quiet for a second. 
'I got a job in building but it was in Campbeltown and they didn't have reception or wifi which was great.' He said rather fast and he kept on touching his mouth. He was lying to me face. 
'Thats no good' I tried to act. 
'Yeah baby. I missed you so much' he said lifting me up and spinning around. 'I love you' Grace say those words too. Say them. 
'I love you too' we kissed on the lips for a while. Don't over sell it Grace. 
'Wow someone's missed me haha' he said pulling away. 
'Ive missed you cause I love you to the moon and back' I said trying my best. 
'I love you more' he smiled putting his head next to my neck. 
Grace they are just words. 
'I actually do have plans today.' I said walking upstairs to my room.
'What are they?' He said following me like a lost puppy. 
'Im hanging out with the boys today. Niall invited me last night' I looked through my clothes. 
'So they're like your best friends now?' He asked sitting on my bed. 
'Yeah I mean I've had so much time with them this week.' I said picking my outfit for the day. 
'Im going to get some food in the shops. Harley want to come?' Mum yelled through the house. 
'Yes I'm coming mum!' Harley replied. We heard the car leave and it was just us two left. 
'Im getting dressed..' I said standing. Looking at Jake to leave the room. 
'Grace we've been dating for a year don't you think we should-' no.
'Do the deed?' I said staying calm. 
'Make love' he paused. 'I think we're up to that step. Don't you think?'
'Umm maybe. No.'
'Huh?' He got off the edge of the bed and walked to me. 'Sit' he had one hand on my back moving me to my bed. 'I think we're ready.' He said moving a hand up my leg starting at the end of my pj shorts. 
'I don't think we are.' I said stopping his hand at the top of my shorts. 
'Okay ... Sweetheart whenever you're ready. Let me know.' He paused moving his hand away from me. He got up and walked to my door. 'I'll wait for you. I'll watch tv.' He closed the door. I lied down on my back. 
'Ugh!' This is going to be harder than I thought. I got dressed as fast as I could. Put on my makeup as basic and fast as possible. I put my hair in a high bun, got my phone in my pocket and went down to eat some fruits. I looked at the wall clock it's only 11. Surely the boys wouldn't mind if I'm early. Like really early to hang out with them. I got my keys and wallet and was about to head out. 'Hey Jake I'm going now' I said waiting for a response.
'Already?' He walked out of the room to the front door. 
'Yeah he just texted me telling me how bored they are.'
'You rather pick them over spending time with me?' He asked giving me a hug. 
'I already told them I would be there so..' I said moving away from the hug. 'Well bye' he kissed me. 
'Love you.' He said walking behind me. 
'Love you too. What are you doing?' I said getting into my car. 
'Im going home. Bye' 
'Bye' I drove out of the driveway and drove to the way of their hotel. I parked near the hotel and texted Niall.

To: sexy mofo xx
Hey I had nothing to do at home so is it right if I come over now? Xx

He replied quickly.

From: sexy mofo xx
Hey yeah it's fine we're in room 512 :) xx

To:sexy mofo xx
Yep thanks okay be there soon xx

I locked my phone and looked around the street. There were directioners everywhere. Maybe I should try the back way. I turned the engine back on and made  a turn to the back. Okay I'll just park the car here and go and find their room. Great plan. I looked at my self in the reflection mirror and added a little bit of lip gloss. I took my phone and keys and wallet out of the car and locked it. I made my way to the back door and walked to the front desk. 
'Um excuse me would you mind telling me what floor 512 is on?' I asked politely. 
'Ah sorry that's a private floor' he said looking at his computer. 
'I know cause' I leaned forward to him 'one direction' I whispered. 
'How'd you know?' He looked at me then around the room. 'Security!' He yelled clicking his fingers. 
'Wait what?' I asked confused. 
'Security!' He yelled again. Two tall man in suits came out and walked over to me. 'She's to leave. Now.'
'No you don't understand I was invited by them'
'That's what they all say' he said watching me being pushed out by security. 
'Sorry love' one guard said before pushing me out the door in front of all the directioners. Head down. 
'Look guys it's Grace!' One yelled. Oh no. Not this again. I kept my head out and covered my ears with my hand from the yelling. 'Hey look it THEM!' I pointed and screamed over everyone making them all look to the right. Many ran which gave me time to run to the back to my car. I unlocked my car and sat there and texted Niall. 

To: crazy mofo xx
They just kicked me out. They don't believe me and I just got mobbed haha xx

From: crazy mofo xx
OMG that's why they were  screaming so loud. It was you! What they kicked you out? I'm going to the lobby now be there. Xx

To: crazy mofo xx
Okay meet you there xx

I walked through the back door, again and walk back over to the front desk.
'I thought I made it clear-' he started. 
'Umm Niall Horan is coming down now to-' he interrupted me 
'Stop using that line you crazy ass bi-'
'Excuse me? Do not speak to her that way.' Irish walked confidently over to me. 
'I-I' he front desk guy stuttered. 
'An apology would be nice' Niall said raising his voice, standing in front of me. He was tensing up. The front desk guy was frozen. 
'Niall...' You whisper in his ear grabbing hold of his upper arm. 
'Well?' Niall said firmly. 
'Im sorry Miss. Please forgive me.'he said looking at Niall then at me. 
'Good. You better not treat or speak to her like that or you'll be hearing from me. Got that?!' Niall said tugging me along with him in the elevator. 
'Yes sir.' He said softly. The doors shut and it became awkward. 
'So?' Wanting to talk about what just happened. 
'So? What?' Looking at me. 
'What was all that about?' 

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