It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


1. It all happened because I forgot.

OMG!!! One direction are leaving their hotel!!
I was at point on my tip toes to view over the insane crowd of directioners.
'You see them?' My little sister yelled over the screams.
'Harley get on my shoulders!' My boyfriend said lifting my 10 year old sister to see. 
I laughed at how cute jake was with her. 
'I think they're coming in this direction!' I screamed. 
The crowed moved to where they went and we were getting pushed along with it. 
'Oi babe I'll be over there.' Pointing to the food court. 'Be safe okay? I don't want Ar to go deaf or myself' he whispered in my ear with laughter that followed after. 'And don't go running off with them if they ask you. Yeah Sarah told me all about how you would say yes to Irish man if he asked you to go with them.' He smiled letting go of my arm 
I mouthed 'I love you' then formed a heart out of my hands to him. I turned to face to where one direction was going and to my amazement I was at the front. How's that happen?
Okay okay. Bro stay calm. It's just one direction. Then a sudden emotion washed over me as Niall fucking James Horan came to me as I instantly gave him my phone to take a self with. 'Hi' I said trying to not embarrass myself.  
'Hey' he replied with a gorges smile. 
'I've always wanted to meet you. May you please take a photo with me?' I asked politely handing him my phone 
'Sure babe' he took the photo. I tried to not cry in the photo. Hahah. 
'Thank you.' I replied but it sounded so sad. I looked to the ground
'Aren't you happy to meet me? Cause I'm so happy meeting you. You're a gorgeous fan babe' he said trying to cheer me up. 
'Are you kidding? This is the happiest moment I will remember till the day I die.' I screamed over the desperate girls trying to get his attention. 
'So why are you sad, darling?'
He called me darling. I just died. OMG. 
'Because you won't.' I said looking down. What has gotten into me?
Niall got moved along but Paul. Harry walked past giving everyone a smile and a wave good bye. Niall turned around before entering the black van and was looking straight at me with a smile. Shit. My phone. And before I could react the cars left. 
I was shocked at the way I was with Niall. I didn't fangirl like a cray person like me should've. Something came over me when he was there. Like everyone else was muted. I could only hear our conversation. I slowly made my way to the food court to jake and Ar.  I took a seat next to Ar just smiling into space really. 
'So? How'd you go?' Ar asked.
'I just met, took a photo with and had a conversation with NIALL HORAN!!!' I said slowly pacing my words at the beginning then screamed Niall's name out. 
'Babe' Jake said getting out of his seat next to Ar and walking behind me to hug me around my shoulders. 'I'm getting jealous' the kissed the top of my head and moved his head to my ear. 'You never scream my name that loud' he pulled away and laughed. 
'Jake, never in your wildest dreams.' I said laughing. 'You already have me bub' 
'I love you babe' he said. I moved my head up looking at him. 
'Love you too' he kissed the top of my nose with a smile. 
'Gace, can I see the photo please?' Harley asked putting her hand out. 
'That's a problem. Niall took my phone. I forgot to ask for it back.' I explained. 
'I'll call Kay?' Jake said moving away from me and grabbing his phone from his back pocket. 
'Hey Ar  wanna get ice-cream?' I asked
'Yes please then can we go home?' She said
'Yeah if you want. Jake you wanna go home after ice-cream?'
'Yeah sure babe. I'm calling' 
'Hey wait why can't I call?' I said standing up off the seat. 
'Come on babe. I want to do this.'
'No jake I want to. It's NIALL HORAN' I whispered yell to him which gave him a wide smile.
'You'll fangirl. Then I'll get jealous.'
'You have a point but please you know how much I love hi.... How much you love me to be happy. I know for sure it would make me happy!' 
'Ah nice try!'  He said moving away. 
I jumped on him trying to reach for the phone. Oh god how I love jake being like this. 
'You two look crazy' Harley laughed at us. I untangled my legs off Jake's waisted and stood in front of him. I looked at Harley then back at Jake's blue eyes. 'We are crazy'
'And I'm calling babe' he said with a smirk. 
'Hey mate ahh you have my girlfriend's phone... You just met her like 10 minutes ago yeah.' He said nervously looking at his shoes. 'okay cheers mate. Yeah you too bye.' He said hanging up.
'Honey, how'd it feel to have talked to Niall?!'
'It felt like rainbows and unicorns! His voice and that accent!' 
'Ah you right?'
'His per-fect' he said. I looked at him wide eyed and laughed along with Ar.
'Hey did you have a code on your phone?' He said.
'No cause this one over here kept forgetting the code so I took it off yesterday. Oh great... OH GREAT!!! One direction have access to my phone think of the photos! Oh Jesus Christ!' I said getting out of my seat and grabbing my bag ready to walk to get ice-cream. 
'Babe!' He laughed. 'You know I'm standing right here.'
'I know.' I said holding his hand. 
 'He said he'll give you the phone back tomorrow. Said that he'll text me.'
'Oooooohhhhh! Tones of girls are jealous right now cause Niall is going to be texting you!' I said grabbing hold of Ar's hand.
'Oh stop you're making me blush' he replied trying to mock a high pitch girl. We all laughed. We bought our ice-cream and Jake drove us home. The ride home was so much fun. 
'Argh the weather here is Sydney is really hot! Can't believe we're not in summer yet! Cray cray babe.' I stated when we arrived to my house. 
'I'll get the grocery bags for you babe' awwww how nice of Jake. 
'Aww thanks' I turned to ask Ar how she liked today but she was asleep. I turned to look at Jake and held his hand. We sat there for a while just looking at each other. A site i would never get tired of. The way his ocean eyes look so peaceful. His jaw line is to die for. His tanned skin. His black hair. His smile. Him. 
'You're perfect' he whispered to me putting one of his palms on my cheek. I blushed by his touch. We leaned in and kissed. 'I love you'
'I love you too'
'Can you pick her up and I'll get the bags?'
I unbuckled out of the passenger seat and opened the boot and grabbed the 4 plastic bags of food. I watched him carry my little sister out of the back seat of the car and carried her inside the house. I love the way he is with her. He went upstairs to her room while I went straight to the kitchen to see my mum cooking dinner. 'Hey mum I have what you asked for and I got some snacks for Ar.' I said unpacking the bags.
'Thanks love. How was meeting the boys?' She said acting so excited for me
'I only met one but that doesn't matter! I met Niall!!.... The blonde one mum.' I said making sure she knew who he was in the band. 
'Oh his my fav!' 
'Hello mrs.Hower'
'Jackie. Call me Jackie Jake you're making me sound old already' we laughed. 'You want to stay for dinner son?' She asked cooking the pasta.
'If you don't mind. I'd love too' he flashed a smile. 
'Yes I do mind' smiling at him
'Grace don't be mean' mum said cooking the mince meat.
'Yeah. Don't be mean to me' he said poking his tongue out at me. 
I laughed. 'Mum Ar's already asleep. She fell asleep in the car after ice-cream. Jake just carried her in'
'Thank you Jake for helping. I think she really needed the day off from what's been happening. You know?' 
'Yeah mum. She's slowly understanding. It's a lot to take in still'
'Can you two love birds prepare the table please?'
'Sure thing Jackie' 
Dinner was delicious! 'That was great mum!' Having the last of my dinner.
'It was really good. Thank you for having me over.' 
'Anytime Jake. Now I don't want you to get in trouble for coming home late so good night. Anna check up on your sister please.'
'Sure okay mum' i left the table and went upstairs. Ar slept so peacefully. I leaned on the door frame watching her. I felt arms wrap around me and a kiss was placed on my neck. 
'Babe I have to get going. Love you so much' he said turning me around to face him. 
I put my hand at the back of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. 'Love you too' he let go of me and left. I went straight to my bed and fell asleep in the same clothes. I was so tired. I get to meet Niall again tomorrow!! I was that tired that my excitement on meeting him again lost to my heavy eye lids. 


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