It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


12. Ice chocolate.

Under his spell? What? Harry's the perfect type. Even if I had a chance with him it wouldn't last. You need perfect and perfect to be a perfect couple. Plus it HARRY STYLES!
I waited a few more minutes of silence. Awkwardly hugging Niall. Do you think he feels it being awkward? Haha maybe!! Wow it's really awkward. I highly doubt it can get anymore awkward. Right? I heard my phone vibrating. Someone must be calling. 
'Hello?' Niall answered the phone. I could hear the other person. 
'Who's this? Where's Grace?' The person answered. 
'Grace is here. She's asleep right now cause we're stuck in a elevator-' Niall stopped his words. 
'You listen here mate. I'm Jake her Boyfriend. Don't try anything on her. You don't have a shot with her. You got that?'
'If you're her boyfriend then act like it!?' Niall got me scared by how loud his voice was. I kept my eyes shut not wanting to get an attack. 
'Whats that suppose to mean?' Acting all tough. Dick. 
'You know what I mean. And I'm Niall James Horan. I already know what you're doing.'
'Just because you're in some band doesn't mean you can get who ever you want. Stay away from her-'
'Too guilty to even defend yourself hey?' With that Niall ended the call and placed my phone on his side. 
'Niall you scared me...' I said really quietly.
'Im so sorry G. Your "boyfriend" called. Sure you heard the conversation.' I kept my head under his collar bone. 'When are you going to break up with him?' Hugging me. 
'Niall...' I lifted my head up so I was looking straight into his ocean eyes. 'Are you alright?' I asked kindly 
'Yeah I'm fine..?' 
'You sure?... I'm here for you if you do need anyone..' I said still looking into his eyes. Trying to change the subject. 
'Thank you Grace' he said with a soft voice. 'How you coping with us being stuck?'
'I feel safe with you...' I said blushing and moving to grab my phone next to Niall. I held my phone in my palm slowly gripping it tighter. Don't panic. My eyes started to wonder quite fast around the enclosed space. 
'Grace? You right?' 
'I need water' I said as blood started to rush to my head. 
'Help is on their way. It's okay. Take deep breaths.'
'I don't think... I can.. Do this..' I breathed rapidly trying to calm down. It's not working.
'Grace...Grace... Darling please calm down...' He looked me straight into my eyes. 'Im here... I... I... I...' His breathing started to be deeper. 'Its going to be ok...okay...just.' He just hugged me tight. He was going to have an attack. I hugged him tighter smelling his hair. We had our eyes shut tight.  The heaving breathing filled the trapped room. The breathing slowed as Niall fell to sleep. 
'Niall?! Grace?!' A soft scream sounded through the door. I lifted up my head to the voice. Niall was sleeping, leaning on my shoulder. 
'Niall!! Grace!! You in there?!' It screamed again. 
'Hey Niall?...' I said waking him up silently. 
'Yeah Grace?!' He woke up in alert. 
'Niall.. It's okay. It's okay. I heard someone calling our name' i said getting up to the elevator door. 
'Who was it?' He said sleepily walking over to me. 
 'Hello?!' I screamed. 
'Awww G!' Blue eyes covered his ears. 'Should have given me a warning. That would've been nice.'
'Awwww sorry' I said hugging him sorry. 
'Grace!?' The voice returned. 
'It's liam! We're going to get you out of there!' A smile built on our faces. Niall placed his hand over my ears and screamed 
'Liam!! Hurry!!'
'Hahaha nice one' he removed his hands and started knocking. 
'Okay relax! We're trying to open it now so stand back' Liam replied. In a matter of minutes the door was opened. We were welcomed to warm air hitting our faces as we rushed out of the enclosed space. 
'Thank you! Thank you!' Niall and I tackled Liam to the ground. 
'Hahaha no worries you two!' He said getting up. I rushed to the window and opening it but it was locked. I ran down 3 flights of stairs to the back door gasping for fresh air.
'So much better...' I sighed trying to catch my breath. I leaned my back to the wall and just had a minute to breath. 
'Grace?' The door opened. 
'Yeah here?' 
'I got you water. Here' Irish handed me a bottle of water. 'Feeling better?' I took a big drink. 
'A lot better thanks' I said putting the lid back on. 'Thanks for calming me down. How long we're we in there for?'
'Haha we were in there for nearly an hour and a half' he laughed nervously.
 I said 'oh'
'Hey um-'
'I actually have to get going sorry. Thank you so much!' I said walking over to my parked car. 
'Oh ah..' He said quietly. 'No thank you grace! Haha have a good day!' He waved me off and walked back inside. I started to get an incoming call from Sarah. 
'Hey what's up?' I said sitting in the car. 
(I do not think driving whilst on your phone is safe)
'Omg! Are you okay?!'
'Yeah fine?... Why?' 
'I saw on Twitter you were stuck in an elevator with Niall'
'Yeah I was! I was going to have an attack!!'
'You good now?'
'Im better now. I'm just going to drive home and just relax'
'What about hanging out with them?'
'I didn't feel like I was wanted I there. Guess what?!' 
'Oh really? What?'
'I kissed Harry!!' 
'You what?!' She said excitedly 'no way!'
'Yeah way!'
Sarah laughed and asked me questions about it. 
'Yes his a good kisser. Yes he was gentle. No it wasn't that far. Hahaha. I better start driving home. Bye babe' I ended the call and started to drive out onto the main road. 
Maybe I should get like an ice chocolate at the cafe. I make a few turns to park in front of a cute cafe. There were cute couples seated around and talking away. 
'Hi what would you like?' The young man asked. 
'Hi excuse me I would like to get an ice chocolate? With caramel please.'  I asked 
'Number?' He gave out a cute smile. His got light brown short hair. Nice brown eyes. Taller than me. Perfect. Sweet. Good tanned skin and just so beautiful! Haha
'Hahaha okay' I got my phone out so he could put in his number. 
'Haha Thanks. I'm Rhys by the way.' 
'Nice to meet you'
'You too. Your drink won't be a minute' he smiled and stepped back to help someone with the order. getting my wallet out to pay. I handed my money and looked around the room. I was surprised to see Jessa sitting alone at a booth. Walking closer I heard someone. She wasn't alone. 
'Umm Jake?'

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