It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


14. Helping pt.1

I woke up to my phone vibrating on my bedside table. 
'Hmm?' I managed to say as kept my eyes shut. 
'Sorry I woke you up.' They whispered. 
'Hmm..' I said falling back into my pillow. 
'Can you open your front door?' 
'Mm' I said restlessly.
'Okay I'll wait outside'
'K' I said as the other person ended the call. I was so tired that I just left the phone on my face and fell back to sleep. 
I woke up again to tapping on my window. If I ignore it, it'll stop. I said to myself. Why can't I sleep in?! I'll leave it. If it's important they'll try harder. I hear the sound of my phone violently vibrating not because someone is calling it's from text messages. I can just tell by the sound of it. Oh my god! Fine! They win!! I jumped out of bed and walked angrily to the front door and opened it with so much forced. No one. Okay? Oh well. I walked to the back door and opened it too looking around.
'Helloooooo?!' I said to the empty backyard. 'Ugh' I left the door open and walked to the kitchen sliding door and opened it letting the early morning fresh air enter the house. I looked at the kitchen clock. 7:45. Really?! Really?! I sat on the breakfast bar stool and just looked at the fridge. I'm so tired! I yawned slowly bring my head on the bench and closing my eyes. 
'We need to wake her up. Her back will be sore...' People whispered  around me. I was asleep but my ears were awake. 
'Honey.. Wake up' I felt my mum's hands rub on my back to wake me up. 
'Yep?' I said pushing myself up. 
'You fell asleep??...' 
'Oh yeah. I'm awake now' I said rubbing my eyes. I looked around the room and Jake was there. 
'Hey babe' ew don't touch me. 
'Hey' I said bluntly 
'Someone isn't a morning person' he joked. I just stared at him. Nah. That's it. His getting what he deserves. 
'Whats the time?' I said getting off the table. 
'Its 8' 
I sighed. 'Im taking a shower.' I took my time to take a shower. I'm going to bring him down. 



Harry POV
'See? She hates hanging out with us!' Niall said trying to prove his point  after my call with Grace. 
'why?' I said sitting on the couch. 
'I don't know? Ask your lips!' He said eating chips. Argh! He needs to get over it. She's so beautiful and has a really pretty laugh. 
'If I like a girl-' he cut me off. 
'So you kiss her?! And scared her away? She was going to become our friend' 
'Mate I just couldn't wait-'
'She's still going out with that douche bag. His disgusting.' He said through his teeth. 
'Is she? Why?'
'I think she's scared on losing him' she needs to get him out of her life. She doesn't need to be treated like that. I would treat her so much better. She deserves the world. 
'Oh really?'
'Yeah. Well what are the plans tomorrow?'
'She invited me to go over to her house-'
'What about us?'
'What about everything we've been through hahaha' liam sang going through the room to sit next to me and blocking us out by his earphones. 
'Hahah Liam good timing' 
'Sorry mate I didn't want to be rude.'
'So she just invited you. Okay?' 
I know, but I just wanted time with her. I would've went with liam on his little date if I've known that Grace was going to be there. 
'Im just helping her with some packing. I think that's what she said?'
'Packing for what?'
'Im not sure. Well I'm off to bed. Night boys.'
I quickly texted Paul letting him know where I was going tomorrow, I got the green light so I was good to go. I tweeted good night to my lovely fans and fell asleep. 
'Harry? Mate. It's time for breakfast' Louis said as he closed the door. I got up and took a really quick shower. 
'Whats for breakie?' I said walking into the kitchen with boxers on. 
'Toast, cereal , some bacon and some eggs' liam said eating toast. 
'Think I might have cereal.' I grabbed a bowl, spoon and the milk from the fridge. 
'Niall said you were going to see G today?' Louis asked drinking orange juice. 
'Yeah I'm helping her out with some packing actually'
'Well it's nearly 12. Better get a move on Haz' I turned my head to the clock. I better not keep her waiting. I quickly ate and got dressed in my red flanny and black skinnie jeans. 
'Im off boys! Bye' I yelled through the hotel apartment as I ran out. I got out through the back and got into the taxi. 
'Hello' I said with a smile. 
'You're Harry Styles? My daughter is a massive fan can you sign this for her?' He handed me a notebook and pen. 'Thank you so much Harry!'
'Your daughter has a lovely name. May you please take me to this address?' I showed him Grace's address and we were off. 'Thank sir' I waved off the taxi and knocked on her door. 
'Uh... Hi I'm Harry' I said nervously to a guy who opened the door. 
'Im Jake' oh. It's Jake. 'Aren't you in that boy band?'
'No I'm just Harry.' He gave me a strange look. You're pathetic Jake.  'Is Grace here? I'm here to help with the packing?' 
'Who's at the door?' I heard Grace walking over to the front door. She was in sweats and a nice baggy shirt with a beanie. 'Hey Harry come on in!' 

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