It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


13. Emotions.

The words just slipped out. Play it cool. Fake smile. 
'Jake, babe. What are you doing here?' No too fake Grace!
'I just bumped into Jess in here' he gave her a look and moved over so I could take a seat next to him. 
'So how was your day? Didn't you get stuck in an elevator?' Jake said acting so surprised, playing with my fingers. 
'Yeah. Boy that was scary but lucky for me that Niall was there' Jake tensed up by the name of Niall, strange Jess is kinda quiet. I shifted my view to the opposite side of the booth.   'How bout you Jess? How has your day been?'
'Yeah fine.' She took a sip out of her straw. 
'You right?'
'Yeah she's fine' Jake answered for her. 
'Grace?!' Rhys called for my name.
'My drink must be ready. Be back.' As I got out of the booth I heard Jake whisper to Jess. 
'Act normal!' Jess didn't reply. I walked up to the counter with a smile. 
'Here you go. It's with extra caramel' he winked and gave me my drink. 
'Aww thank you' I smiled widely and walked back to the booth. 
I'm still trying to figure out what to do about Jake?
'Well I better get going mum probably wants me home so cya' I leant down and kissed Jake on the lips. It doesn't feel right.  'Bye Jess' I waved and walked out of the cafe. 
'Bye Grace' Rhys said as I went out the door. I flashed a smile through the window and walked over to my car. A groups of 4 girls were walking my way, linking arms and laughing. 
'Umm excuse me? Are you Grace Hower?' The short blonde asked walking up to me.
'Ah yes I am. Is there something wrong?' I asked confused. 
'Omg! Can we please have a photo?!' One jumped up and down. 
'Yeah sure thing...' This is so weird?.. 'What are your names?'
'I'm Amy.'
'And I'm Maxi. I'll take the photo'
'Pretty names' I said standing in between Amy and Ali with Chole.  I smiled for the photo and had small talk with the girls. 
'What's it like being able to hang out with the boys?' Ali asked with tones of excitement.
 'Really cool! They're really normal lads. I've only hang out with them like twice but I can already tell they're down to earth.' The four girls were having a fangirl moment. 
'It was lovely to meet you girls'
'The same Grace. Umm will you be able to follow us on twitter?' Amy asked politely. 
'Yeah sure. Here type your names in' I unlocked my phone and the girls entered their names. 'Sorry but I've got to get going. Bye have a good day'
'You too bye' they said and walked off. 
I turned the radio on and started the car. 
'Yes you heard it first! One Direction are staying here for a few more months!' I stopped at the lights. 
'WHAT!' I yelled at my car. They're staying? 
'Liam said he and the boys love it here in Sydney that they extended their stay and said they can't wait to start writing music here. You directioners excited as we are right now?!' The radio presenter announced. I arrived home. 
'Grace?! Can you come here?' Mum called from the office. 
'Yeah mum?' I said at the door. 
'I don't think any school near this area is safe and suitable for Harley. We both know how much she wants to see the world-'
'Don't let her go!'
'Grace. Your father wants Harley to stay with him and his family in America...' 
'Mum... Don't do this!!' I said getting upset. 'How long have you been planning this?' 
'Ever since it happened... It was last on the list...'
'I don't want her to suffer here... She wants to leave Australia...' Silence came. You can only hear the faint noise of the air conditioner in the other room.  'Your father will be here tomorrow then taking Harley three days later.' Her eyes started to run. I walked over and gave her a hug. 
'Why? Why? She doesn't have to leave. Not with him.' I said feeling mum starting to cry. 
'Mum come one
'She's my baby. But she isn't happy here... And and all I want is her to be happy. It's just the beginning of a new year. So she wants to start it as a new year. Don't try and make it difficult for her. Encourage her' I just nodded. 
'How long is she gone for?'
'Till the end of this year...'
'Oh...' I said softly disappointed. 
'I have to finish discussing to your father about what's happening.' She said sitting behind the desk. 
 'I can pick her up from school. It's nearly over.'
'Okay thank you honey'
'Hey Ar' I waved at her as she walked out of her classroom. 'How was school sunshine?'
'It was okay. Where's mum?' She asked holding my hand as we walked to the car. 
'She's at home. Hey don't tell mum but I bought a few lollies and I'm taking you to a park. Is that okay?' 
'Yes! Let's go!' 
We were singing and laughing in the car.
 I wished she could stay. In all honesty, I don't know where I would be if she wasn't here. She can't just leave. I know it's just for a year but she's young. 12 months! We'll miss out on her birthday and Christmas...She's only 10! Not sure how mum is going to cope with this. I wonder how dad will treat her? Dad used to be super tough on me, maybe because he wanted a boy. He's the type, where I could be drowning and he'd be three feet away from me screaming 'learn how to swim!!' After him and mum would have a massive fight he would grab his suitcase and drive around the block to scare mum. He scared me more than mum. 
'We're here' I said getting out of the car. 
'I don't see a park? Are you sure we're in the right place?' Grabbing the bag of junk food. I smiled and locked the car. 'There're tall buildings everywhere I don't think there's a park here'
'Oh calm down. It's a secret park so keep your mouth shut about it okay?' I reassured her as we walked down the ally way. 'Here we are' I said as Harley took a moment to take in the beautiful view. 'It's pretty here aye?' Walking over to the wood bench. 'There's a play ground there if you want to play'
'Wow! It's so nice!' I opened a pack of food and started eating. 
'It's a secret park. So please don't tell anyone' I said with a mouth full of food. 
'Promise.  Here pinkie promise?' Her brown pony tail flowed in the soft wind. 
'Pinkie promise.' We wrapped our pinkies together so Harley can't break the promise. We let go of our pinkies and laughed. I looked at her 'So when were you planning on telling me?' I said smiling. Nice smile. 
'I was going to...' She looked down. 
'Hey' I lifted her chin 'it's okay. You should've told me so we could have spent more time together. You're growing up too fast for me to keep up.' I looked her in the eyes. 'If anything happens. I mean anything you promise to give me a call and I'll fly over is a matter of hours to you'
'Im going to miss you!' She cried giving me a hug. 
Emotional day?
'Im going to miss you more. Now you can play on the play ground or do you wanna sit here and eat?' I asked smiling.
'I want to sit here and eat!' She said excitingly. 
Mum cooked a feast for dinner. 
'Head to sleep. You need an early night cause tomorrow is packing day and we're all helping' she said looking at Harley then moving her head laughing at me. 
'Night Ar!' I said as I turned her light off and closed the door. 
'Night!' She said through the door. I walked over to my room and closed the door then getting changed into my pjs. I fell on top of my bed feeling my back slowly relax.
'What's trending?' I said to myself as I opened the twitter app on my phone. I was speechless... Shocked... Embarrassed... All I saw on Twitter was all the HATE everyone had towards me. Why do they hate me? Oh look this girl says she wants me to die bc I'm friends with them. I wasn't even wanted over today. Why? I don't know. I don't know what I did? My phone started to ring. 
'Hey G it's Harry' he said cheerfully. 
'Hey what's up?' Looking up to my ceiling. 
'Do you wanna hang out tomorrow?' I'll probably be unwanted like before. I don't want to look like an idiot and maybe all the hate might kinda stop. 
'I don't think I can...'
'Why's that?'
'I'm busy helping my mum and sister do some packing tomorrow sorry' I was telling the truth. 
'Can I help?'
'No it's okay-' 
'No please let me help?'
'Don't you usually have a full planned day?' I joked
'Surprise surprise I have nothing planned so please?' He begged. 
'What about the boys?' He sighed. 
'Um yeah sure I guess...' 

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