It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


2. Ears dropping.

I rolled over under my blankets to my surprise someone tightened their grip around me. I opened my eyes to see I was on top of Jake's chest.
 'Morning Sunshine. Sleep well?' He said softly kissing my head.
'Scared me for a moment babe. Yeah slept great actually!' Moving closer to him. I felt his fingers going up and down my arm causing goose bumps to appear by every touch. 
'Your mum took Ar to school and said something like going out of town for the day. Visiting relatives I think? And also no reception so yeah babe.'
'Aw thanks! When'd you arrive anyways my little stalker?'
'Like 20 minutes ago. I thought you'd be up by now cause it's nearly 10 and knowing you, you'd want to look your best! But you always do!'
'OMG!' I yelled whilst getting out of bed heading to my walk in my  wardrobe looking at my clothes. 'I totally forgot! When are we meeting him?! OMG! So excited!'
'You're meeting him for lunch at about 1. I wrote the address down on a sticky note on the bench since I can't text it to you haha. Don't be late cause he only has an hour and a bit till his back to work.' He said sitting up right on my bed.
'Wait you're not coming?' I said turning around to face him.
'I just got to do some interviews today so I won't be joining this little date of yours.'
I walked over and placed both of my legs over the both sides of his hips. 'You're the only one I want. Okay? Cause I love you to the moon and back.' I said holding his cheeks. He smiled looking down. Placing his hands on my hips. 
'I heard you says the exact same thing to your poster husband, babe.' He laughed. 
'Awww' I managed to say before he planted his lips on me. 'Hey, I need to get ready' I said moving off him and walking back to my clothes.
'Well my interview starts at about 12:30 so I can make you breakfast if you want gorgeous?' He said leaning on the doorframe. 
'Yes please!' I looked at him. 
'What do you want then?'
'Surprise me! And whatever is left in the kitchen ahah'
'Anything for you!' He said blowing a kiss. 'Don't take too long of a shower sunshine!' He said walking down the stairs. 
'I'll try!'
Okay. What to wear? What to wear? Can't go over the top. Can't be under dress. Weather? I looked out my window to be blinded by the sun. Took a while for my eyes to adjust and by what I saw it looked like a really nice day. High waisted shorts and a low cut tank top. Should be fine right? I ran out of my room to start my shower. I put on my iPod doc on play with a party mix CD. I jumped out of the shower on the 4 song and got dressed then started to blow dry my hair and started to straighten it. I started to begin my make up but just did the base then went down to eat. 
'Ummm is that pancakes?' I sat down on the bench. 
'Yep!' He said proudly. 'Its just 10:45 I got to admit it took awhile to not burn/cook them so these are the best ones.' He laughed. 
'Thank you babe!' I walked over to him and hugged him. 
'No worries. Hey, ummm, I heard your mum talking on the phone to someone and saying.... Umm..... She might be sending Ar to a boarding school.' He said slowly. 
'Umm what?' I said in shock.
'In America with your aunt... I shouldn't have said anything. I shouldn't have ears dropped I'm sorry. Sorry babe. Now thinking about it, the school could be around this area..' He wrapped his arms around me. 'Sorry.' I wrapped my arms around his neck. 
'Thank you for telling me. I mean. It's not the best news but with all the things happening to her. I think it's probably best. Yeah?'
'Yeah. She was thinking about it. Babe I'm sorry. I spoiled your day! Argh I feel so bad!'
'Its okay. You've already made it better and let's not forget I'm meeting Niall! Hahah' I sat back down to start eating. 
'Exactly babe. Just enjoy today beautiful.' He stayed with me till 12 then he left for his interview. 
I went upstairs to do my makeup and a few adjustments to my outfit like a long crown necklace. I had one look in my mirror. 
'Looking good.' I said winking and using my fingers as guns. I walked down to the tv and looked at the clock. 12:15. Guess some tv would be good. I was watching stage mums until I had a quick glance at the clock on the wall. 12:35. Can't be late! 
I got into my car and did a mental check list. 
Keys. Check. 
Address. Check. 
Wallet. Check. 
House locked. Check. 
Everything turned off. Check. 
'Okay let's go!'
I started the engine. It was a nice looking cafe. I parked near the front. It's 12:50. I think I should have a little moment to just calm myself down. Breathe. Breathe. Take a breather bro. 
Quick look in the rear view mirror. You can do this. You can. Stay calm. Be friendly. 
I walked out of the my car and tried walking confidently. I looked around and didn't see him around so I decided to take the back booth. I waited. Waited for about 10 minutes. I looked around hoping to see him. Strange. Why is there a guy in a black suit looking at me? OMG his walking over to me. Look busy. 
'Excuse me? Um miss are you Grace Hower?' He asked looking over me. 
'Ah ummm yeah.. That's me?' I said nervously. 
'Niall was unable to make it here so he sent me over to pick you up and take you over to his hotel.'
'Oh ah did he? Okay?.. Sure.' I got up and walked out of the cafe. 'I have my car here. I'll follow behind you then.'
'Okay stay close.' 
I followed the black land cruiser to this massive hotel. 'Wow!' I said to myself. I parked the car a block away because fans were at the parking lot. The suited man opened my door for me. Gentleman. 'Thank you.' I gave a smile. 
'Follow me miss and I'll take you to him.'
'Thank you sir.' Trying to act formal. Haha fail! Walking into the lobby. I should've dressed better.  People were wearing full length formal dresses. Suit and tie type of place. Great. Just great. He guided me into the grand restaurant. It was a mouth dropper! 'Nice place aye love? It's really big! Look there's Niall!' He pointed and smiled at me. I looked down on what I was wearing. 'Miss Grace. What you're wearing is fine don't let these people make you feel like you're any smaller.'
'Aww thank you!' I looked over at Niall's table and smiled at him. 
'Enjoy.' He walked me over to the table. 
'Thank you Frank. Here let me get that for you. That's a nice necklace you have on. I really like it!' Niall said moving my seat out. 
'Why thank you. Maybe one day I'll get you one too!' I said politely. He took his seat and looked at me with a smile.
'Sorry that I couldn't meet you at the cafe. The fans are crazy outside and Paul thought it would be a hazard if I went out today. Sorry love.' 
'Its alright. Don't worry about it.' I said with a reassuring smile that everything was okay. 
'Here' he said handing over my phone. 'Think you might want this back?!' He laughed. t AHHHHHHHH that gorges laugh. 
'Yes I would like it back please' I was about to to grab my phone but he lifted it back up. 'Um?'
'You'll get it back after we eat haha'
'Whatever you say Horan.' OMG why?! Why?!
'Horan? I like that haha' on ya. On ya. 
'Let's order yeah?' I lifted the menu over my face to cover my blushing and smiling. 'Wow!' I whispered to myself. 
'What did you say love?'
'Oh nothing don't worry.' The prices for these foods are crazy! I can't afford these types of things! Yes! I have mums second credit card. I'll just use that! Haven't used it in awhile.
'So Grace what are you having?' We both placed out menus down and Niall called over a waitress. 
'Think I'm going to get a Caesar chicken salad...' I looked at Niall not sure what face he was making. 'Oh and may I place get a plate of some BBQ ribs with chips?' A smile appeared back on his face. 
'Yes and you sir?'
'I would like some ribs, a chicken burger with the lot and with a side of some chips.'
'Would that be all? Drinks?'
'I would like a tall glass of lemonade. You Grace?'
'I would like that also please. Thankyou.'
I looked down. Awkward moment. I can see him turning red. Awwww!
'So tell me about yourself Grace?'
'Well, I'm 18. I've decided to take a gap year this year before I start uni here in Sydney. Um I have a little sister who's name is Harley. Ah yeah. I play netball as a centre cause of my height and I have a boyfriend who was talking to you on the phone named Jake. Bout it? Yeah.' I said smiling. We shared laughs. Jokes until our food arrived. 
'Yummy. Why thank you.' I thanked the waitress 
'Yeah cheers mate.' Niall followed. 'You're so funny! Honestly I haven't laughed like that in ages!'
'What can I say my Aunt has a funny definition on the word dessert! Hahaha' I laughed! 'Its nowhere near as funny as what you did to Louis!' 
We exchanged stories of the past as we both finished our meals. 
'Im just going to the bathroom.' I said moving back. 
'No wait!' He got up and pulled my seat out 
'Aw what a gentleman you are. Thanks.'
'Any time darling. Be quick haha'
I started walking around the restaurant looking at the signs for the bathrooms. I pushed open the female toilets and went into the cubical. I flushed and started to wash my hands under the tap. 
'You know you're nothing special right? His just going to use you.' A girl about my age spoke to me. Watching me. 
'Excuse me?' I turned to face her. 
'You don't deserve him. You're nothing. Okay. Stay away from him.' She stepped closer. 'His mine.'
'Righttt' I said walking out of the bathroom and back at my table with Niall.
'I've had a brilliant lunch with you today. Here's your phone' he handed my phone over to me flashing his gorges smile.
'Ive had a great time too! Thank you Niall.'
'Here let me walk you out.' 
'You sure? Fans are probably out there. It's okay I got it. Thanks for the offer thou.'
'Thank you again for having lunch with me.' He gave me a Horan Hug!
'Any time!'
'We should hang out again. The boys would love to hear about your Aunt! Hahaha' he laughed. 'I already out my number in so text me if you wanna hang out yeah? Bye Grace Hower!' He yelled my name making everyone look at us. 
'And to you too Niall Horan!'i laughed giving a wave good bye. 'Wait where do I pay?'
'Huh?' He asked 
'I haven't paid for my meal yet. Where do I pay?'
'Don't worry I took care of that for you'
'You shouldn't have. Let me pay you back.' I said 
'No no. It's okay!'
'No come on let me pay you back!' I begged. 
'You can pay me back another way. You just don't need to pay me back for lunch today. Okay?'
'You sure?'
'Yes I'm sure!'
'Thank you! Cya!'
'Cya soon!' 
I walked out of the Hotel nice and calmly until someone yelled 'Hey! She was eating with Niall!' And after that all hell broke lose! Girls were pushing me. Screaming! Taking pictures. I didn't know what to do! I just kept walking. But everyone started to get closer. Screaming really loud!! I started to run away from those girls. Lucky I parked the car a block away! I was about to turn the corner and saw Jake's car was parked. 
'I love you.' A deep voice spoke. 
'I love you too Jake. When are you going to tell Grace that it's over between you two?' I froze not knowing what to do. 
'Look it's not like that. I don't want to hurt her.' He replied looking down. 


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