It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


16. Dinner.

Well this is a first. 
The girl that I have a "thing" with, even thou she's still with that asshole Jake, to the airport to pick up her dad. How could this go wrong? 
In every way possible. This could go wrong. People are going to know. 
'Hello sir?'
'Hey dad.' Grace said so plain. She told me in the car to just act "normal" whatever she meant. 
'Hi Grace. Missed you a lot!' He gave her a massive hug. 
'Yeah missed you too...' Making it sound so fake. 
'And who's this? Your boyfriend?' He got out of the hug and handed his hand for me to shake. 
'No I'm not her boyfriend. I'm her friend, Harry.' I smiled then looked at Grace changing my smile making her laugh a bit. 
'Whats funny?' Her dad asked. 
'Nothing. Mums just doing some cooking. School is about to finish let's go pick up Ar'
Wow the car ride to Harley's school was the most awkward thing I've every experienced in my life! The tension could kill you. I could definitely see Grace getting worked up when he was talking about his life in the US. 
'I've been there. Looks so nice. Nice people there too.' Trying to be involved. 
'Why, boy you've been everywhere!' Peter said sounding so surprised. 
'It's kinda part of his job' Grace sounding more happily. (; (haha sorry) I smiled over to Grace who was driving.  
'You have a job?'
'It's more so a career' 
'I asked Harry not you Grace.' Grace tightened her grip on the wheel. Making her face tighten too. 'So Harry what's your "career" then? And when did you start? Cause you're still young' Emphasising on the "career" part. 
'I'm in a band. It started in the UK but we thought we would have a holiday in Australia this year.' I said proudly. 
'Son just because you're in a band doesn't make it a career. A lot of people are in bands too but not everyone makes it big'
I just look over are Grace and she was already trying to hold in her laughter. 
'Grace concentrate on driving, will you?'
'Dad, Harry's band is really really good!'
'Well I better get to see you preform. Tell me about your "band"?' 
'I'm in a band with my 4 best mates. Ah um?'
'What's the name?' 
'That's a surprise. Aye Harry?' She said laughing. 
'Harley!' Peter yelled out to Harley as she walked out of the school. She smiled and ran to him. His a strange person. He thought little of me. Thinking because I'm young I can't have a career. Grace and I stayed in the car. 
'Sorry bout my dad Haz' 
'It's okay G haha'
'Could you boys prove my dad wrong?' 
'Harry thank you for joinning us for dinner' Jackie as I started to help prepare for dinner. 'Im just going to see if Harley is ready, excuse me dear.' She walked up stairs. 
I placed the forks down and the spoons next to the five plates. 
'Im glad you are having dinner with us. For once my parents might act normal for a while.' She said leaning on the bench. 
'Don't worry. Everything will work out' I said helping Grave place the cups on the table.
During dinner all you could hear was Harley. Not in a bad way. It was just her talking. No one else participated. This is where I stepped in. 
'You know Ar I've actually been there. To help kids round your age' I said smiling to the opposite side of the table. 
'Oh. Have you now?' Peter said taking a drink. 
'Yeah we made a music video and raised the money from that to donate to the orphanage.' I said looking at Peter. 
'It was pretty good.' Grace pitched in. 
'And how much money did you raise?' 
'Just well over a million.' I said taking a spoon full of food. When I told the table, Peter nearly chocked on his drink making Grace and Harley laugh. Grace's laugh sounds so beautiful. 

'It was lovely meeting you Harry.' Peter gave his hand out to shake.

'Thanks for having me tonight' i shook his hand and smiled to Grace's mum. I moved to kneel down in front of Harley and gave her a hug.

'Bye. Have fun in America.'

'Honey you're welcome to come here any time' I thanked them and gave Grace a goodbye hug.

'See you around Curly'

'As to you too G'

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