It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


6. Dinner.

I paced back and forth in front of the door. 'You sure they're coming G?' Jess said moving off the couch heading over to me. 
'Yeah. I'm pretty sure.' As my words trailed off there was a knock at the door. 'Okay. Okay!' I whispered to the girls go wait in the dinning room for their surprise. 'Place the food on the table don't wanna over cook them' I opened the door as calm as possible. 'Hey' I greeted green eyes first. 
'Hey love. Sorry we're late our driver-' 
*cough 'our driver was you Harry.' Louis butted in laughing.
'Well yeah we kinda got lost. Sorry we're 10 minutes late. Love your outfit!' He smiled. I move aside to let them walk in.
'Its alright. Thank you blazer lover hahah' i blushed. 
'Hi I'm Zayn. We haven't met yet and I think that dress is so pretty' 
'Hey I'm Grace. Aww thanks' He gave me a hug. He smelt like god! The same greetings happened for Liam and Louis. 
'I like your shoes  And these beautiful flowers are for you. It was going to be thanks for dinner but it's sorry we're late... Haha' Niall handed me a few flowers.  
'Aww thank you. Now follow me to the dinning room. I have two friends over for dinner and one is probably your biggest fan. Not kidding haha okay ready.' They nodded with big smiles all over their faces. I walked in before the boys. 'Here are our guests!' I smiled like crazy and presented the boys. Sarah and Jessa were shocked. Frozen. Sarah came over and welcomed them and telling them her name. I'm pretty sure she was fangirling on the inside. 
I remember Jessa telling me if she got the chance/money to meet the boys she would be humble, respectful with space, not screaming, no fangirling, cool and calm. Boy was that all a lie! 
'Hi' all the boys said looking at my best friend. That "hi" practically pushed Jessa off the [edge. She was jumping up and down. Screaming with excitement! Honestly it was kinda embarrassing. We all laughed. 
'Jess this is Liam,Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall. They will be eating with us tonight.' Moving closer to Jess and the boys giving her a hug and a nice greet reassuring her that this wasn't a dream. She seem to have hugged Liam and Zayn the longest. Hahaha. 'Okay okay. Ah let's take a seat everyone. Any seat is fine.' I said taking a seat opposite Louis. I was sitting next to Sarah (on my left) and Zayn (on my right) and on the right oh him was Harry. Next to Louis was Liam (right) who was sitting next to Jessa on Louis' left wa
'What are we having tonight?  tonight. I mean come on it's ONE DIRECTION in my house! In that room!' I whispered to her pointing to the dinning room with giggles. 
'Lets not keep them waiting haha' Walking back in it had a fun vibe to it. 'Here you go lads!' They thanked us  and then we began to eat. We had really good conversations. I was half way through my meal when I hear Liam talking to Jessa he wouldn't stop complimenting her and she couldn't stop blushing. Interesting. 
'Harry told me. That you and him met when he was walking down the street.' Niall asked me. I turn to Harry remembering that it was our park. 
'Yeah I was a little fangirl to him. He thought I was cool, awesome, the then he followed me on twitter and yeah haha' Sarah gave me a nudge. I gave her a look like I'll tell you later look so don't say anything type of look. 
It was up to dessert. 
'I wanna help!' Louis said lifting up his arm. 
'If you to' I said. He got up and walked behind Sarah and I. As I was grabbing the bowls out Harry, Niall and Zayn entered the kitchen. 
'Is something wrong?' I asked turning around to face all of them. 
'Yeah what's wrong?' Sarah said putting the ice-cream tub on the bench. 
'It was Liam haha and Jessa.' Zayn said watching Sarah try to reach a cup on the top shelf. 
'Oh Zayn wreck it for me! I was going to state that! Thanks for stealing my thunder!' Louis said. 
'Sorry mate. Here let me help get that for you.' Zayn reached up and got a glass cup for Sarah. 
'Thanks' Sarah said going back to the ice-cream.
We took a moment to discuss what we thought was happening between them. 
'Thats our game plan team!' Louis said with a smile. 
'Okay' everyone replied. 
'Take your bowls and let's eat' 
Throughout dessert we observed Jessa and Liam. Except I felt Niall was observing me. 
'Boys I think it's time to go?' Zayn said looking at his gold watch. 
'I don't want to.' Niall whined. 
'Yeah same' Harry joined in. 
'Its 11 pm! It's getting late.' We said goodbye to each other. 'Cya. Drive safe. Liam you sure you didn't drink any beer?' I asked at the door watching them get in the black car of theirs. 
'Yes I'm sure!' He got in the car and began to drive off. I closed the door and made my way to my room. 
'So Jess going to share how you enjoyed tonight?' I said with a wink. Getting ready to put on my pjs. 
'It was really good. Thank you!' Jess blushed. 
'Haha you and Liam hey?' Sarah joined sitting on my bed. 
'Nothing happened...' She smiled. 
'Lies! Hahah' Sarah and I said loudly. 
'Okay if you guys must know we're going on a date on Friday. To the beach maybe.' She said getting in her pjs. 
'Omg really?! That's 2 days away!' 
'Way to state the obvious there Sarah!hahah' I joked. I told Jessa on why they came over. How I met them and what Jake did to me. 
'Haha G I thought you and Harry met at the park?' Sarah moved over so I could fit in my bed next to her. 
'The park is secret. So sssshhhhh' I leaned over to reach my phone and uploaded a few photos of dinner. 'I haven't even uploaded the photo of me and Niall yet!' I said to myself. 
'Really? Thought you I did? I saw you and Niall on Twitter. You had shorts on with a white shirt. Yeah?' Jessa said resting her head. 
'Yeah..? How'd ya know?'
'Here let me try and find it. I thought she looked like you cause you never told me you met him hahaha' she said flicking through twitter. 'Oh Niall uploaded it. Must of when he had your phone. Did they do anything in your phone?' 
'Nah haven't really checked. I can't right now so tired. I'm sleeping' I said yawning. 


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