It started with the truth.

'Hi' I said nervously
'Hey' Niall replied.
'Can you please take a photo with me?'
'Sure thing babe'
I stayed quiet and took the photo with a smile. I looked down.
'Aren't you happy meeting me?' He questioned.
'You kidding? i'll remember this moment till the day I die!'
'So why are you sad?'
'Because you won't...'


21. all down hill from here.

'MUM JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!' l screamed slamming my bedroom door shut. l leaned against my door crying uncontrollably, sobbing into my hands as l so slowly fell on the floor. l haven't cried this hard in forever. What is wrong with my mother?! l don't understand what l've done wrong? lf l've done anything at all. Mums been out of the house must days; not sure why. She usually would tell me but she hasn't in the past month or so. l let the cold tears race to reach my jeans a couple more minutes until l hear the car start up and mums gone off where she goes at 10 in the morning. l'm 18 now. l'm an adult by law; which means its my decision that matters at the end and if my mother can't accept that then she needs to take it up with the government. l finally open up my eyes, it's blurry and the light coming from my window isn't helping. l look down 'Shit' it was softer than a whisper and rasper than Harry's voice in the morning. l quickly made my way to my bathroom to find a face cloth. 'Face cloth' l repeated over 10 times in less than a minute. I found a deep blue one and washed it over with warm water from the marble bathroom sink. l took this minute to look at myself in the mirror. My hair looking like a mess; my face looking like a mess, my eye make up smudged all over my face and now a bleeding nose making a trail off my chin. l cringed at my sight then cleaned around my bloody nose. l tilted my head back using the cloth to stop the blood leaving my nose.

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