This thing that we have (Narry)

(Not famous in the story) '"I don't want you to go harry" that was the last thing Niall Horan said to me. That was 6 years ago. We were best friends. Until I had to move because of my Dad's job. I bet he doesn't even remember me, but I remember him. I'll find out soon enough.'
I'm not giving anything else away.. you'll just have to read the story..


3. Sparrow

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I feel like I'm going to faint. 

"If you don't hurry up you'll never have enough time to find him." Mr Cowell says in a sing-song voice whilst wiping the board clean. Mr Cowell used to be my school councillor a couple years back so he got the worst of my feelings about Harry moving away. He knows how much I love him.

"Uh right." I grab my bag and haul it onto my back. I don't think I can do this. What of he doesn't remember me? 

But then it clicks.


The sparrow I saved all those years ago. The handwriting, Harry's handwriting. I think.. he remembers me?!

I walk out into the empty corridor, it's lunchtime so everyone is probably in the cafeteria. I'm not even hungry.. weird.

I start to think. Harry's only just come back so he'll most likely be with his old friends right? But why didn't he speak to me in class? He was obviously behind me. I wonder if he still looks the same?

The thought gets delayed when I walk straight into some guy's six pack.

"Oh uh sorry." I say.

The guy stays silent. I look up to see why he isn't  moving away and I think I'm going to die.

It's him.


My Harry.

I reach up to put my hand over my mouth and as I do I notice the tears. I'm crying. I can't believe it.

Harry looks so different. He's still pale but his hair isn't short and tufty anymore, it's all luscious and curly. I just want to run my hands through it. His eyes haven't changed though, they were always that gorgeous shade of green. I can't deny it, Harry Styles is hot.



I stare at him. He's not a brunette anymore, his hair is blonde with brown roots in a quiff. He looks amazing. I've been trying to find him for about 10 minutes now. I was waiting outside Mr cowells class but I decided I wouldn't, I wanted to make sure he remembered me.

I came out of the cafeteria and I saw him. He looks slightly dazed. He's looking down, he seems to be deep in thought. He's shorter than me. He's getting closer. He's going to walk straight into my chest.

"Oh uh sorry." He says without looking up. 

I think he's expecting me to walk away. Eventually, he looks up and I see a flash of emotion go through his eyes and tears just start to pour out of them. 

I want to wipe them away but I just want to stay like this for a while longer. Just.. looking. 

After what seems like a lifetime I reach my hand to his face and wipe his tears. He leans towards me and I wrap my arms around him. He cries into my neck. I feel a spark I've never felt before. I kiss the top of his hair before pulling away to look into his eyes, keeping my arms around him.

"Why?" He sobs.

"Why what?" I ask softly.

"No calls, no emails, no visits, no nothing. You said soon, harry. Soon!" The tears form in my eyes and  I'm sobbing along with him.

"My dad h-he wouldn't let me call, I-I sent you letters ni. I sent you letters for 3 years.." I trail off sadly, still crying.

"I never got them." He cries harder. I pull him back into me and squeeze him tight.

"You didn't forget me."

"Never." He says softly.

I pull away again and look into his blue eyes, the best blue in the whole world. Would it be too soon to tell him I love him again?

"I love you haz." He says, his lips forming that smile of his that I haven't seen for so long.

"I love you so much ni, always have."

We hug again and I sense people around us as the bell goes, but I don't hear it.

He remembers me, he never forgot, he's still my best friend.

That means more to me than anything else ever could.



"You got a sparrow tattoo?" He looks up at me with his eyebrows raised.

I giggle and hug him tighter.

Can we just stay like this forever.


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