This thing that we have (Narry)

(Not famous in the story) '"I don't want you to go harry" that was the last thing Niall Horan said to me. That was 6 years ago. We were best friends. Until I had to move because of my Dad's job. I bet he doesn't even remember me, but I remember him. I'll find out soon enough.'
I'm not giving anything else away.. you'll just have to read the story..


1. Best friends

AN: So this is the first chapter of 'This thing that we have (Narry)' and I'm really excited for this story, I think it's gonna be good. Please give feedback and stuff:3 okay I won't bug you, read..


"Class we have a new student joining us today. All the way from Ireland! How exciting! Niall, would you like to introduce yourself sweetie?" Mrs white announced in her usual smooth voice.

A small brunette with bright blue eyes shuffled into the room, looking terrified. 'He has nothing to be afraid of, everyone's cool here' I thought.

"I-I'm N-Niall I uh I'm s-six" he stuttered to the class.

He's pretty. I like his eyes. Mummy says you can really tell someone by their eyes. I don't know what you can tell them but I think it means you can be their friend if they have nice eyes? I think he looks nice. 

"Hello Niall" the class cheered. We don't get new students very often. But Niall is going to be my friend. Not theirs. Mine.

Niall looked a bit taken aback by the response, he must have been expecting rotten fruit to be thrown at him or something. I saw that on a cartoon once. I chuckle to myself and I almost miss what Mrs white says next, almost.

"Does anyone want to be Niall's buddy for the day, show him round?"

My hand shoots up and I look at Niall's shocked expression. I smile.

"Very well, Niall this is Harold. He will look after you today"



"H-Harold you don't have to uh be my f-friend it's okay if y-you want to go uh-"

I cut him off "Its Harry and I want to be your friend. I like your eyes." I grin at him.

For the first time today all his worry seems to float off and he gives a genuinely happy smile. 

"I like your hair" I blush a bit.

"I'm older than you I'm seven so I choose what we play yeah?" I chuckle.

He nods. I nudge his shoulder and run away laughing "tag, you're it".

He chases me until the bell goes. He's cool.


-----1 year later-----

"Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear NIALLLL.

Happy birthday tooooo youuuuu" I shout.

He laughs at me and grabs my hand pulling me onto his seat.

"1..2..3.." Maura, Niall's mum chants.

We blow out the candles together but I take it slowly so he gets most of them.

"What did you wish for Ni?" I ask him happily.

"I wished that we'd be best friends forever and we'll meet Michael Jackson and he'll give me his monkey" he tells everyone excitedly.

"You're not supposed to tell people your wish" Louis, our friend whispers.

Niall shrugs and Maura begins slicing the cake.


-----1 year later-----

"Don't you dare!" I shout.

"Why not! I've never done that before." Niall states whining.

"Because you'll get germs and die!" I scream.

Niall looks at me worried but then shakes his head and bends down to pick the injured sparrow off the ground.

"Niall I don't want you to die" I suddenly start crying. Niall chuckles and shows the bird to his dad, he's a vet.

Niall comes back to me empty handed. "Did you wash your hands?" I ask through sobs, I'm such  a baby.

"Yes" he wipes the tears from my cheeks and envelopes me in one of his hugs.

I was just worried. I squeezed him.

"Love you ni" "love you too haz"


-----2 years later-----

"Boys sit down please" my mum called me and niall from my room.

We sat, confused.

"Harry, your dad's job is stationed in Australia." She says and I see the tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

Niall squeezes my hand and looks as confused as I am.

"But he takes me and niall to school, how are we going to get to school?" I ask slowly.

My mum frowns. "No, baby." She sighs before continuing. "Greg is going to drive niall to school from now on. You won't be going there anymore." What? No school? I stare at her wide eyed.

"Why am I not going to school?" I ask slowly again.

"You will go to school, just not here. We're moving with your father to Australia harry, I'm sorry boys. We leave tomorrow. Niall, your mum said you can stay the night if you wish. I really am sorry." She walks out the room leaving silence behind her.

The only sound after 5 minutes is mine and Niall's slow breathing. I don't know what to say.

"What date is it?" Niall asks turning to face me, hope in his eyes.

"Eh November-" I was cut off by niall throwing himself on top of me. My shoulder is instantly soaked from his tears and I let mine flow freely.

"I thought maybe it was april fool's day" he cried. "But it's not april."

We stayed like that for 3 hours, holding eachother tight and crying until our tearducts were dry and out throats hoarse.


-----that night-----

I look into Niall's eyes. Our noses are touching as we lay in my bed. This isn't just a usual sleepover though, it's our last sleepover. How could they do this to us? Why can't I stay with Niall's family? I can't leave my best friend! 

"Remember my birthday a few years ago?"

I hummed as a response.

"And I wished that we could be best friends forever?"

"I remember."

"If I hadn't of said it, it might have come true." A tear drips down his cheek.

"Niall, no. No!" I raise my voice.

Niall looks sadly at me and slightly confused.

"I don't care where I am, how far apart we are, if one of us is dead and the other is alive. I will always be your best friend and you will always be mine. End of story." 

He wraps me into him and lays  his face in my shoulder.

"I love you haz, so much" 

"I love you more ni, a lot"

His breathing slowed down and he fell asleep moulded into me.

I didn't sleep a wink. I just breathed in the scent of my best friend. The person I love most in the whole world.


-----moving day-----

"That's everything" the moving guy 'porky' tells my parents. What sort of name is porky?

Me and Niall are sat on the doorstep, my head on his shoulder.

"Harry say goodbye now." My dad says impatiently. I glare at him.

Maura comes over to me and pulls me into a bonecrushing hug.

"Don't you dare forget about me." She says through sobs. She's like my second mum.

"I could never do that!" I promise.

Next Bobby, Niall's dad comes over and hugs me softly. I breathe in his smell before letting out a choked sob. I love Bobby horan. I love him more than my own dad. 

Then Greg gives me a soft hug and tells me to look after gemma. He always did like gemma.

I had already said goodbye to my school friends this morning on the phone, they weren't that important to me so I didn't bother meeting up with them. They seemed upset though.

I told them they had to look after niall until I got back and they gave me their word.

There's only one person left now.

"I'm not going to say goodbye to you."


"Because this isn't goodbye, it's just see you soon." I say, finding it hard to believe my own words.

He hugs me the tightest I've ever been hugged, we're almost one person. No sheet of paper could fit between us.

"I love you. I love you so much haz." He sighs into my neck.

"Not as much as I love you ni. I'll always love you."

"Promise you won't replace me?" He sniffles.


"I don't want you to go harry."

We pull away slowly and I walk up to the car.

I look back one last time and see niall stood there looking heartbroken.

"Best friends forever." I whisper just loud enough for him to hear it. He smiles that beautiful smile.

I get into the car and don't look back again.

I just left the best thing in my life.



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